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Author: Suzanne Collins Published in 2009 Genere Science fiction Berli Torres period 6.

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1 Author: Suzanne Collins Published in 2009 Genere Science fiction Berli Torres period 6

2 The hunger games takes place in a future time period after the destruction of North America, known as Panem. Panem consists of a wealthy capitol and 12 surrounding, poorer districts.The book begins in District 12,the Coal rich, Region that was the Appalachia. The houses aren't like the neighborhoods we have now also that’s where coal miners live and work. There is also the Hob, the black market. District 12 is surrounded by a sometimes-electrified fence from the woodlands. The Capitol is described as a shinny of wealth city. The Capitol is located where the Rockies used to be. The people of the capitol are shallow, speak in a funny, affected accent,and value surface appearances,plastic surgery, and entertainment. Being,the Capitol,they also view the Hunger games as television entertainment. Katniss despises the Capitol.

3 Katniss She has been independent ever since she was nine. She is born on May 8. Katniss was really close with her father and spent much time hunting in the woods. There he taught her about hunting and nature. It was Katniss’s father that taught her how to shoot an arrow, she's great at this skill, which later helps her during the games. But then he died in a mine accident. They gave her mom sometime to find work, but she was too depressed. With Katniss and her sister Prim almost starved to death she took over the family and provided them. She recalls that when Peeta and her were 12,he gave her burnt bread that saved her, even though he got punished for that. Katniss is generous, optimistic, not-self centered,independent. In the book she is described having black hair and green eyes. She is medium height and slim. She has olive skin.

4 Peeta Peeta is the bakers son, which makes him wealthier than the other people in district 12 His family never goes hungry, although they can not afford to eat the fresh baked Goods, only the stale items that no one buys. He does not live in the seam like Katniss, but in the center of town above the family bakery. Peeta states that his favorite color is Orange, like the sunset orange. Peeta attended school with Katniss but he was never brave enough to actually talk to her.. Peeta has two older brothers, a kind dad, And a “witch” of a mom. Ever since peeta was five he had a crush on Katniss. Peeta is kind, generous and loves Katniss, he is willing to risk his life to protect Katniss. He has ashy blonde hair that falls in waves on his forehead. He has blue eyes, he is medium height,and is built.

5 Peeta announces that he loves Katniss, now they are “star crossed lovers” Katniss has to pretend to be in love With him so they can protect each other thought the games. But they’ll eventually have to kill each other because Only one person can win.

6 When only Peeta and katniss are left,they debate Weather who should die. But katniss pulls out poisonous berries and tells peeta to eat them at the same time as her,so no one can win. But the announcer comes out,stops them and declares them both winners.

7 I thought this was the greatest book ever! It pretty much has Action, adventure, and romance with Peeta and Katniss <3. At first it makes you question their personalities. But you Start to find out. I love how, at the beginning katniss is Sure she doesn’t like Peeta,but her opinion about him Changes.In all its great!

8 1- Suzane Collins wrote for children's books. 2-She helped with Cliffords puppy years in PBS kids. 3-She was about 25 when she wrote her first book. 4-She thought about doing a fourth book of The hunger games trilogy. 5-SHE WROTE THE HUNGER GAMES!!

9 1- Who does Katniss participate for in the reaping? 2-What does Peetas dad do for a living? 3-What age do you start participating for the reaping? 4-What age are you forced to work at? 5- What do most adults work at in District 12?

10 Each year a boy and girl tribute must participate in the annual hunger games. Katniss’s little sister Prim gets chosen but,Katniss loves her to much and takes her place. Peeta gets chosen to go also. When they are in the arena Katniss thinks Peeta has his own strategy to kill her,but honestly it’s the opposite. Peeta protects katniss in the arena even though she doesn’t know it. But only him and her are left and only one can live, but they Decide to bend the rules and they are both crowned winners.


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