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Saadani Eid Day Eid with Kids Organisers This event was organised by the team of SANA under sponsorship of Saadani Lodge. The gifts used for the day.

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2 Saadani Eid Day Eid with Kids

3 Organisers This event was organised by the team of SANA under sponsorship of Saadani Lodge. The gifts used for the day was sent donated by friends of SANA from Greece.

4 Volunteers Volunteers from different fields and professions joined the team of SANA to Saadani with the aim of making the day special to the children of Saadani village.

5 The journey to Saadani The journey to Saadani was on Saturday of 19 th September 2009. The team started the journey to Saadani at 12.30 pm, stopped at Chalinze for lunch and arrivved at Saadani at 7.30pm. The team camped at TANAPA hostels where some of the team members stayed in the tents!!

6 Dinner at the Lodge It was a wonderful moment for the team of volunteers to meet for the dinner at the Saadani Lodge. The moment was used also for introductions.

7 The morning of the day!! Sunday 20 th, the day that was prepared for, started with a beautiful bright morning. All volunteers were at the compound of Saadani School soon after the sun rise, ready to start the day.

8 Nice meeting new people!! Chryssa Botou met teachers of Saadani School for the first time!! She has dreamed for this moment for quite long!! It was almost unbelievable to the teachers, too!!

9 Preparations The volunteers prepared the clothes which were to be distributed to the children before the children came gathered. The clothes were collected by the friends of SANA from Greece, who were inspired by Chryssa!

10 The clothes The clothes were enough for every child to get a new cloth for the day! Volunteers were excited to see how nice the clothes were!!

11 Children getting clothes! All volunteers worked hard to help the children get the clothes that could fit them. Come on little one, it is okay baby… just try this…. You will look beautiful in it!!!

12 Its for you little ones..!!! All the children of the village were there, no one remained at home! Every one of them got a nice dress, volunteers helped them out!

13 Fun begins…! It was time for games, children were divided into groups each of which was led one volunteer. Students sponsored by SANA gave assistance to the volunteers!

14 Time for fun…! Different games were located into different rooms. Groups were rotating, from one game to another. Volunteers also helped children who were shy to participate in the games.

15 Hula Hoops Children enjoyed this game very much. They competed to staying for the longest time with a hula hoop around the waists.! Others roll the hula hoops around their necks! It was a surprise to the volunteers!!

16 Balloons…!! Balloons were filled with air and children played with them in different ways.. Others were jumping with the balloons into the air…..they screamed when the balloons busted…!!

17 Musical Chairs! Children had fun to compete to seat on the last chair left. The game was very much liked by the children as they filled the air with their laughter every time one competitor missed a chair.

18 Sleeping game! It seemed hard for the children to stay fifteen minutes without saying a word as they were instructed to be for this game. A child would forget the rules and whispered a word making others break into laughter….!!!

19 Making Bubbles! It was very funny letting the bubbles burst into the air!! Children where amazed to see that it was possible to make the bubbles from a mixture of water and glycerine!

20 Painting game! Every child was required to paint what was in his/ her mind. Some painted flowers, animals, houses and cars!!! This is Tanzanian National flag that was in one of the childrens mind!!

21 Jumping Castles For the first time in their lives, the children got to play on the jumping castles. It was an amazing game worth remembering.

22 Other games! Children were happy to show how good they were in identifying different creatures from different types of habitats! The karate game was played under a tree shade…groups of children passed there one group at a time.

23 Time for Lunch! Children had a yummy lunch which was special for the day! It was more wonderful sharing the food with the volunteers as well as other children.

24 Time for lunch! The lunch had sweet drinks! Children enjoyed juice, safe water and milk too!

25 Disco toto!! The children and the volunteers together had time for a dance named disco toto (disco for children)!

26 Disco toto! After disco, children watched a movie called Madagascar II. An animate cartoon movie that made all the children leave with smiles!!!!

27 Thanks! To Saadani Lodge for sponsoring this event. To Simela and Iriana Koutoula, Fanis and Matina Doufeka, George Grimanis and Mr. Dimitris Bikakis. To Chryssa Botou for inspiring friends to share with the children what they are blessed of.

28 Thanks! To the volunteers who donated but could not join the SANA team to Saadani. To all who travelled to Saadani to celebrate Eid with children!

29 Thanks…… To TANAPA Saadani for allowing us to use their place for Jumping castles and disco as well as for supplying the event with electric power. To Bakhressa Ltd and The Applied Technology Ltd. To the villagers and the children of Saadani village. You all played important roles to make this event a SUCCESS! - Asante sana…!

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