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WINTER Template Eastview High School Opportunities/Responsibilities Summary 2014-2015.

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1 WINTER Template Eastview High School Opportunities/Responsibilities Summary 2014-2015

2 Page 2 School Song Go Eastview Lightning Victory is our game Blaze a trail of glory Marching on to fame. Rah, rah, rah! Feel the mighty thunder Flash that fills the sky Blue black and white Won’t give up the fight We’re the Lightning from Eastview High. Eastview Lightning fight, fight, fight! Go, fight, win tonight!

3 Page 2 Daily Schedule PeriodClass TimeLunch 17:30 – 8:20 28:25 – 9:15 39:20 – 10:10 410:15 – 11:10 511:40 – 12:35 11:15 – 11:30 & 12:00 – 12:35 11:15 – 11:50 & 12:20 – 12:35 11:15 – 12:10 A)11:10 – 11:40 B)11:30 – 12:00 C)11:50 – 12:20 D)12:10 – 12:40 612:40 – 1:30 71:35 – 2:25

4 Page 2 Academic Honesty & Integrity Policy STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLE AND POLICY: Academic honesty and integrity are essential to excellence in education. Since assignments, exams and other schoolwork are measures of student performance, honesty is required to ensure accurate measurement of student learning. Each student, parent and staff member has responsibility to promote an academic culture that respects and fosters individual achievement. HONOR CODE: On my honor, as an Eastview High School scholar, I will neither cheat nor plagiarize on any coursework.

5 Page 2 Academic Honesty & Integrity Policy DEFINITION OF CHEATING:  Cheating is misleading an instructor in some way as to receive or attempt to receive credit for work not originated by the student or work performed with unauthorized assistance.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to:  Copying from another student  Unauthorized collaboration  Allowing another student to copy your work  Using unauthorized “cheat sheets” or personal technology devices as “electronic cheat sheets”  Revealing/receiving exam content, questions, answers, tips  Resubmitting substantially the same work that was produced for another assignment or course

6 Page 2 Academic Honesty & Integrity Policy DEFINITION OF PLAGIARISM:  Plagiarism is the use of passages, materials, words or ideas that come from someone or something else, without properly naming the source.  Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:  Copying someone’s assignment  Copying text or other materials from the internet or other source without citing them  Paraphrasing items from a book or article without citing them  Using translation software to translate sentences or passages  Using the same sentence structure or thesis as another source without citing it  Basically, if someone or something else has done the work (or a portion of it) for you, and you do not acknowledge it, you are being academically dishonest.

7 Page 2 Academic Honesty & Integrity Policy IF THERE IS A VIOLATION:  Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to: An investigation will be conducted in a dignified, confidential and respectful manner. CONTINUUM OF CONSEQUENCES:  All violations of the honor code will have consequences appropriate to the circumstances. Consequences may include, but are not limited to: Redo the assignment/exam Reduced grade for the assignment/exam Zero for the assignment/exam Letter of apology Referral to administration Removal from course with an F Loss of EVHS scholarship opportunities Loss of National Honor Society membership Revocation or refusal of teacher college recommendations

8 Page 2 Academic Honesty & Integrity Policy HOW DO I, AS AN EVHS SCHOLAR, AVOID CHEATING?  It’s simple: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS do YOUR OWN work!  NEVER let someone copy any of your work on a test or assignment.  NEVER share information about a test afterwards to matter how much someone begs you to spill the beans!  Do not collaborate or “work together” on an assignment, project or exam without specific teacher permission.  If confronted by a peer to cheat, or if tempted on your own, just remember your responsibility as an EVHS scholar to uphold the EVHS code of honor.  Use the power of technology responsibly.  Listen to your “gut instinct”. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Finally, if you observe someone cheating or feel undue pressure from a peer to cheat, talk with a teacher, counselor or administrator.

9 Page 3 Coordinated T-Shirt/Clothing Process  Any t-shirt/clothing that is coordinated (designed, purchased, distributed, etc.) without the direction of a coach, advisor or teacher must be approved by an EVHS administrator.  All t-shirt/clothing sales representing any group or class(es) at EVHS must e presented to an EVHS administrator for approval. The t-shirt/clothing must be approved five school days prior to wearing.  Students wearing coordinated t-shirts/clothing without administrative approval will be considered insubordinate (appropriate consequences will apply).  The T-shirt/Clothing Approval Form can be picked up in the Main Office.

10 Page 3 Hall Passes  Hall passes are required at all times.  Students may not leave the classroom without permission and a pass from the teacher.  Passes to the Media Center are issued by classroom teachers and presented to Study Hall teachers before proceeding to the Media Center.  Students going to the nurse must have a pass from their classroom teacher.  Misuse or forgery of a pass will result in disciplinary consequences.

11 Page 3 Leaving & Returning to School  EVHS (and all other ISD 196 schools) have “closed campuses”.  Students are expected to be in school from 7:30am through 2:25pm each day.  Students arriving after the start of the school day are required to check in at the Attendance Office.  Excused absences will be verified  Unexcused absences will result in a detention

12 Page 3 Leaving & Returning to School  Students leaving school before 2:25pm must go through the Attendance Office.  Drop off parent/guardian note at the Attendance Office window before 7:30am.  Pick up your (pink) Permit to Leave prior to your scheduled departure.  The Permit to Leave must be presented to classroom teacher and the front door supervisor.  Check in at the Attendance Office upon your return to have your admit verified.  Any student who leaves the building w/out a Permit to Leave will receive detention.

13 Page 3 Student Absences  When a student is absent from school, parents/guardians are to call the EVHS Attendance Voice Mail for each day of absence.  When an absence is verified in this way, the appropriate notification will occur and eliminate the need for an admit upon your return (you can report directly to class without stopping at the Attendance Office).  If an absence is not reported via Voice Mail, students are required to bring in a parent/guardian note excusing the absence in order to obtain an admit.

14 Page 3 Lockers  Hallway lockers are equipped with combination locks and are provided for all EVHS students.  Sharing of lockers (and locker combinations) is not advised due to security-related issues.  School lockers are the property of ISD 196 and are loaned to students for your use. Locker searches may be conducted by school authorities for any reason at any time. (page 4)  Lockers are available for use during PE.  Students are responsible for supplying your own lock for PE lockers.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS lock your stuff!

15 Page 3 Lunch LUNCH SCHEDULE: A)11:10 – 11:40 (students dismissed at 11:35) B)11:30 – 12:00 (students dismissed at 11:55) C)11:50 – 12:20 (students dismissed at 12:15) D)12:10 – 12:40 (students dismissed at 12:35)  All lunches and snacks are to be eaten in the Student Commons. Students must remain in the Student Commons during your assigned lunch period until the five-minute passing period.  Students are not permitted to drink pop and soft drinks in the halls, Media Center, classrooms, Computer Labs or PAC. Students may store pop, soft drinks or food in your lockers, however, these items are to be consumed in the Student Commons or Locker Bays.

16 Page 4 Picture Day: September 8 th  Lifetouch will take photos of every 9 th – 11 th grade student and seniors who need an ID on Monday, September 8 th.  These photos are used for the yearbook (grades 9-11) and student ID cards (grades 9-12).  Retakes will be offered on Monday, September 29th.  There is no cost for the photo used for the ID card and yearbook; students may order additional photo packages at your own expense.

17 Page 3 Nuisance Device Policy Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are valuable tools that can enhance teaching, learning and communication in the Eastview High School Community. Students have the opportunity and privilege to use some of these devices (cell phones, laptops, hand-held devices, digital cameras, etc.) in a manner that promotes learning and communication, and, at the same time, does not disrupt or compromise the integrity of the school environment. Technology may only be used for an academic purpose with permission from your classroom teacher. Violation of this rule may result in confiscation of the equipment and disciplinary consequence.

18 Page 3 Nuisance Device Policy CELL PHONE/PDA/MP3 USE IS NOT ALLOWED DURING CLASS TIME (EXCEPT WITH DIRECT TEACHER APPROVAL).  First offense: Teacher will confiscate phone and return at end of class period  Second offense: Teacher will confiscate phone and turn into Attendance Office; Administrator will conference with student and return phone at end of day.  Third offense: Teacher will confiscate phone and turn in to the Attendance Office; Administrator will conference with student; phone is parent-pick-up only.  Continued offenses will result in “cell phone day care”.

19 Page 4 Technology: Appropriate Use  Each time a student logs in to the EVHS computer network, you agree to the conditions of Acceptable Use of Computer Technology.  Students have access to the computer network only for appropriate school-authorized use.  Students may store only school-related materials in your network lockers.  Unauthorized access or activity may result in loss of access, parent meetings, detention, suspension, restitution or expulsion.  All Students must turn in the Permission for Student Access and Internet Use Form you received in Homeroom today to their Social Studies by Friday, September 6

20 Page 4 Vehicle Search By entering the school parking lot, the person driving any vehicle is deemed to consent to complete search of the vehicle for any reason. Searches may be conducted by school officials or by law enforcement officers at the request of the school officials.

21 Page 4 Visitors Student visitors will NOT be allowed to attend school.


23 Page 7  Hazing, initiation and other unsanctioned/ unsupervised activities are NOT allowed.  Any student or group of students involved in hazing activities will receive consequences as defined in ISD 196 policy and MSHSL Bylaw 209.  The consequence consists of a loss of eligibility for two contests or two weeks, whichever is greater. Co-curricular Opportunities

24 Page 7 Eligibility Rules for Activities  Student participation in school sponsored co- curricular programs, attendance at activities and events, eligibility for awards/recognition/captain positions may be denied based on inappropriate conduct at school and/or in the community.  In order to be eligible to participate in a practice, a game or a performance, a student must attend at least four classes that day.

25 Page 7 Emergency Cards  Emergency Information Cards must be completed online by parent/guardian for every student each school year using SchoolView.

26 Page 8 Attendance Policy: Types of Absences EXEMPT  school authorized absences that are not counted in the maximum absence rule (i.e. bereavement, school- sponsored/co-curricular activities, chronic/extended illness, appointment with school personnel) EXCUSED  parent/guardian authorized absences that do count in the maximum absence rule (i.e. illness, appointments, court appearance, pre-planned absence, ISS or OSS) UNEXCUSED  non-authorized absences, by student choice, that do count in the maximum absence rule and result in disciplinary consequences (i.e. truancy, oversleeping, transportation issues) TARDIES  late to class w/out a pass; THREE tardies to any class equals one absence and will be counted in the maximum absence rule

27 Page 8 Attendance Policy: Make- Up Work  Students have two days per day of absence in which to turn in make-up work.  It is YOUR responsibility to consult your teachers about absences from class and the make-up work required.  The two-day make-up policy does not apply to preplanned absences (such as field trips, co-curricular events, vacations, etc.). The teacher may require that work be completed on or before the upcoming absence.  The two-day make-up policy also does not apply to unexcused absences. The teacher may require that work be completed (and exams be taken) upon your return to class.

28 Page 8 Attendance Policy: Maximum Absence Rule  Students are expected to attend class every day  The Maximum Absence Rule is enforced when a student accumulates eight absences in any one class in a quarter (combination of absences + tardies)  The student will receive a “no grade” (NG) for the class if he/she remains in the class, follows behavioral expectations and meets all course requirements for passing by the end of the quarter. The NG does not affect the student’s GPA.  The student will receive a “fail” (F) if he/she is removed from the class for being disruptive or not following expectations, if the student chooses to leave the class and be scheduled into a structured study hall, or if the student does not meet the course requirements.  The student may also appeal the maximum attendance rule if he/she feels there were extenuating circumstances that contributed to the eight absences (including those accumulated through tardies).

29 Pages 9-14 Student Behavior Expectations ALL students are expected to know, understand and follow the behavior expectations/consequences for misbehavior. (Refer to the Misbehaviors & Consequences chart on pages 10-14 of the packet.)

30 Classroom Request! We need: Tissues Anti-bacterial wipes Please bring in one (or more) of these items as you are able to share in our classroom community.

31 WINTER Template

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