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Please take out the book that looks like this. Acknowledgment page MUST be signed and returned to homeroom by Friday, September 15. This is located in.

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1 Please take out the book that looks like this

2 Acknowledgment page MUST be signed and returned to homeroom by Friday, September 15. This is located in the front of the Code of Conduct.

3 The Code of Conduct Is used by EVERY staff member in our district. It is YOUR responsibility to know it, (we’ll get you started).

4 Why does it exist? To establish and maintain a “good school environment” See p.11

5 When is it in force?

6 ALL Times? On school property On the bus To, from, and at the bus stop At district events Even when behavior out of school presents ANY TYPE of threat to ANY Redding knight

7 Reminder Pages: Attendance 13-15 Bus Privileges 15-16 Lockers 21-22 Dress Code 22

8 Violation Basics Four, 4, yes IV Levels Consequences range from a reprimand and parent/guardian notification to expulsion and police notification AND…

9 PREVENTION by following the Code of the Knights Be Respectful to yourself, others, and the space and belongings around you Be Responsible by following the rules, knowing your limits, and maintaining integrity Be Safe by sharing physical and emotional space with your fellow Redding knights Be a Good Citizen and not only treat everyone well but actively promote and encourage good behavior Be There – Be Ready by being prepared to do your best every day

10 Level I Cheating/Plagiarism Disruptive Behavior Inappropriate Language Loitering Minor Vandalism Possession of Non-school Items Unexcused Tardy p. 31-33

11 Level I cont’d First Offense Consequences Can Include: Teacher reprimand Parent/guardian notification Detention Conference Grade/Restitution Penalty

12 Level I cont’d Subsequent Level I Consequences: All of the previous PLUS –Detention –Suspension –Parent conference –Referral to administration

13 Misunderstood Level I Terms Cheating/Plagiarism is “…preparing or presenting…assignments as a student’s own work when it is not.” Disruptive Behavior includes ANY behavior that interferes or disturbs ANY part of an effective learning environment Non-school items are anything “deemed by building staff as disruptive or having the potential for causing disruption.” –YES! This can include gum!

14 Level II Abusive language Careless or reckless behavior Class cut School cut/Truancy Defiance Failure to serve detention Forgery Gambling Inappropriate sexual behavior Intimidation Leaving school without authorization Major vandalism Misuse/Abuse of substances Misuse of technology Smoking Stealing/Possession/ Transferring of stolen goods Trespassing RED=has a “Severe Clause”

15 Level II cont’d First Offense Consequences Detention and/or suspension is likely as early as the first offense, and it gets worse from there…

16 Level II cont’d Terms to Clarify Abusive Language is any “written or spoken language of gestures that are considered offensive, obscene, or vulgar Careless and Reckless Behavior is seen as “unintentional behavior that threatens to or causes injury, property damage OR intentional behavior that [has the same result]” Defiance is a “verbal or nonverbal refusal to comply with reasonable request from school personnel, including refusal to identify oneself

17 Level II cont’d Terms to Clarify: Severe Clauses Misuse of Technology p.37 Stealing Possession Transferring of Stolen Goods p.39

18 Level III Disorderly Conduct Extortion Fighting Harassment Inappropriate Sexual Acts Offensive Touching –Student on student –Of a staff member Reckless Driving Sexual Harassment Terroristic Threatening and/or Behavior

19 Level III cont’d EVERY offense presents a threat to others Detention and/or suspension are REQUIRED for every Level III offense: up to 5 days

20 This is a good time for a…

21 REMINDER! Prevention is the best way If all else fails… Be a responsible witness/bystander –Know that keeping our school safe is NOT snitching Report what you see/know to a school adult –Diffuse the situation by NOT promoting it Cheering on a fight or bullying is as bad as doing it yourself –Ask questions and seek guidance from a trusted adult Any staff member or responsible family member counts!

22 Level IV Arson Assault –On Student –On Staff Member Possession, Use, Sale, Purchase, or Transfer or Alcohol, Drugs, Illegal Substances, Paraphernalia, or Counterfeit Substances Distribution of Alcohol, Drugs, a Drug-Like Substance, a Look-alike Substance and/or Paraphernalia Possession of any Weapon/Explosive Device Rape or Attempted Rape Security Threat

23 LEVEL IV Every offense requires a minimum of a 5 day suspension AND Police notification

24 Misunderstood Level IV Terms Assault –Sometimes horseplay causes physical injury. It them becomes assault, which is “Intentionally or RECKLESSLY causing physical injury to another…” p.47-48 Look-alike Substance –“Any non-controlled substance…packaged so as to appear to be, or about which a student makes [ANY] representation that the substance is, a drug or a non- controlled substance capable of producing a change in behavior or altering a state of mind or feeling.” p.60

25 This is your Code of Conduct This is your brain

26 This is how great You will feel When you (and your brain) Choose to follow The Code of Conduct


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