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Effective Risk Management Captain Fraser Spencer.

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1 Effective Risk Management Captain Fraser Spencer

2 Warranty Surveyor Oil Company Superintendent Qualified Master Mariner and Engineer C/o SSHLV Fraser Spencer



5 How can you ensure effective risk management of your project critical cargo? Unfortunately you can’t ensure that you will never have a problem. But you can reduce your risk. Effective Risk Management

6 Right people – Ship staff – Wx forecast – Security – Port management Risk Reduction – Engineers Design limitations – How to be loaded – How to be discharged – Critical time lines – Not everyone needs to be involved in every stage

7 Problems Malaysia – charted depth alongside quay Angola – transport offshore, sinking barge USA – RoRo stern door opening Ghana – transport of project cargo on shore Syria – toilet break


9 Can You and Would You? Can you do a risk assessment? So would you – Utilise uncertified lifting equipment? – Risk accidental damage to your cargo? – Jepordise busines relationships? – Prevent the port from working?








17 Risk Assessment Do it early Review it Stress test it, what if scenarios Don’t assume Planning, planning, planning Desk in London is different to fieldwork

18 Relevance of Assessors People Equipment Conditions Experience

19 Back Up’s Acceptable limits What if scenarios Emergency contacts Insurance cover Security for project cargo on quayside Ability to modify and improve on site

20 Purpose Profitability of your company Safe delivery of your cargo Minimising of costs and time delays Safety Publicity Relationships

21 Remember Lower value project cargo can still be vital Correct transporter is vital, could other cargo effect your goods Risk management is ongoing until installed Ingenuity of muppets is limitless






27 Thank you

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