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Investing in Diversity The Importance and Impact of the Investing in Diversity Programme Sub-brand to go here Ankhara Hunte July 2009.

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1 Investing in Diversity The Importance and Impact of the Investing in Diversity Programme Sub-brand to go here Ankhara Hunte July 2009

2 What is Investing in Diversity ? The programme is a leadership development programme for teachers from Black and global majority communities who aspire to school leadership began in 2004 over 850 participants to date

3 What is Investing in Diversity ? It runs at three levels Deputy Headship to Headship Middle to senior leadership Foundation leadership

4 Middle to Senior Leadership Programme 1 year course Cohorts for primary and secondary Starts with a weekend residential 9 twilight sessions ( 5 – 8pm) Action based learning Formal and informal coaching or mentoring Final seminar Accreditation and buckets of inspiration !!!!!!

5 The Residential “ The weekend empowered people and that is essential. Getting BME people together and telling them “you have a skill, you can do it”. Meeting people in similar situations.” “The residential and sessions focussing on moral purpose and emerging themes.” “The residential and moral purpose focus” “The residential weekend. It gave me a lot of ideas. I could not wait to go back to school on Monday…” Coleman (2005)

6 Why Investing in Diversity ? What about the national programmes? What about private sector programmes?

7 What participants typically say The programme has played a significant part in my personal and professional development. From a personal point of view, the course has made me self evaluate to a much deeper level. I was able to recollect the reasons I wanted to become a teacher in the first place. The reasons why I wanted to work in a culturally diverse community were reaffirmed. I remember on the opening session of the course, Rosemary Campbell stating that the residential weekend would be a life changing occasion. If I’m honest I was a little sceptical of her making such a bold statement. Rosemary was right! The residential weekend was truly a life changing event. I came away from the weekend on a real high. Rather than just hoping to be a senior leader I had the self-belief and determination to be one. I realised that I had a duty and a moral purpose to achieve it! PW

8 What participants typically say I had come to a point in my school career where I wanted to move on but was unsure in which direction. Was it back to policy where I began my career in education or was it to leave teaching altogether? Those were the choices I gave myself until I began IiD...The conference was full of people like myself experiencing the same struggles and frustrations..I simply needed support and direction. …I obtained a clear direction and I made a full commitment to not let my wealth of teaching and leading experience in inner city schools go to waste. Once I heard about Rosemary Campbell-Stephens and many other current and past Head teachers' leadership paths and testimonies I knew I could do it too…. DG

9 What participants typically say I truly believe that the Investing in Diversity course has helped me gain the confidence and assurance that I have the ability to do more than just teach in a classroom. From the onset of the course I was told, after some introductory activities, that I would make a very effective leader in a school, which until then I had never received this kind of feedback. JB

10 What participants typically say “We have been in the worst classes in the worst areas with little support. BME candidates can be floundering, You don’t feel as if you are moving anywhere. IiD gave you an idea of yourself as a person with real weaknesses and real strengths. I was told “believe you are ready”. There is not enough of that in some courses. Some are sterile and don’t deal with what is going on inside. It is important because we are all coming from a particular perspective (Coleman 2005

11 Why Investing in Diversity ? Other programmes don’t meet the emotional needs of participants from Black and other Global Majority communities Lots of very talented teachers from BGM communities feel isolated, undervalued, de-skilled and without support and encouragement Many leadership programmes are simply not available to teachers from BGM communities

12 Why Investing in Diversity ? As well as providing intellectual rigour the programme Builds skills,knowledge and understanding about leadership and participants are able to take away the messages You can and MUST do this If not you who, and if not now when? Your cultural heritage is of great value You are not alone We believe in you Others before you have done it You can do it too

13 Why Investing in Diversity ? Incredibly simple Incredibly powerful Incredibly necessary IoD meets the specific needs of aspiring leaders from BGM communities, plain and simple

14 The Bigger picture  Rapidly shifting demographics  20-30% shortfall in the numbers of those available to take up headship in the next 3-5 years  Under representation of leaders from Black and global majority communities in schools  Legal case  Moral case  Developmental Case – old paradigms have failed generations and generations of children and young people

15 Ideology Underpinning Investing in Diversity Moral purpose must be the driving force behind our career aspirations ‘No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it’ Einstein The discourse around achievement must shift from deficit models of those traditionally failed by the system Cultural literacy and diversity and race awareness are fundamental leadership competencies 21 st century educational professional development must be intellectually challenging, demand deep introspection, be emotionally engaging, technically excellent and allow particiapants to bring who they are centre stage.

16 SupportSupport ChallengeChallenge Sharpen the saw Develop new leadership paradigms focussed on service and justice Demonstrate system-leadership in the community Deepen professionalism and understanding of pedagogy in diverse contexts Deconstruct deficit models of the communities we serve Be the new knowledge creators BGM leaders Change the culture of organisations

17 The Impact : Evaluation across 6 cohorts The programme has boosted your confidence to lead differently 97% The programme has clarified areas for professional development 100% The programme has enhanced skills and knowledge 99% The programme has improved the capacity to be effective in current roles 97% 26 % have reported a promotion following attendance on a one year programme

18 By the end of the course participants gain a new found sense of self-belief and purpose able to fully celebrate and utilise all that they are – their culture, ethnicity, class, race and gender for the greatest good of the treasured young people we serve.

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