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Introduction to PEPFAR 3.0 and DATIM. Three Pillars of PEPFAR 3.0 2.

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1 Introduction to PEPFAR 3.0 and DATIM

2 Three Pillars of PEPFAR 3.0 2

3 Where We’re Going… Targeting Resources More Effectively Streamlining, Standardizing, Integrating Program Data for Better Analysis & Decisionmaking Achieving and Sustaining Epidemic Control 3

4 Focusing on the Right Things… 4 Combination Prevention (PMTCT, ART, Condoms, VMMC, MMT) Prevention (effective/targeted) OVC–holistic services for families Neglected & Hard to Reach Populations – Pediatrics – Young women – Key populations: MSM & Transgender, FSW, PWID Strengthening Health Systems as specifically required to support the core activities – Human resources for health, procurement & supply chain, lab, strategic information, health financing

5 …In The Right Place, Right Time 5 Investments in geographic areas with greatest disease burden – Analyzing data to target programming geographically & among neglected populations – Use epidemiologic data at lowest level to identify high disease burden areas Saturation of core interventions to get ahead of the new infections – Earlier treatment initiation for adults & children – Earlier testing for HIV exposed infants and children with immediate linkage to care & treatment services

6 PEPFAR’s Evolving Data Needs 6 Setting site-level targets and results Epi and geospatial data overlays for volume, yield, performance analysis New and emerging data streams addressing accountability, transparency, impact, quality Tighter feedback loops for course correction, continuous analysis

7 Fostering a Culture of Data Use 7 Supporting a results-driven culture focused on the right data for decisionmaking Building capacity across PEPFAR programs to use data more effectively to achieve epidemic control Expanding data streams and systems for greater analysis and use in country and at HQ

8 COP FY 2015 PEPFAR Data Streams 8 Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (MER) Indicators – Routine, site, above-site, and national levels – Targets and results Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS) – Routine, site-level quality assessments using a standard measurement tool Expenditure Analysis (EA) – Annual, subnational overlay of program expenditure data and results

9 Which leads us to… 9

10 10 DATIM Data for Accountability, Transparency, and Impact Powered by dhis2 PEPFAR’s new information system

11 DATIM is the PEPFAR-specific version of DHIS2 DATIM collects data at all necessary levels of granularity: Facility and community-based site level reporting Subnational and national aggregations Designed for use by both Implementing Partners and USG Country Teams Allows for data entry, analysis, visualization, and export Provides graphical Dashboard and reports needed to support targeting epidemic response – Can potentially integrate MoH and USG Agency M&E systems – What it’s not: A replacement to FACTS Info What is DATIM?

12 Access Levels in DATIM Implementing Partners have access to enter, submit, and analyze their respective data – IPs will only see their entered data Agency Users can review and approve all partner data associated with their agency’s portfolio – Includes additional specific tasks, such as entering SIMS data Interagency Users can review partner and agency- level data, approve interagency data, de‐ duplicate data, and submit data to OGAC 12

13 DATIM’s Site-level Data Entry

14 DATIM’s Graphical Dashboard

15 DATIM Live Demo 15

16 Training Objectives Learn basic DATIM operational principles Learn how DATIM supports PEPFAR’s business processes Gain proficiency in using DATIM for data entry and data analysis – Site-level target setting – National/subnational target and results analysis Confirm timeline and next steps for COP target entry and SAPR results reporting 16

17 Questions? 17

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