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Cambodia Robocon March 2015

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1 Cambodia Robocon 2015 6-7 March 2015
Official Competition Rule Line Following Contest

2 Outline Technical committee member Contest Eligibility
Rule for the Line Following Robots Rule for the Contest Playing Field Contest Procedure Electronics Components Restriction Mechanical Parts Restriction Scoring

3 Technical Committee Prof. Hiramatsu (Observer)
One from each institution One from TVK (Observer) Chair and vice chair of technical committee must be selected from member of technical committee

4 Contest Eligibility Candidate must be students
A team must consist of maximum three persons. The number of robot entering the contest from each institution must be limited to 5 Robot design and software development must be made by the students Robot must consistent with the electronics and mechanical restriction.

5 Rule for the Line Following Robots
The robot should be an autonomous system. Not allow to control remotely via wire or wifi A robot shall not use an energy source employing a combustion process. The contestant must not do any change to the robot while playing a game. However, a negligible repair and the adjustment are permitted. The robot must follow the restriction of the use of electronic components and mechanical materials.

6 Rule for the Contest Compliance with all event rules is mandatory.
The robot runs on the line by which the course is shown. The robot must start from the starting box The robot can begin to run when only get signal from the MC The counter will start to count automatically by sensor detection(h=3cm) Limited time of 15 second for preparation. In each match there are two robots for the contest The first robot which touch the flag until the light up and stop with some part inside the goal is a winner of each match. The total duration of each match is limit time of 3 minute and 15 second The running must end when the robot has a course-out or when it stops during 2 seconds or more. The player must not touch the robot running in the game without the permission or instruction of judge. When the robot cannot run, the technical committee admits the offer of the running discontinuance. The technical committee can request the explanation of the robot to the player. The technical committee can declare the running discontinuance or the disqualification. Certificate of Excellent will be given to all the winners. (Victory prize, Original prize, Technological prize, Skill prize) Certificates of Participation will be given to all the competitors.

7 Playing Field L=3m W=3m Corner with radius 10cm
Distance line to line 15cm White line 19mm Background black

8 Contest Procedure First Round: Second round: Final round:
There are 15 groups Each group have 3 robots Total match is 45 Duration for each match (3’15” Contest + 1’45” Introduction) Total time about 4 hour Second round: There are 5 groups: each group have 3 robots Total match is 15 Total time about 1hour and 30 minute Final round: There are 5 robots Total match is 10 Total time about 1hour

9 Electronics Components Restriction
Before used please check with the technical committee Restriction on: CPU: Only Microchip is allowed Voltage source: only below 18V all points Robot from commercial final products Electronic kits( Motor drive kit, Sensor kit, …) Not Restriction on: Motor Motor drive IC Photo Sensor Decoration electronic components

10 Mechanical Parts Restriction
The size of the robot must less than 20cm in length, 20cm in width, and 20cm in height. The weigh of the robot must less than 1000g. Do not allow to use the commercial body robot No restriction with the shape of the robot. No restriction on the mechanical design. No restriction on the materials for developing robot.

11 Scoring The first robot which touch the flag and stop with some part inside the goal is a winner of each match and get 10 points. The robot follow the line but it cannot reach the final goal within the time limit will get 5 points The robot is running in the wrong way will get 0 point The robot have problem during the match will get 0 point

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