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BELL RINGER There is a picture on page 176. who is it and what did she do? Abigail Adams was an early advocate of woman’s rights and one of the great.

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2 BELL RINGER There is a picture on page 176. who is it and what did she do? Abigail Adams was an early advocate of woman’s rights and one of the great letter writer’s in history. How many people were killed, and wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill? There were more then 1,000 killed and or wounded. And 400 militia causalities.

3 KEY TERMS Ethan Allen led this band of backwoodsmen known as the green mountain boys. Artillery were large amounts of weapon's that could be used in battle they are also cannons and guns that are in the battlefield Second continental congress began meeting in Philadelphia where ben franklin, john Hancock, George Washington. Continental army was the army that fought for the separation from England in the American's. Benedict Arnold he was an officer who helped take out the fort Ticonderoga. Declaration of independence was the saying that the people of America were not going to listen to England and that they were separating from England. Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence.

4 CHAPTER 6 SECTION 4 Declaring independence. By Ryan Beall.

5 MORE INFORMATION! Yea we will talk about some of what we are b..about to discuss.

6 THE CONTINENTAL ARMY IS FORMED! The continental army is formed after fighting at Lexington and concord, militiamen from Massachusetts. Their numbers grew to 20,000 men.

7 THE BATTLE AT BUNKER HILL Colonel William Prescott's saying was “don’t fire until you see the whites in their eyes”. General William Howe crossed the bay with 2,200 British soldiers. When the militia men got close to William Prescott and his men, he ordered to fire with murderous fire. The British were caught off-guard and fell back and charged again. The redcoats won. But the real damage was 1,000 men lost their lives and 400 were injured. But William Prescott was proud for all his men because his men were not experienced in battle. And his own men held their own against the red coats in battle and did very well. William Prescott at the battle of bunker hill.

8 A LAST ATTEMPT AT PEACE In July of 1775, moderates in congress drafted the olive branch petition and sent it to London. The king of London rejected it and was never looked at again. After he was done reading it he said there will be new punishment on the colonies for sending the olive branch petition. He sent German soldiers called haciendas to deal with the colonies. This is the king of England

9 COMMON SENSE IS PUBLISHED Thomas pain wrote this and sold over 100,000 copies of common sense. In common sense it talks about the king being a (the Royal Brute) and some other things and this was telling the colonist we need to split from Britain. And it also made a strong case for American independence.

10 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. For what reasons did General Gage move his troops to Boston after the battles at Lexington and Concord? The reason general gage moved his troops to Boston was because, Boston was surrounded by water so it made it impossible to attack. So the colonist could not attack them. What did the Second Continental Congress accomplish? The second continental congress accomplished making George Washington the commanding general. They also authorized the printing of paper money to pay the troops. Why was the Battle of Bunker Hill considered an important one for the colonists? It was important to the colonist because even though they lost they showed tremendous courage against the British and the British lost more men then we did(1000) and we only lost(400).

11 A LAST ATTEMPT OF PEACE/ THE BRITISH RETREAT FROM BOSTON What was the purpose and outcome of the Olive Branch Petition? it was a document saying to the king of Britain please let there be peace between Britain and the colonies. Why did King George reject the petition? he rejected it because he was not happy about the battle at bunker hill, and said new measures well be put on the colonies to punish them. Some of them are they cant leave, and they also sent German soldiers called hessians. What was the purpose and outcome of the colonial attack on Quebec? On Boston? The colonist attacked Quebec because they would not let the king control them so they went to Quebec. And the reason they went to Boston was so the colonist could train for the battle at Quebec. Why did so many Loyalists flee Boston with the British? Because since the British troops were leaving the loyalists didn't fell safe so they left with the British troops.

12 THE BRITISH RETREAT Did the Loyalists deserve punishment? yes and no. Yes because they were against the British so that’s probably why they were mad at them and no because, they really didn’t do anything they only picked a side that they believed that was right.

13 COMMON SENSE IS PUBLISHED What points does Thomas Paine make in Common Sense? his point was that the colonist didn’t have to listen to king George the third and called him a “the royal brute”. And it was also a strong case for American independence. What impact did Paine’s pamphlet have on the colonies? T5he colonies loved it pain sold more then 10,000 copies in three months of common sense to the colonies.

14 A TIME OF DECISION/THE DELECTATION IS ADOPTED Why did colonial leaders choose Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence? They chose Jefferson for two reasons. 1 he was a great writer and 2. he came from Virginia. What is the core idea of the Declaration of Independence? The core of the declaration was based on philosophy, that people have unalienable rights, and that government cant take away rights. When does the Declaration say it is right to overthrow an established government? In the text it says “ we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In this text it is saying we are overthrowing you and established government. Which parts of the population does the Declaration neglect? When Jefferson spoke of “the people” however, he meant only free white men. Slaves and women were left out.

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