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By Svitlana Koshmai School # 7 of Cherkasy Cherkasy Region.

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1 by Svitlana Koshmai School # 7 of Cherkasy Cherkasy Region

2 Projects should be creative, collaborative, challenging and fun!

3  Project work is an effective strategy to promote collaborative ways of learning where learners in groups work together to solve any important problem.

4 Typ Types of Projects in Learning L2  Production projects  Role and Game projects  Research and Information projects  Survey projects  Production projects  Performance and Organizational projects  Creative projects

5  The creation of bulletin board displays, videos, radio programs, poster sessions, written reports, photo essays, letters, handbooks, brochures, banquet menus, travel itineraries, etc.

6  The participants take certain roles (chosen according to the content & the character of the project, to the peculiarity of the problem), which can be literary characters or fictional roles, imitating social or business relations.

7  They are very close to a real research and have the similar structure.  They necessitate the gathering of information through library, I-net research.

8  They require communication with individuals (or businesses, governmental agencies, schools, or chambers of commerce) to find out detailed information about a lot of different people or things (usually by asking people a series of solicit information by means of letters, faxes, phone calls, or electronic mail.)

9  They can take shape as staged debates, oral presentations, theatrical performances, food fairs, or fashion shows.  Organizational projects entail the planning and formation of a club, conversation table, or conversation partner program.

10  They may be a newspaper, a composition, a film, acting out, a role play etc.

11  presenting situations  proposing ways of solving the problem  work in little groups  gathering information  compiling and analyzing information  presenting final product  evaluating the project

12  work together;  collect information and ideas;  use L2 in real situations;  exchange views and debate the ideas;

13  write the ideas into a report;  edit their writing;  produce the report

14  facilitates;  helps;  encourages;  prompts;  clarifies;  develops;  delimits

15 selection collection of data compilation & interpretation reporting & presentation collaboration in the group


17 Brochure Class newspaper/ wall newspaper Debate Graphic display Guide book/ Handbook Maquette Pin and string display

18 Multimedia/ Oral presentation Poster Research paper Role play Survey report Theatrical performance Video or film Written report

19 Increasing motivation Integrating all four skills Practicing all four skills Cross – curricular connections A break from routine

20 Using native language Some learners do nothing Groups work at different speed

21  Communication with friends  Teenagers’ world  Relationships with parents  Plans for future  Music  Internet  Computer games  Leisure time

22  Time: 3 weeks  Aims: to produce Microsoft Power Point Presentation; to encourage students’ collaborative work  Language learning: to develop all four skills by using various techniques: e. g. surveys, interviews; to encourage students to collect information, analyze it and select necessary items

23  The most popular professions in Ukraine;  The most asked-for professions in Ukraine;  The most dangerous professions;  The most unusual professions;  Jobs which are primarily done by men;  Jobs which are primarily done by women;  What do we need to know to get a job?

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