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Managing Marine Emergencies High Level Management.

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1 Managing Marine Emergencies High Level Management

2 Govt DecisionIRCG Marine Casualties –IRCG co-ordinates and directs all marine emergency casualty response – Salvage plan approval/monitoring/intervention At Sea Pollution Response –IRCG co-ordinates and directs at sea pollution response Shoreline Pollution Response –Directed and co-ordinated by the IRCG –Shoreline cleanup carried out by local authorities –Local Authorities/Ports must have a contingency plan and carryout training and exercises

3 Role & Responsibilities Major Incident Response Lead Govt Department DTTAS Principal Support RoleIRCG Local Authorities Other potential Support Roles CIL Harbour Masters Port Authorities DoD AGS HSE

4 Economic health of the State depends on Shipping Safe form of transport What can go wrong? Collision Grounding Fire & Explosion Sinking Mechanical & structural Failure

5 As a result of an incident Important Question is always Is there any Danger, damage, loss – People – Ship and Cargo – Environment How to minimise

6 Consider Where, What, How much, Impact –Population -Environment

7 CONSIDER Type Bulk Carrier Tanker oil/LNG/LPG Chemical/ Ore Bulk Oil Container Vessel General Cargo Passenger Size Construction & Layout WT compartments Loading discharging fac Power sources Cargo Type IMDG Quantity Liquid/Solid How to shift Fuel/Bunkers

8 Type of vessel Stability of vessel/Cargo/Bunkers Location of the vessel – Sand/rocky coastline – Water depth – Prevailing weather conditions Health Safety & Security – Population/Responders Environmental Sensitive areas Socio -Economic

9 The Parties involved Ship Owner Manager The Ship Master Cargo interests Average adjuster P & I insurance H&M Insurance MSO Coast Guard Port Authority Local Authority Salvors Dept of Environment Dept of Agriculture NPWS Local Fishermen Local Tourism interests etc etc etc etc etc Local, National & international Media

10 Command and control managing the response to a major pollution incident from shipping NMOC MRCC/MRSC Co-ordinates SAR IRCG Ship Casualty Co-ordinates and directs all response issues IRCG At Sea Pollution Response Co-ordinates and directs at sea and aerial response Operations IRCG Shoreline Pollution Cleanup Directed and co-ordinated by IRCG Shoreline Response Centre Managed and manned by Local Authority Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Major Shipping Pollution Incident Activate the NCP

11 Shore Response Centre The above four functional groups can be made up from authorities, insurers, contractors, oil company personnel and others This group should comprise the major players and responsible party


13 Role & Responsibilities Emergency Planning Lead Govt Department DTTAS Principal Support RoleIRCG Local Authorities Other potential Support Roles CIL Harbour Masters Port Authorities DoD AGS HSE

14 Framework for Major Emergency Management

15 Illustration of Co-ordination Centres During Response Level of Emergency Onsite Co-ordination Centre Local Co-ordination Centre Regional Co-ordination Centre Lead Govt Dept. Centre and/or NECC Local Major Emergency On site Co-ordination Local Inter- agency Co-ordination Regional Level Co-ordination On site Co-ordination Local Inter- agency Co-ordination Regional Co-ordination, but only if needed and appropriate Support role for local response May be better suited for measure of essential Co- ordination than Regional Centre National Emergency Plan Monitoring Role Local Inter- agency Co-ordination Monitoring role Support for local response National Co-ordination Framework Doc MEM page 44 Beachmaster Shore Response Centre

16 Major Emergency Major Emergency declared by authorised person of the PRA as a result of situation appraisal by the senior ranking officer of the emergency response teams on site. – Local/Regional Emergency Incident Site PRA “Controller of Operations” at site of emergency – Lead Agency –specific PRA assigned Co-ordination – On site Co-ordination Centre Beachmaster/Incident Manager

17 Major Emergency Crisis Management Team Strategic Level management group within each PRA – Manage, control and co-ordinate Agencys response – Support “Controller of Operations” – Liaise with National HQs and Govt Depts on strategic issues – Interagency Co-ordination Groups IAMEAC in MER

18 Major Emergency Regional Co-ordination Groups Regional Level emergency declared Mutual aid, support and co-ordination facilities activated within a region Regional Steering Group Single Regional Co-ordination Centre Shore Response Centre

19 Lead Govt. Dept. National Emergency Co-ordination Centre Incident poses a threat to public safety or health, social and economic functioning, damage to infrastructure, property or to the environment on a scale that requires a co-ordinated national response Lead Govt Dept nominated to manage national level issues to ensure information is provided to the public – Strategic Emergency Planning Guidance Document

20 Lead Govt. Dept. National Emergency Co-ordination Centre Role is to initiate the relevant national emergency crisis response and to provide the mechanism for appropriate co-ordination of a national level response and linking the local response as appropriate. Lead Govt Dept convenes the National Co-ordination Group.

21 Lead Government Department Determine hierarchy of priorities Arrangements for information management Implement public information strategy thru’ Government Information Service – Key information/message – Manage information on Web sites monitor social media – Co-ordination of Media messages various agencies – Type of Media – Briefings – Local and/or National – Subject matter Specialist Advice – Briefing Ministers

22 Clipper Cheyanne 2002

23 SAR-Containment-Clean up-salvage

24 SAR Harbour Master Ships Captain Coast Guard HSE -Ambulance

25 Shoreline Response Centre SRC ONSCENE Planning Logistics Finance Operations Media communications Protection Containment Recovery Waste Disposal

26 Shore line Response Centre Protection Containment Recovery Harbour Master Tier 2 responder company Local Authority

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