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Concept Note on HIV Mongolia 2015-2017 Process and key components of Funding Request to Global Fund.

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1 Concept Note on HIV Mongolia 2015-2017 Process and key components of Funding Request to Global Fund

2  KEY STEPS:  Revision of NSP operational plans in 5 priority areas  Training of key team members on Concept Note in Switzerland  CCM technical working group developing Concept Note with external consultants  Endorsement by CCM 10 June 2014  Submission deadline 15 June 2014 Process

3  Prevention for key populations (MSM, sex workers, PWID)  Prevention for youth & other vulnerable populations  Treatment, care & support for PLHIV and families  Supportive legal and policy environments  Strengthening strategic information: surveillance, research, M&E Revision of NSP operational plans in 5 priority areas:

4  National Strategic Plan 2010-2015  Updated workplans for 2015-2017  Mid-term review of NSP (2013)  Epidemiological data and research  Portfolio Analysis by Global Fund Mongolia Country team (Geneva) Key documents used for prioritising modules & interventions

5  CCM eligibility performance assessment  Define key populations  Intensify targeted HIV-case finding (HIV testing)  Scale up coverage HIV prevention for key populations  Strengthening HIV/STI surveillance  Targeted interventions for youth  Strengthen community-based groups  Strengthen M&E systems: Integrate HIV in NHIS, strengthen M&E for key populations, mapping, size estimations, review data-collection tools  Logistics Management Information Systems  Gender, VAWG  Address stigma & discrimination (police, health sector) Portfolio Analysis GFATM: Key issues

6  A. Narrative proposal: 4 main sections:  1. Country context  2. Funding landscape  3. Funding request to Global Fund  4. Implementation arrangement and risk assessment  B. Online Grant Management Portal: key data Main components of Concept Note


8  KEY SECTIONS OF CONCEPT NOTE ONLINE:  Programme Split  Financial Gap Analysis & Counterpart Financing  Goals, objectives and impact/outcome indicators  Modules & Interventions:  - Programmatic Gap tables for key indicators  - Coverage & Output indicators  - Modules Budget Online Grant Management Portal

9  MSM & Sex workers:  Key service packages: BCC, condoms, HIV testing, STI services, Hepatitis  Focus on scaling up coverage and increased quality, referral and collaboration  Strengthen outreach and HIV testing (esp. MSM)  Institutional & Organisational Strengthening for scale-up  Technical support and staff capacity building  Advocacy and Social mobilisation for supportive environments and collaboration (e.g. Police) Modules & Interventions: Prevention for key populations

10  People who inject drugs:  Strengthen strategic information (research)  Pilot programme based on findings Modules & Interventions: Prevention for key populations

11  Key expected results:  MSM:  Coverage with BCC and condoms: 8%  15% (2017)  HIV testing: 4.4%  8% (2017)  Sex workers:  Coverage with BCC and condoms: 63%  87% (2017)  HIV testing: 23%  32% (2017) Modules & Interventions: Prevention for key populations

12  STI clients: Promoting 4Cs (Compliance to treatment; Counselling; Contact tracing and Condom promotion)  Selected workplace interventions: advocacy and sensitisation with private sector, esp. mobile populations (mining, road construction, transportation, tourism, military); revision of existing HIV/STI- prevention modules, which are used for (organised) pre-departure trainings for migrant workers  Uniformed services: updating HIV curriculum for uniformed staff  Prison inmates: Integrating HIV in prison health system – specific HIV services  Adolescents and youth: range of HIV interventions in formal and non-formal settings, incl. curriculum development and training; innovative BCC (social media, cell phone)  Advocacy for government support for condom social marketing in different sectors Modules & Interventions: Prevention for Other vulnerable populations

13  Strengthening PLHIV networks  Psychological and other support services for PLHIV and their families  Establishing HIV/AIDS care services and human-resource strengthening at the province and district level  Improving quality and accessibility of HIV treatment and care service  Improving coordination between HIV, TB, hepatitis, blood safety programmes Modules & Interventions: Treatment, Care & Support for PLHIV & families

14  Strengthen supportive environments:  Political commitment and advocacy  Laws, legal policies and practices Interventions:  Legal assessments and reviews  Advocacy among policy- & decision-makers in health and non-health sectors & private sector  Development of national and local HIV policies and plans involving all key sectors Modules & Interventions: Supportive Legal and Policy environments

15  Strengthen availability, quality & effective use of strategic information for evidence-informed decision-making in policy, programmes & resource allocation:  Strengthening national HIV/STI surveillance system  Upgrading routine HIV/STI reporting system  Strengthening programmatic monitoring and evaluation  Special studies, evaluations, assessments & operational research  Strengthening logistic management and information system Modules & Interventions: Strategic Info: Surveillance, Research, M&E

16  Total country allocation GF: USD 4,987,110  40% Country Counterpart financing requirement (3.3 M)  Willingness to Pay: Annual increase Govt. HIV budget  50% for key populations Financial allocations

17 USD% Prevention MSM 1.030.38720,7 Preventon sex workers 1.297.04326,0 Prevention PWID 164.3553,3 Prevention Youth & Other Vulnerable Groups 602.18512,1 Treatment, Care & Support for PLHIV 703.52514,1 TB/HIV 32.7940,7 Removing Legal Barriers 157.4443,2 Policy & Governance 20.2280,4 Surveillance, Research and M&E 346.7677,0 Service Delivery 66.2621,3 Programme Management (PCU) 566.52211,4 4.987.512100

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