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Mr. Ortiz Professional Sales & Marketing How Our Classroom Works  Desk Clear  All Eyes on Teacher  No Talking  Questions after Explanations  Ready.

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1 Mr. Ortiz Professional Sales & Marketing How Our Classroom Works  Desk Clear  All Eyes on Teacher  No Talking  Questions after Explanations  Ready to Learn 1

2 Teacher Creed As your teacher, I cannot allow any student to stop me from teaching As your teacher, I cannot allow any student in this classroom to stop another student from learning. As your teacher, I can only allow student behavior in this classroom that is in your best interest and the best interest of the class. 2

3 Rules We will follow all class policies and procedures We will come prepared and ready to learn physically and mentally We will respect ourselves, others, their property, and ideas We will follow and enforce all school policies and rules in this class 3

4 Positive Consequences (Some things we can earn for exemplary behavior) (subject to teacher discretion) Good grades and success in my class Capsules Homework pass Drop a low grade Free answer Call home Consideration for Award Nominations Letters of Recommendation for scholarships and jobs 4

5 Consequences (Things we can earn for unacceptable behavior) Warning Detention and call home Referral and Parent conference 3 rd referral results in removal from class. 5

6 Immediate Action Fighting Vandalism Overt Defiance Stopping class from functioning Refer directly to Administration for severe consequences 6

7 Administrative Support System May include but is not limited to the following: Detention Parent Conference Class Isolation Suspension Expulsion 7

8 Procedures Entering Class & Bellwork Attendance Tardies Grading Pencil Sharpening / Bathroom Announcements & Pledge Pre-dismissal Dismissal Homework Make-up work Substitute Equipment/Lab Work Computer Use Clean-up 8

9 Voice Levels 0 – Silence is Golden 1- Whisper 2 – Calm and Normal Voice 3- Presenting to Class 4 – Outside Voice Level should be appropriate for situation and remain at 3 or below while in Classroom or Lab 9

10 Entering Class Go directly to your seat Get out materials Begin Bellwork Voice level 1 until bell rings Voice level 0 once bell rings 10

11 Attendance We will be mentally and physically present every day Attendance is an employability skill and will be graded We must make up work missed within 2 days of returning Awards given for perfect attendance 11

12 Tardy Being on time is defined as: Being in your seat and doing bellwork at Voice Level 0 when the bell rings If I am tardy: ◦ If the student fills out the detention or referral form – there will be regular consequences. If the teacher has to fill out the form, there will be more severe consequences. ◦ The student will serve detention or otherwise accept the consequences of the referral. 12

13 Grading ◦ A=90% and above ◦ B = 80% - 89% ◦ C = 70% - 79% ◦ D = 60% - 69% ◦ F = >60% 13

14 Pencil Sharpening & Bathroom If teacher is talking: DO NOT GO. If someone else is there: DO NOT GO. If #1 and #2 are clear: GO! 14

15 Announcements Stay in your seats Do not talk (Voice level 0 ) Listen to announcements Stand for Pledge of Allegiance Participate in the Pledge in accordance with your beliefs. 15

16 Pre-Dismissal Check for assignments Low voice level (1 or 2) Clean-up lab and/or classroom See teacher if: ◦ Tardy ◦ Absent Previous Day ◦ You got a “See me after class” card handed to you during class. 16

17 Dismissal The teacher (not the bell) dismisses class. Students will be dismissed when all desks are returned their position, books returned to the shelf, equipment is counted and put away, room is clean and orderly, and all papers have been collected. 17

18 Homework Used to expand on the lesson Used for remediation Twice per week will be maximum. Always worth points Won’t usually exceed 30 minutes. 18

19 Make-up work It is STUDENT’S responsibility to see the teacher to get make-up work. You have 2 days upon return to complete missing assignments. Amnesty Day is one week before end of quarter and any work may be submitted for 70% maximum credit. 19

20 Substitute Always sit in assigned seat Substitute procedure is followed without deviation Perfect behavior is expected regardless of the personality or behaviors of the substitute. If your name is on the substitute report as having been off task, talkative, disruptive, in wrong seat, unproductive etc… you will receive a referral (strike) 20

21 Equipment No equipment may be used unless: ◦ Teacher has taught the safe use of the equipment ◦ Student has passed a safety test with 100% accuracy ◦ Teacher grants permission to use equipment 21

22 Computer use Only students with signed Technology Use Agreement may use school computers Only with permission of teacher Only for class related work Always within the guidelines of the Technology Use Agreement No food or drinks in computer area 22

23 Clean-up Every student will have a job based on chore wheel No one is dismissed until teacher dismisses lab/shop Teacher will not dismiss until shop or lab is clean and orderly with all tools, materials and equipment accounted for. 23

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