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Expanding our Assistance to Education in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste through Corporate Involvement Amigos de la Educación 1.

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1 Expanding our Assistance to Education in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste through Corporate Involvement Amigos de la Educación 1

2 Our Goals for this meeting: Amigos de la Educación 2 Introduce Amigos de la Educación and the work that we do. Share how we are organized and achieve results. Discuss educational/scholarship needs in Guanacaste and how we meet the needs. Identify why Amigos has more needs in the schools we serve than we can satisfy! Ask for help and how to work with the corporate community and their Community Giving Programs. Identify our next step to match the Corporate Giving Program with the needs of Amigos de la Educacion.

3 A non-profit organization supporting quality education and scholarship for students and teachers, from kindergarten through university, in the Canton of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. Amigos de la Educación 3 Amigos de la Educación Mission Statement

4 Schools suffer from unrepaired Electrical Problems Whole sections of schools have no electrical systems working, including lights and fans. Amigos de la Educación 4

5 Amigos Organization / Fiscal Control Amigos de la Educación 5 Amigos has a diverse and committed Board of Directors: Medical Administrator, Real. Estate Broker, University Professor, Clinical Physiologist, Project Manager Telecommunications, Bank Loan Officer, Cruise Director, Intel Human Resources Director and Contractor.- Amigos will never give money for projects, we only give "product": Schools and organizations present a documented request, including bids and quotations for services. All checks are made payable to the supplier of services only. Any request more than $500.00 must be approved by the Board of Directors. Amigos is a legal non-profit organization in Costa Rica. We work within the rules and regulations of Costa Rica government with our attorney and accountant. Practically all money raised through our charity goes directly to education and scholarship. Volunteers and part-time administrative staff keep our operating costs low.

6 How we secure funding for our projects: Amigos de la Educación 6 Today our Board of Directors and five committees organize three fundraising charity events per year : – Have a Heart Charity Golf Tournament (Feb 14 th ) ~ Co-Produce with The Beachnuts Theatre Company community theatre productions 2-3 times per year. – Holiday fundraiser In 2010 our Have a Heart Golf Tournament raised $22,000 for education and scholarships.

7 Help us continue to improve Costa Ricas future, by improving education for our children. School children with donations of books, provided by Amigos de la Educación Amigos de la Educación 7

8 Taking Amigos de la Educación to the next level : Amigos de la Educación 8 We continue to identify far more educational needs than we can satisfy ! Therefore, we would like to partner with corporations, that have Community Giving programs intended to help the educational needs of children and assist our community schools. We are developing our volunteers and committees to better serve our schools and communities: New skills and ideasMore feet on the ground We are meeting with other local organizations to network and together raise funds for education. Our new University Scholarship Program requires Amigos to seek additional sources for donations.

9 Schools need our help This library needs tables, chairs (note chair with no back in picture), jalousie windows need replaced with solid glass so that donated air conditioning unit may be installed in room. Amigos de la Educación 9

10 Desks and Chairs are in poor repair and unusable. Deteriorated writing surfaces, chairs with no backs, new computer desks with keyboard trays detached are common in classrooms. Amigos de la Educación 10

11 Amigos Goals for 2011 Amigos de la Educación 11 Increase 2011fundraising goals through additional charity events to provide funds for new University Scholarships. Total Budget for 2011 is $50,000. Continue to provide grade school, high school and university scholarships, materials and supplies to our 11 local schools in the Canton of Santa Cruz. Collaborate with school administrators/teachers to develop programs and goals for the future. Fund and support programs for sex education and drug/alcohol abuse education for our four sponsored high schools. Provide textbooks to all Amigos affiliated classrooms from Kindergarten to High School with books printed by La Nacion. Introduce Amigos de la Educacion to the Corporate Community in Costa Rica and how education in Guanacaste is important to the whole country. Finish the Colegio Villarreal Gymnasium Project that needs a large roof. Collaborate and network with Air Conditioner Suppliers to provide used/reconditioned air conditioners for discounted prices to our schools. Continue to fund ESL classes for the local student/adult community in the tourism business. Continue to provide materials and supplies for 10 local schools in Canton of Santa Cruz

12 Unable to use space in large classroom Due to leaky roof, water has been pooling on the floor for days. Amigos de la Educación 12

13 A little paint could go a long way to improve this school. Many Guanacaste schools have not been painted in years due to lack of funding. Amigos de la Educación 13

14 1. Paint, paint & more paint… 2. Air Conditioners (new or used) 3. Student desks 4. Cafeteria/Kitchen equipment (Plates, forks, glasses, rice cooker, etc. and pots & pans 5. Textbooks and Dictionaries 6. Cement Blocks WHAT DO WE NEED NOW?

15 Kids are our future, what will the future be like ? Can you help and what will you do? Amigos de la Educación 15

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