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2 Introduction I am an anaconda, the rainforest is my home. I slither with thrilling speed through the rainforest. This is one of the amazing things about me! The rainforest is a beautiful hot, humid environment. Our steamy home is gorgeous with lush foliage, flowers and wildlife and waterfalls. But don’t be fooled because as beautiful as it is, there are many dangers living here ~ including me! Come along with me and learn about my habitat!

3 Journal Entry ~ Geographical Characteristics There are five layers of the trees in the rainforest. The trees are one of the most common parts of the tropical rainforest. The first layer is the emergent level where most birds nest. The next layer is the upper canopy, this layer can grow from 60 to 130” tall. The layer under the canopy is the under-story, this is mainly tree trunks and large surrounding plants. Next is the shrub layer, if the upper canopy is thick than the shrub layer has small trees. If the canopy is open than the trees grow larger because sun gets through. The forest floor is the bottom of the rainforest where there are many rotted leaves and grass does not grow because only 1 -2 % of sunlight gets through.

4 Where Rainforests Are Located

5 Rainforest Beauty

6 Journal Entry ~ Climate The rainforest climate is very humid and wet. Most of the time the top layer of the rainforest (Emergent) is dry because the sun shines directly on it. The rainforest is blazing hot and it feels this way not only because of the latitude but also because of the high humidity! Some facts about rainforest climate include: The temperature is usually between 68° and 93° F The average humidity is between 77% and 88% meaning it is extremely uncomfortable in the rainforest Annual rainfall each year, is usually over 100’’ There is usually a brief season of less rain in the rainforest and in monsoonal areas there is a real dry season Most of the rainforests are located near the equator

7 Journal Entry ~ Diet I’m an Anaconda and I will tell you how I survive in the rainforest. I’m always hunting mammals, birds, fish, and small crocodilians. My diet also consists of consuming pre-killed rodents. I can eat animals much bigger than I am because I have a series of rhythmic muscular contractions. I squeeze the prey tightly so they don’t breath which causes suffocation – unlike many snakes I am not poisonous. It usually takes me 3-4 minutes to kill my prey. I usually consume the head of the prey first then I swallow what remains. When eating in a warmer temperature, my prey decomposes faster than a snake can digest it, causing a gaseous bloating in anacondas that could result in death.

8 Journal Entry ~ Survival Even for me a deadly, powerful snake it can be difficult to survive in the rainforest. One example of this is the declining of my species primarily due to being hunted by humans. Hunters go after anacondas for skin products that humans consume such as purses, shoes, and belts. This is one of the reasons that I am on the endangered species list. My additional predators are crab-eating foxes, tegu lizards, crested caracaras, black caiman, and larger green anacondas.

9 Journal Entry ~ Shelter As an anaconda, I live near the water, I slither in the dirt and sleep hidden in blankets of leaves. Our nests are on the ground. The circular nest is made up of leaves, twigs, and branches on the forest floor. I mark my territory to protect my eggs, family, and myself. By marking my territory I am giving others fair warning to stay away. One step in my nest and you will be lucky to come out in one piece!

10 Journal Entry ~ Conclusion The rainforest is an absolutely amazing biome because of the rich diversity of flora and fauna. I love living in this beautiful exotic home to many other species. Since I live near the water, I adore the wetness of the rainforest. The rain forest is full of magnificent plants such as the Slipper Orchid, the Rattan Palm, the Brown Violet-Ear, and the deadly yet famous Venus Flytrap. The spectacular animals whom I live with include a rainbow of colors, abilities and brains. The chimpanzee is extremely smart and a good example of the intelligence of animal life found in the rainforest. It is impossible to separate out what exactly makes the rainforest such a unique and beautiful biome. The great diversity of life, the proximity to the equator, the high humidity and the multiple layers of the rainforest all play a part in making this one of the most fascinating and studied biomes.

11 Rainforest Scrapbook ~ Plants

12 Rainforest Scrapbook ~ Animals

13 Rainforest Scrapbook ~ Trees

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