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APPLYING TO UNIVERSITY 2013. GRADE 12 COUNSELLORS A – MMiss Kneschewitsch N – Z Ms. Mohamed.

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2 GRADE 12 COUNSELLORS A – MMiss Kneschewitsch N – Z Ms. Mohamed


4 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Start planning and doing research Visit and specific universities’ websites Attend universities’ Open Houses/Fairs Ontario University Fair - September 28 th to 30 th, Metro Convention Centre, International Education Expo – September 30th University/College Fair @ Woburn C.I. Tuesday, October 30 th - 8:45-11:00 Start checking Scholarship Board in Guidance and

5 NOVEMBER Pick up P.I.N.’s in Guidance mid-Nov. Begin applying on-line to using P.I.N., OEN, and school number 954160 (deadline to apply and pay: Jan.16th) Grade 11 final marks and current courses sent to OUAC Nov. 14 th Apply early! Changes and additions to programs and/or universities can be made once you’ve applied (up until Feb. 5).

6 FEES $130 for 3 choices $44 for each additional choice Credit Card Cheque/money order Internet or phone banking Application NOT processed until $ received

7 DECEMBER Attend one of two Application Help sessions in the library computer lab if you’re having trouble: Dec. 4 th – lunch Dec. 11 th – lunch Early admission offers for students with exceptional grade 11 marks

8 JANUARY Absolute Deadline to apply and pay: January 16 th Remember that you can add and change choices up until Feb. 5 th Early admission offers continue Continue to check Scholarship Board

9 FEBRUARY February report card marks, plus Night School and E- learning final marks, sent to OUAC on Feb. 11 th Check OUAC for accuracy – inform your counsellor if there is an error Feb. 5 th – recommended last date to change/add choices Check your e-mail regularly for correspondence from universities Watch deadlines for supplementary applications Accept offers on-line – watch for expiry dates Can change your acceptance if another offer received

10 MARCH Check universities’ websites for Open Houses during March Break Continue to check e-mail regularly Universities use a rolling admission process Continue to check for Scholarship opportunities

11 APRIL Updated day school marks and midterm marks for second semester Night School and E-learning sent to OUAC on Apr. 23 rd Check OUAC for accuracy Many offers come after this submission Many universities make alternate offers

12 MAY Offers continue to be received May 29 th – last date for universities to inform you of admission or refusal

13 JUNE/JULY/AUGUST June 1 st – often the deadline for residence application and deposit (check specific universities) June 3 rd – earliest date you may be required to pay a deposit on tuition July 4 th – final marks sent to OUAC OFFERS ARE ALWAYS CONDITIONAL ON FINAL GRADES August 20 th – summer school marks sent to OUAC


15 REQUIREMENTS OSSD 40 Hours & Successful Literacy Test 6 University (“U”) or University/College (“M”) courses Some programs allow a maximum of 2 “M” courses – check carefully Certain pre-requisites - program specific Accurate information E-mail address Money

16 THE PATH TO THE RIGHT UNIVERSITY Be Realistic Do your research Visit campuses, libraries, etc. Attend Open Houses and Information Sessions/Fairs Attend presentations at Woburn STUDY HARD

17 COMPETITION Some universities are looking for breadth of experience Applications anticipated to increase by 100,000 over this decade

18 OPTIONS 5 years – Semestered, alternative College (Degree and Diploma Programs) – Application Presentation Fri. Oct. 19 th Outside of Toronto Other provinces ( / Fairs) American universities ($$$) Apprenticeship Programs

19 FULL DISCLOSURE Ontario Universities support the full disclosure of ALL attempts at a course unless dropped by the deadline Full disclosure date for MHF4U: Nov. 21 st Full disclosure date for all other courses: Feb. 20 th Any course dropped after the full disclosure date will appear on your transcript (with a mark) Each university should state how it will treat repeated course marks in considering students – it is your responsibility to find out your university choices’ policy Night, summer school and private schools are discouraged by many Private school courses are coded differently

20 PRIVATE SCHOOL MARKS Courses studied at private schools will not automatically appear on your transcript Private schools are responsible for mid-term marks on OUAC Final Report cards must be brought in to Guidance as soon as the course is completed if you want it on your transcript (absolute deadline: June 13 th ) Course code reflects that the course was taken at private school Seek counselling if considering private school courses You can’t be registered in a day school course if you are taking it at private or night school Students are responsible for any follow-up issues that may arise from earning a credit at a private school Commencement Awards will not include any private school marks

21 SCHOLARSHIPS Entrance Scholarships –marks based University & Community based Scholarship board in Guidance Volunteer Reference letters Listen to announcements

22 MORE SCHOLARSHIP INFO Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation- Loran Awards – minimum 85% average Submit Resume to your counsellor by 8:45am Fri. Sept. 28th (up to 3 candidates can be nominated) U of T National Book Award & Scholarship Program (1 nominee for the Book Award) Submit Resume to your counsellor by Fri. Oct. 26th Review criteria online – pay attention to details Very competitive for both Apply to OSAP in the spring at

23 OTHER INFORMATION Additional & supplementary information Testing, interviews, auditions or portfolio Special Circumstances Universities will not use learning skills information Information sent to the Universities as it is received by OUAC

24 APPROXIMATE COSTS COLLEGE Tuition = $3000 Residence = $6000 (with meal plan) Books, travel, food, phone, parking, etc. UNIVERSITY Tuition = $5700 – 14 000 Residence & food plan $9-16 000 Books, travel, food, phone, parking, etc.

25 AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES SAT required for most Common Application used for most Scholarships available International Education Fair – Sept. 28 th & 29 th – Metro Convention Centre

26 SAT Required by most American Universities Scores predict how well you will do in American Colleges/Universities Measures verbal & mathematical reasoning abilities

27 OTHER PROVINCES Separate applications and fees Scholarships Some calendars available in Guidance Internet for the most up-to-date information and applications OUAC will send marks to some provinces if you put OUAC # on out–of-province application Bishop’s, Concordia, McGill, Dalhousie, UBC, Victoria, Calgary, Simon Fraser, New Brunswick all have agreements with OUAC

28 Your responsibilities Plan ahead! Research your university options BEFORE you complete your application. Submit your on-line application and pay related fees by the deadline. Ensure that all information you provide is correct and complete. Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2002

29 REMEMBER Offers come at different times - DON’T PANIC!!!! Meet Deadlines Consider universities around the province, NOT only close to home Take advantage of what universities have to offer – Open houses, campus tours

30 Ontario University Application Centre An application tutorial is available This power point presentation will be available on under Guidance > Post Secondary Info


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