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Escuela Telesecundrai Leona Vicaro (Leona Vicaro Secondary School) Playa de Boca - Mexico Our Jungle Miracle.

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1 Escuela Telesecundrai Leona Vicaro (Leona Vicaro Secondary School) Playa de Boca - Mexico Our Jungle Miracle

2 Quick facts Located in the Mexican village of Playa de Boca – population 1,000 Boca school serves about 140 students Most come by foot through the jungle – across a swinging bridge Some travel to school from remote areas by boat Students are 12 – 17 years old Divided into 2 sessions – morning and evening Maestro (Principal) Geraldo Mejiah makes this impoverished school thrive with his energy and love

3 Playa de Boca village street scene

4 A local streamside resident

5 Playa de Boca village water treatment plant

6 The swinging “bridge to knowledge”

7 Entering the “Jungle Miracle ”

8 Ladies “futbol” team

9 One of three classrooms

10 Classroom before painting

11 The “original kitchen” in 2005

12 Serving lunch

13 The kitchen in 2005

14 Old building demolition – the miracle begins…

15 New kitchen construction – note disabled volunteer

16 Preparing a fiesta meal

17 Maestro Geraldo Mejiah and his wife with Kristina* *whose guidance and energy see us through

18 Newly installed lavatory sinks

19 New appliance and utensils arrive – carried across the river

20 The new kitchen – a work in process

21 At last! Our new dining hall.

22 Can it get any better?

23 The old computer workshop

24 Building a new computer classroom / library

25 Classroom-learning TVs arrive

26 Our efforts are supported by Parents 10 Faculty members Playa de Boca village volunteers Winter visitors Generous matching-fund contributions from local government

27 Our accomplishments in just four years Raised funds to build and furnish sanitary, modern dining hall and kitchen – supporting a nutritious meal program Installed new lavatory sinks for better hygiene Installed new lighting in all classrooms Rewired entire school to 100 amp service Provided three new IBM computers Purchased and installed flat screen classroom TVs – allowing educational enrichment from Mexico City And more…

28 Upgraded sanitary and water systems Purchased and installed water pumps Built a new computer classroom/library to allow increased student enrollment Installed new roofs on all buildings – old materials were donated to local residents for their homes Painted all classrooms Purchased textbooks and school supplies And, the list goes on…

29 Boca School Gaining Attention With Corporations

30 Contributions have a life-long payback

31 Our “miracle” replaces lethargy with energy, despair with hope, and brings light where once there was a veil of darkness dimming unchallenged minds. We do a GREAT deal with very little. We waste no efforts or funds. And, each year new needs arise. Why? Because the kids and parents are learning that the little school in Playa de Boca matters a great deal to the world. Someday soon, these kids will help others as they have been helped. Someday soon!

32 Awards and honors Escuela Secondaria de Boca received the prestigious “Outstanding Program” Award from the Governor of Jalisco State including a grant of 30.000 pesos In recognition of this honor, banners adorn the school

33 6-Year old Alex believes in miracles He gave up his piggy bank and wrote Dear Friends I am sending you some money to buy stuff. I am doing it so you can be happy and have a nice place to learn like I do. Please study hard and play hard too. And try to get muddy when you play. It is fun. Your friend, Alex

34 Please help Make checks payable to Boca School Fund Mail to: Boca School Fund c/o Lee Alber 112 Oostagala Dr Loudon, TN 37774

35 Thank you for your generous support!


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