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Anacondas in the Rainforest

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1 Anacondas in the Rainforest

2 Introduction The tropical rain forest and other are special to us. There are 4 layers in the rainforest. The layers are called the forest floor, the understory, and the emergent layer. Rainforest are located near the equator. They are made up of heat and a lot of rain. Rainforests are located in South America, Pacific Islands. There are many plants and animals in the rainforest. That’s why rainforest are important.

3 Forest Floor and Understory
The forest floor and the understory are the two lowest layers in the rainforest. The forest floor is the lowest layer there are lots of plants and animals there. The understory has lots of animals and is very humid.

4 Canopy and Emergent layers
The canopy has cool birds up there. The canopy has lots of animals and leaves. The emergent layer is the tallest of them all.

5 Supplies/Products We get many things from the rainforest. We get chocolate that is called cocoa beans. We also get rubber from the rainforest and that can make tires. The rosy periwinkle makes medicine for cancer.

6 Introduction/ Appearance
Anacondas have a very long thick body with large black spots and green yellow skin. They have a tube shaped body

7 Habitat They live in the rainforest of South America. They also Live in swamps and slow streams.

8 Diet Anacondas eat capybaras, caimans and frogs. They also eat small monkeys and insects.

9 Predator/Prey Anacondas prey is its food. Its predator is the cheetah and the poison dart frog.

10 Adaptions The mud helps it camouflage. The fanes help protect its self from danger.

11 Interesting Facts The anaconda is the biggest reptile in the world. It is 35 feet long. That’s as long as a tractor trailer.

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