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Go to Education + StreamlineSC Go to Education + StreamlineSC.

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1 Go to Education + StreamlineSC Go to Education + StreamlineSC

2 Instructor: Donna Thompson Temp Login: edtech2014

3 -- click Education

4 LEARN360 Login to the Video on Demand statewide service Information for SC Educators Links to other ETV Resources FREE Workshops

5 LEARN360 – STUDENT ACCOUNTS All students may use 1 generic account at the school. Or All students may have individual accounts.

6 Learn 360 Publishers Use the Advanced Search to access the Publisher listing and look for some of these favorites: Rabbit Ears Weston Woods (closed caption) Reading Rainbow National Geographic A & E Network (older)

7  Free access to anyone; a safe Web environment for kids in the classroom or at home.  Interactive tools for K-12.  South Carolina History.  Teacher resources including lesson plans.  Training available.

8 Transform teaching and learning with PBS LearningMedia™  Developed for PreK-16 educators  Brings the BEST of public media content together into one place  Provides EASY access to classroom-ready, curriculum targeted, multi-platform digital resources  Many interactive modules (puzzles, games, activities)  Aligned to Standards  Ready for classroom instruction and student achievement  Includes teacher professional development resources

9 TeacherLine Southeast provides online solutions for teacher professional development in the southeast (SC, NC and GA) through its delivery of PBS TeacherLine courses, the premier research and standards- based professional development resource for PreK-12 teachers.

10 Recertification and Graduate Credit courses Searchable Database ETV Courses + Teacherline Southeast PBS courses

11 “Remember Everything” Evernote apps and products make modern life manageable, by letting you easily collect and find everything that matters. All platforms Syncs from one device to another Notes, Web pages, Lists OneNote by Microsoft

12 Word Clouds (PC) (PC) (most devices) iPad App: Word Clouds by Creates word clouds


14 Word Clouds Vocabulary Word Bank Motivate Get to Know You Reflections Free Writing Stage Speeches – main points T-shirts, advertising

15 iPad Browser for Flash Photon $5 Puffin – Free - limited Rover - Education Content with Flash – Free

16 Edmodo Create your own classes to share with your students. Share your class with your group code. Have open class discussions. Share links, documents and videos. Take Polls. Post and grade assignments. Collect work. Create a post and have them reply.

17 Bloom’s Taxonomy (Kathy Schrock)

18 + Images Under Search Tools, Find Copyright Usages Turn on Safe Search

19 + Images In some browsers, go to Settings Advanced Search Usage Rights = “Free to Use or Share” Or “Free Use, Share & Modify

20 Search by Color Search for images by COLOR

21 Copyright free images when used in the classroom. Search by topics. Preview and Download. Also, look for Tech4Learning link.


23 Copyright Free / Public Domain images Search by topics. Preview and and Download.


25 Rubrics projects/scoring-guides projects/scoring-guides

26 Tell your story with pictures Themes and styles with music 30 seconds (for free) Animoto Slide ShowAnimoto Slide Show (Bed & Breakfast in Spartanburg) (Not done in Animoto-Example of Rapid Slides) Sample History/Science SlideshowHistory/Science Slideshow

27 Infuse Learning Create Quizzes Prompts Drawings Send out quick Web Links to students Language Tool Reads Aloud

28 Sends out text/email messages No return messages Schedule texts Reminders of projects due, schedules, schedule changes, homework assignments School announcements Emergency Early dismissal.

29  Copyright free music when used in the classroom.  15,000 titles  Search by styles or feelings.  Preview, Add to Card, and Download as MP3.  Select Teacher for licensing to get the tunes for free and keep for 99 years.

30 Garage Band (iPad) or  Create original soundtracks  Encourage Creativity  Use in classroom projects  When “purchasing” Select “Education Use”

31 Music and Sounds   need site license    for fun stories

32 (works on Chrome Books)

33 iMovie On iPad Quick easy videos Simple Save and Share Upload to DropBox or a cloud account Optional Create a DropBox account – You may use this link:

34 Tell your story with pictures and your voice Simple Podcast –

35 How to tell a good story Sample digital stories Ideas for grading

36 Draw, write, solve and equation Annotate an image Narrate as your draw Capture your screen SKITCH

37 Behavior Management Good and bad quick marks for students Share data with parents Not just for Elementary


39 A way to fund a special school project. Write it up. Submit it. Wait for donors across the world to donate. When fully funded, DonorsChoose will send you the money.


41 QR Codes  Web Links to Share – Streamline videos, songs or sounds, web pages  Contact Info – Your name, email and web page  Text – Homework, Writing Prompt, Activity  Create QR codes  –  SCAN: Get an App for scanning QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)

42 QR Codes Link to Videos on Learn360 (SHARE) Assignments Contacts Exit work Research Web Quest Collaboration Activities Scavenger Hunts


44 Wireless Mouse AGPTEK (around $30 – including shipping) (Or try Leap Motion mouse)

45 Donna Thompson

46 Made with QR Voice “Blog about the weather”

47 QR Code Generator (Select “Static” for free codes) (codes with color and images) (QR Code reader)

48 Interactive from PBS 7_int_plantmovies/ 7_int_plantmovies/ “Plants in Motion”

49 – webpage builder, simple, easy for students of all ages. - create online audio files for book reviews, introductions, student projects.

50 iPads iMovie Tellagami Sock Puppets Aurasma and colAR app AR Flashcards -

51 Sock Puppets

52 Tellagami

53 Augmented Reality (AR) – Coloring pages that come alive! – Alphabet flashcards that come alive! Google Glass - Google maps, a camera, note taking, and more, all with a pair of glassses. Google Glass

54 Apps for Education Tried and Reviewed by Teachers Searchable database Designed to support classroom teachers Created by Coastal Carolina Education professors

55 South Carolina’s Virtual Library (Ask your media specialist for the SC login.) Multiple research sites at your fingertips. FREE to all of SC students and teachers.

56 Surveys Polls EASY Many reports

57 Padlet A web tool that allows you to have an interactive cork board. Imagine the ability to post notes with reminders about class trips, even the PDF file for the permission slip, as well as photos and other great items for your peers and students? Padlet is simple to use and can be shared or kept private.

58 Diigo Account with websites for the class Debbie’s Teacher List You may want to set up your own account to keep sites we visit throughout the week.

59 Favorites Streamline (of course!): Edmodo: Khan Academy: QR Code Generator: App: QR Reader or SCAN Searchy Pants: Diigo: ( Infuse Learning: or Reflector = Show ipad screen on desktop/projector Screen-o-matic = Capture your screen, even videos.

60 Sharing Your Display Splashtop (tablet is controling PC) Reflector (Project image from ipad to screen) AirServer (Project image from ipad to screen)

61 Kathy Shrock google apps Leslie Fisher - GADGETS Chrome Book

62 Vocabulary Definitions Images

63 Brainstorming: What does “Video in the Classroom” mean to you and/or your students?

64 Send me “stuff” you create! Donna Thompson

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