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Power Presentations CHAPTER 5. Image Democratic Ideals You have seen a cartoon in the Pennsylvania Gazette urging colonists to unite for defense against.

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1 Power Presentations CHAPTER 5


3 Image Democratic Ideals You have seen a cartoon in the Pennsylvania Gazette urging colonists to unite for defense against Native Americans and French colonists. You are outraged by the attacks on British traders and settlers. You wonder whether it is wise to join with other colonies, though. Will it mean that Virginians or New Englanders will be able to make laws for Pennsylvania? What do you have in common with other British colonists?

4 What are some good reasons to join with the other British colonies? How great are the differences between the British colonies? What separates British colonists from French colonists?

5 To World 1763 French and Indian War ends.1759 Quebec falls to the British. 1754 French and Indian War begins. Image 1738 Minister George Whitefield arrives in Georgia. 1735 Decision in the Zenger trial supports freedom of the press. 1704 Boston Newsletter is founded. 1689 Massachusetts colonists overthrow royal governor Andros.

6 Back to Home Back to U.S. 1756 Seven Years' War between France and Britain is declared. 1709 About 13,500 people leave the German states and emigrate to England. 1707 England and Scotland join to form Great Britain. 1689 William and Mary replace James II as rulers of England.

7 Main Idea Why It Matters Now The British colonies were shaped by prosperity, literacy, and new movements in religion and thought. These forces began to create an American identity that is still developing today.

8 ECONOMY EDUCATION PUBLISHING RELIGION What are some parts of colonial culture? Most colonists worked small farms; land determined wealth. Education was brief and had a religious purpose. Colonists published their own newspapers and books. The Great Awakening spread intense religious feelings.

9 Why was land ownership so important to the colonists? How did women and young people contribute to the colonial economy? How did the Great Awakening affect the colonies?

10 Back to Home Contrasting How were the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment different? Think About the ideas each movement promoted the people to whom each movement appealed

11 Main Idea Why It Matters Now U.S. citizens expect these same rights, such as the right to a trial by jury. Colonists expected their government to preserve their basic rights as English subjects.

12 How did the rights of English people develop in the three years listed below? 1215 King John signed the Magna Carta. 1689 English Bill of Rights established Parliament's supremacy over the Crown in making laws. 1735 Zenger trial helped establish freedom of the press. ENGLISH RIGHTS

13 What were three of the traditional rights expected by English colonists? In what ways did the English government anger the colonists in the late 1600s? How did England's policies toward the colonies change after the Glorious Revolution?

14 Back to Home Supporting Opinions In your opinion, who had the most power—the royal governor, the council, or the assemblies? Defend your opinion. Think About their roles in making laws their roles in raising money who had final approval in matters

15 Main Idea Why It Matters Now British influence spread over North America, though French populations and place names still exist there. Britain's victory in the French and Indian War forced France to give up its North American colonies. Map

16 DATE VICTOR INCIDENT When did each battle occur? Was each battle a French or British victory? April 1754Seizure of Fort Duquesne July 1754 Surrender of Fort Necessity July 1755 Battle of Quebec Braddock’s defeat September 1759 French British

17 How did the fur trade contribute to the French and Indian War? Why did the British begin to win the war after 1758? What were some causes and effects of Pontiac's Rebellion?

18 Back to Home Analyzing Points of View Why did the French, British, and Native Americans fight over the Ohio River Valley? Think About how the British viewed the valley how the French viewed it how the Native Americans viewed it


20 1 Why did colonists want to own land? 2 What was women's role in the colonial economy? 3 What were three effects of the Great Awakening on colonial culture? 4 Why did colonies have representative assemblies? 5 What was one important right granted in the Magna Carta? 6 How did the Zenger trial help lead to freedom of the press?

21 7 How was the English Bill of Rights related to the Glorious Revolution? 8 What was George Washington's role in the French and Indian War? 9 What did England gain as a result of the French and Indian War? 10 What was one reason for Pontiac's Rebellion?

22 AMERICAN IDENTITY Finding Main Ideas Back to Home Religion important; Great Awakening spreads religious feeling across colonies Religion Colonists publish own newspapers and books Publishing Economy Better economic opportunities; more chance of owning land Education High reading rate; children educated to read Bible Political Ideas Colonists expect "rights of Englishmen" and hold Enlightenment belief that people can change their government War French and Indian War unites colonists against common enemies

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