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Wet land biomes By:jonny falco Patrick strain Michael Bartlett.

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1 Wet land biomes By:jonny falco Patrick strain Michael Bartlett

2 Animals in the wetlands  The carnivore in the wetlands is the crocodile it can go two or three years with out food. It can stay under water for a very long time it can even go on land for a short period of time

3  The food chain in the wetlands is a bird eats a worm and the crocodile eats the bird and the crocodile gets eaten by us humans.

4 Plants in the wetlands  There are many types if plants in the wetlands including cat tail, beat land plants there a type of soil is made of dead plants, moss it grows everywhere and can heal a cut, tropical tree bog you can eat it, willow tree can bend very easy, and red wood trees help make canoes.

5  The cat tail is one of the many types of plants in the wetlands in can grow up to four feet tall and has a small spiky tip

6 Climate in wetlands  The climate in the wetlands is moist and really humidity it is just like Florida in the summer all year long.

7  The growing season in the wetlands is all year and the reproduction of the plants here in the wetlands is reproduce by roots and seeds that the wind blowed or by the bird eating them and then it delimitate it out and it plants in the ground.

8  The animals in the wetlands play an important roll in the wetland food chain. the bees pollinate the flower and it gets eaten by the rabbit and the rabbit gets eaten by the alligator.

9 Climate and temperature  the rain and average temperature is always warm the temperature can reach up to a hundred twenty two degrees the rain fall is about 6 inches each time it rains

10  The water resources in this biome is the pond, streams,Brookes,and rivers most of these water resources are fresh water sometimes they can be salt water.

11  The red deer is one of the major herbivores in the wetlands it is four feet tall and eats every thing there that is not meat.

12  The American horn bean is one of the major producers in the wetlands is has small prickly spikes on the tip.

13  the susecion in this biome is the regrowth of the trees and soil.

14  The wetland rabbit is one of the many animals in the wetlands and it can swim in the water and can stay under for a while.

15  The soil in the wetlands is very wet and moist because it rain in the wetlands a lot.

16  The landforms in this biome is swampy type water and streams and grasslands very few trees more so swamp type vines and shrub like bushes.

17  The important places in this biome is a fresh water swamps, salt water swamps, fresh water mash, and salt water marsh.

18  The wetlands are located all over the world especially florida.

19  The different elevations in this biome is tree stage shrub stage grass stage swamp stage floating stage and submerged stage.


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