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The bravest people in the world need our attention.

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2 The bravest people in the world need our attention

3 Ales Bialiatski, Belarus

4 “The situation for human rights defenders in Belarus has hit an all time low since the presidential elections in December 2010.” Ales Bialiatski, Belarus

5 Svetlana Isajeva, Dagestan

6 “I fear what can happen to my children and grandchildren. Several times I have received threats that I can lose them.” Svetlana Isajeva, Dagestan

7 Svetlana Lukic, Serbia

8 “During my life, I have met many victims. Their stories make me committed to this job, they oblige me never to stop talking about it.” Svetlana Lukic, Serbia

9 Nguyen Van Hai aka Dieu Cay, Vietnam

10 “According to Vietnamese law, and international conventions that Vietnam has agreed to respect, citizens have the right to freedom of expression.” Nguyen Van Hai aka Dieu Cay, Vietnam

11 Mesfin Negash, Ethiopia

12 “One funny part about Ethiopia is that you don’t really know what crime you are being accused of.” Mesfin Negash, Ethiopia

13 Natalia Estemirova, North Caucasus

14 “There’s so much to do, so many people, how can I leave them?” Natalia Estemirova, North Caucasus

15 Zdravko Cimbaljevic, Montenegro

16 “I really believe that things will improve but I know I cannot fight alone. I hope that others will join me.” Zdravko Cimbaljevic, Montenegro

17 Ee Sarom, Cambodia

18 “It is so easy to say it was an accident if you are killed while driving a motorbike.” Ee Sarom, Cambodia

19 Sapiyat Magomedova, Dagestan

20 “To say that I am not afraid would be wrong. But it is a healthy sense of fear. Fright can either mobilize or paralyze. I dare to hope that it mobilizes my strength.” Sapiyat Magomedova, Dagestan

21 Brian Nkoyooyo, Uganda

22 “If your family love you too much to disown you, they take you to church to pray for you so that you can change.” Brian Nkoyooyo, Uganda

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