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Preparing for your Maestro Assessment Task Year 11 Written Assessment Task 1.

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1 Preparing for your Maestro Assessment Task Year 11 Written Assessment Task 1

2 Procedure Tables set up for exam conditions – no talking, no electronic dictionaries, no thesaurus’, no text Allowed one A4 single-sided, hand written sheet of notes You will be given a sheet with the topics and criteria You MUST write your name on the sheet 2

3 At the end of Wednesday’s class You must hand in: Your criteria sheet Your cheat sheet Your essay plan Any other work you have done 3

4 Quotes I sensed that I was undergoing some form of test. p.4 Paul realising that Keller sets high standards for his students. The Swan was a monastery, of a kind: a place of retreat, of reunification of the world. p.48-49 Paul reflecting on the Swan where Keller lives. If we were discussing the same man, how different our two versions. p. 140 Paul reflecting on his discussion with Heinsch. 4

5 Quotes I had found my level, my performances frozen into a recurring pattern... p.128 Paul realises he will never become a world-class pianist. The evil would pass, I told her. All things pass. p. 117 Keller’s explanation of the Nazis to his wife Mathilde A city of show veneer p.65 Keller’s response about Vienna 5

6 Quotes He told me if he ever felt the desire to play again he would hack off his fingers, one by one. p. 138 Henisch talking about Keller. Never again will time move as slowly as it did then, and never again would there be so much to be discovered, to be touched and tasted for the first time. p. 149 Paul experiencing deep regret for missed opportunities and youthful experiences after Keller’s death. 6

7 Quotes We never lose. We only learn. p. 109 Herr Eduard Keller to Paul. Is water at fifty degrees half boiled? - Keller speaking to Paul I loved the town of booze and blow at first sight. p.9 Paul speaking about arriving in Darwin. 7

8 Quotes If only at your age I had such text books Reference to books given to Paul showing him the horror of war. Don’t trust the beautiful - Keller Paul is my best student, yes. One in a thousand, but a concert pianist; one in a million. Keller speaking about Paul 8

9 Quotes You are my teacher…You’ve been like a father. Taught me everything I know. p. 115 Paul speaking of Keller. we are meant to clap between movements... it is you who are ignorant p.71, Keller. He's a nazi Paul speaking about Keller. 9

10 To add information besides moreover another together with likewise furthermore additionally along with for example equally important further 10

11 To show similarities in the same manner in the same way likewise similarly To emphasise a point again truly in fact to emphasize for this reason with this in mind 11

12 To contrast or show a difference otherwise even though conversely even so yet however still counter to on the other hand as opposed to in the meantime on the contrary nevertheless 12

13 Conclude/summarise finally consequently due to as a result accordingly therefore To clarify to clarify that is in other words put another way stated differently to clarify 13

14 Editing and Proofreading You will not have time to move information from one paragraph to another. Therefore, it is critical to develop a plan and stick to it. Hints Read the prompts quickly to find the one you can think of the most examples and evidence for Don't change your mind after making your selection Underline the key words in your prompt Write legibly. You won't get points for neatness, but if I can't read it, I can't mark it Leave between 5-10 minutes to edit and proofread your work 14

15 Editing and Proofreading Check your paragraphs for: details, examples, and supporting evidence in each paragraph rambling, off-topic thoughts paragraph breaks that help the reader see your main points Check your words and sentences for: variety in sentence structure proper punctuation and capitalization correct spelling 15

16 Good Luck! 16

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