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Loved Franchise Prospectus 2005. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. What is our vision for Loved? 3. Benefits 4. Process & timings overview 5. Meet the management.

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1 Loved Franchise Prospectus 2005

2 Contents: 1. Introduction 2. What is our vision for Loved? 3. Benefits 4. Process & timings overview 5. Meet the management team 6. Contacts

3 Introduction I some times think that if someone had told me before hand how much blood sweat and tears would have to go into this business before I started it I wouldn’t have started it……….then I think nah, I love doing this. I changed my life to make this happen and now its happening and I love it. I am surrounded by staff which inspire me on a daily basis to push the business forward. People walk out of our little shop happier than when they came in and I get to take that feeling home with me. Over the last 4 years I have learned so much. Some days have been scary. Being outside your comfort zone is always unnerving but there again being inside your comfort zone all the time is boring. Balancing the average demands of family life with the desire to run your own business and make your own business decisions isn't easy but it can be done and it is very rewarding. I would do it all again and twice on Sundays Helen Lewis A big thank you to my husband, David for his support to date and to the Loved franchise management team (Your mad but I love working with you). I enjoy working with you guys and I look forward to sharing our breed of fun with those who join us.

4 What is our vision for Loved In the days before Loved I was an air hostess with BA. I had a great time for 9 years but in the end the desire to realize this dream of running my own business was too strong. In the brief quiet moments after serving dinner at 32 thousand feet and checking everyone was happy I would think about just what sort of business I wanted to start. I spent a lot of time thinking about what makes the difference between a happy flight and a flight where you just couldn’t wait to get off. In the end its all about your staff. Our staff are everything and yours will be your best assets. Our vision for Loved and its franchisees is very simple and straight forward. We want to build the best salon network in the UK. Best in terms of the level of support and guidance we provide our franchisees with. Best in terms of the level of training we give our franchisees. Best in terms of the level of service and attention we give to our customers. If we can deliver this to you then we can both deliver the profits which makes all our bank managers extremely happy. Actually we can’t be too cheeky, our friends at the Nat West have helped make all this possible, as they will for you.

5 Loved Benefits Although we are at the beginning of our franchise development we believe that we already have a range of benefits that set us apart: –Over 4 years of business development –Financial planning assistance and preferential assistance from major high street banks –Full management and technical training prior to opening –Preferred suppliers list and assistance with shop fitting, design and furniture purchase –Full assistance with site selection and lease negations –Full integration with centrally managed IT system to help you manage your clients, finances and marketing

6 Process overview Stage one is to simply fill in the on-line questionnaire and send it back to us. Stage two is for you to visit us in Bramhall and have a look at the salon. If you just want to get a feel for the place just pop in any time. If you would like to meet me or any other members of the management team, call us to arrange a meeting. After we have had the initial conversations its time to meet the whole team. We would like to think that 80% of our decision on potential franchisees is done on gut feel, you’re either a Loved type of person or not. Business Plan If we mutually agree that Loved is the right franchise for you then its time to right that business plan and go see the guys and girls at the Nat West franchise unit. Location, Location, Location While this is happening we would advise you to be seeking premises in your selected location if you have not already done so.

7 Your management team Our management team understands fully that most important factor for choosing a franchise after the type of business itself is the level of support and help you will receive, not just initially but over the long term. Over the last four years we have managed to build a small but perfectly formed team who are experts in their selective fields. If we both agree that we are right for each other then this team, myself included will be available 24/7 to help you achieve your business objectives. Our business model has a good degree of flexibility which allows us to mould the business specifically to you.

8 Your management team Helen Lewis - All things staff, product and operations Helens management skills don’t just come from a book, they come from real life. Over the last 4 years she has learned to manage 3 children, develop a profitable business and build a national franchise team. Geoffrey Littman - All things money and legal After graduating from Birmingham University with a law degree, Geoffrey spent the initial years of his career within private practice law firms. He then moved over into the corporate world becoming a senior partner with Eversheds in Manchester were he worked up until 1987. Since leaving Eversheds Geoffrey has been a corporate advisor to smaller businesses specializing in franchising, corporate finance, tax planning and international operations.

9 Your management team David Lewis - All things business development David has spent most of his career within the Home Interior industry developing business both UK and internationally at directorial level. Up until 2004, David was the Managing Director of TLS Ltd Call on him for business development and advice Fraser Warren - All things brand and marketing Fraser Warren is a brand and marketing consultant based in London. Fraser joined us back in 2003 when we wanted to develop the Loved brand, and a marketing toolbox, which would allow us to maximize our revenue potential. Fraser and his creative team now develop all of our marketing materials. You will be able to call on his expertise as you develop your own marketing plan.

10 Contacts: If you would like to discuss Loved franchise opportunities further please contact Geoffrey Littman in the first instance: Tel: 07736 777577

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