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The Environment and Approach

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1 The Environment and Approach
Training in DATIM: The Environment and Approach

2 Training Approach Overview
Demonstration Walkthrough of DATIM features in action Hands-on Exercises Stepwise activities in DATIM for participants to complete DATIM Resources PDFs/handouts for key exercises Q&A, Feedback, Reflections Discussion of DATIM features, limitations, workarounds

3 DATIM Core Training Topics
System Login & Navigation Data Entry & Validation (MER, SIMS) Data Analysis & DATIM Visualizer DATIM Pivot Tables Adding Dashboard Elements

4 Intro to Demoland: The DATIM Training Environment

5 What is Demoland? Demoland is the example country used for DATIM training purposes Contains a subset of modeled PEPFAR data guided by a simplified (crude) epi profile A place for participants to practice entering & reviewing data Not based on a real country

6 Structure of Demoland Population: 1.25 million HIV Prevalence: ~7%
2 Regions: Animal, Food 8 Districts: Bird, Fish, Dog, Insect Vegetable, Fruit, Dinner, Dessert 120 sites in total (15 per District)

7 User Accounts for Demoland
Each participant will receive credentials for 3 accounts IP-level Data Entry (MER data entry) Agency Data Approval (SIMS data entry) USG Interagency Data Approval (Interagency data analysis) Accounts will be “linked” to a common IM and Site name i.e., Cardinal IP/Cardinal Site When entering “dummy” data during exercises, please use the linked animal or food name to locate your relevant site/district within the Demoland administrative hierarchy

8 User Account Example Cardinal is a site in Bird District under Animal Region in Demoland

9 What Browser Should I Use?
Best Option: Google Chrome Other Options: Safari, Firefox, IE 10 Avoid any Internet Explorer Browser older than IE 10

10 Having Problems? Clear Web Browser Cache:
Go to Select your Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE) Follow instructions to clear cookies, cached images and files, etc. (do not need to clear history)

11 Questions?

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