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October 2010-Issue 46-District 9350 Meetings: Wednesdays, 13:00, Metropolitan Golf Club, Mouille Point Welcome to the October.

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1 October 2010-Issue 46-District 9350 Meetings: Wednesdays, 13:00, Metropolitan Golf Club, Mouille Point Welcome to the October issue of Sea Breezes! This issue is the Winter Wrap Up... a round up of Sea Point Rotary news from June through October 2010. A look at our projects: The Rotary Club of Sea Point Sea Breezes The Ilitha Creche is in full swing! With 2 new classrooms completed in April, the students have a wonderful place to learn and laugh. Thank you to our generous donors: South Korean Rotary Clubs D3630, South Africa District 9350, Tasha and David Rijke- Epstein, JDI Teach to Fish, District 6900 (Peach Tree City, USA), Sea Point Rotary and many others The children are truly benefiting from the Souns project! The Blue Train continues to delight kids and the community. A special thanks to Faircape Construction, whose generosity we celebrated at the cycle track launch on October 26. A message from Alderman JP Smith, our Honorary Rotarian: Secretary: Paul Barkley Tel: 083 302 9096 President: Farhat Danyal Tel: 083 650 3959 “I think that is was commendable that a local developer, Faircape, was willing to contribute to the upgrade and we hope that other developers will make the same effort. …they are all involved in the creation of communities and achieving quality living spaces which means upgrading the public spaces adjacent to the developments that they are doing.”

2 July News Outgoing President Gavin Schachat hands over duties to Farhat Danyal as the new 2010-2011 President The food tent is installed at Includid Speakers:  Kevin Boswell  Bennie Rabonowitz/Janie Ball Birthdays:  Michelle Arntsen, July 19  Rodney Mazinter, July 28 June News Our fantastic exchange student Sea Breezes Rotary Sea Point celebrates Mandela Day at the Blue Train Birthdays:  Paula Zolezzi, June 14  Linda Kantor, June 18 Jaakko Kanniainen arrives from Finland! Speakers:  Eli Alperstein  PP Gavin Schachat  Malcolm Roup  Sonia Cotton Bennie Rabonowitz and Janey Ball receive the Paul Harris awards

3 Rotary and Interact join charitable organizations to entertain the mentally handicapped at the annual One - to - One event August News Sea Breezes GSE Team goes to Denmark under the leadership of Past President Dr. Tony Davidson. Team participants include Karin Klazen, Brendon Cloete, Zolani Zonyane, and Kolodi Makola. Many thanks to the team’s Danish teacher and mentor Louise Egedal – Johnson and her husband Brent Speakers:  Carlo talks about the Blue Train  Dr. Justin Kennedy  Outgoing GSE Team to Denmark Racec Rail is honored for their generous contribution to the Blue Train  How many Clubs operate within Rotary International?  What are the official languages of Rotary International?  Where was the first chartered Club established outside of North America? Curious to know the answers? Read the next edition of Sea Breezes and find out! Rotary Trivia!!! Birthdays:  Craig Meltzer, August 1  George Kaufman, August 12  Lana Herman, August 23

4 Birthdays:  Tony Davidson, Sept 4  Paul Barkley, Sept 8 Rotary Sea Point awards Certificates of Appreciation to the Atlantic Sun and two Rotary Interact Clubs The DG Shân Biesman-Simmons and AG Sprio Mitchell visits Rotary Sea Point September News Sea Breezes Rotary Sea Point Makes the Front Page… Sea Point Rotary supports Literacy Week by reading to children at Ellerton Primary Rotary Sea Point attends the Herzlia Interact fundraiser with former South African President F. W. de Klerk Farhat, Rodney and Gavin attend Early Childhood Development Conference Speakers:  Judy Westwater  Giselle Terblanche  Jaakko Kanniainen  District Governor  Brenda Erickson Rotary Sea Point trains Lawrence House residents

5 October News Sea Breezes Faircape Construction CC is honored by Rotary Sea Point for building the cycle track at the Blue Train Jaakko represents Rotary Sea Point at the Ryla Leadership Camp Rotary Sea Point celebrates the 90th birthday of Joe Shapiro! Herzlia Interact students visit the Ilitha Creche and bring loads of smiles to the children! Herzlia Interact students also visit the Nonceba Family Counseling Center Rotary Sea Point presents its annual Top Cop Award Birthdays:  Joe Shapiro, October 1  Daphne Miller, October 3  Lolly Lazar, October 9  Rainer Jager, Oct 16 Speakers:  David Schenker  Dr. Tony Davidson  Top Cop Awards Rotary Sea Point members attend the ‘mini’ Rotary conference in Swellendam Rotary Sea Point attends Camps Bay School Prize Giving Celebration. Ashley Kaimowitz Award given to Julia Cassar (president of Rotary Interact Camps Bay High)

6 Front page news again!... Rotary Sea Point organizes the Global Hand Washing Day event at Sea Point High School. Students from Sea Point High, Ellerton Primary and Sea Point Primary learn about the importance of washing hands to save lives. MEC for Education Donald Grant, Counselor October News... Continued Sea Breezes JP Smith and Past DG Mike Saxby speak to the students about hygiene and the critical role of education. Sea Point Rotary also distributed soccer balls to the schools donated from Hyundai to Rotary Remember…pitch in and help!  For those members who arrive first to the weekly meeting, please assist Craig at the reception desk  Please pick up a flag from the box and place it at your table - this will reduce set up time!

7 Coming Up! Mark your diaries Sea Breezes  Exchange students from Johannesburg visit Rotary Sea Point projects, November 8  Ilitha Graduation, November 20 (contact Gavin Schachat if you are interested in attending)  End of year Christmas Party, Victoria Junction Hotel, December 8  Ray’s Rotary Reunion alumni event, February 3-5 (Organizing Committee chaired by our own PDG Rodney Mazinter )  Rotary Project Expo, February 3-5  2011Rotary International Conference, New Orleans USA. May 21-25 Nov-Dec Birthdays:  Vaughan Hudson, Nov. 12  Lawrence Miller, Nov. 17  Ronnie Kreel, Nov 25  Mel Soller, Dec. 15  Carl May, Dec. 20 Nov-Dec Speakers:  Kristin Thompson, Amb. Scholar, Nov. 3  Nicky Abdinor, Nov. 10  Business Meeting, Nov. 24  Fred Benning, Hear 2 Day, Dec.  Dr. Tony Davidson, GSE Presentation, Dec. 8 (evening meeting) Remember! No meetings Dec. 22 and Dec. 29)

8 2010-2011 Rotary Sea Point Board and Committees Sea Breezes Public Relations PP Vaughan Hudson (Dir) Karen Attyah Selleca Lang (Honoree) Ald. JP Smith (Honoree) Youth Linda Kantor (Dir) Farhat Danyal Bennie Edelstein Vocational Shirley Kellner (Dir) Farhat Danyal Projects PP Gavin Schachat (Project Director) PP Tony Davidson Mel Soller Gin Yun Sik Membership Lana Herman (Dir) Foundation PDG / PP Rodney Mazinter (Dir) Nomination Farhat Danyal PP Graham Gordon PP Vaughan Hudson PDG / PP Rodney Mazinter PP Daphne Miller PP Gavin Schachat Amb. Scholar/Exchange Stu. PP Stanley Abramson (Councilor) Fireside Chat Farhat Danyal (Dir) PP Stanley Abramson PP Carl May PP Gavin Schachat If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the chair. Committees and members listed in alphabetical order Club Director Craig Meltzer (Dir) Scribe/Photography Farhat Danyal (Dir) Karen Attyah Lolly Lazar Paula Zolzelli “I would like to take this opportunity to thank this year’s Board who is doing an amazing job, keep up the good work fellow Rotarians!” Farhat Danyal Board Of Directors Farhat Danyal, President Paul Barkley, Secretary Michelle Arnsten, Treasurer Gavin Schachat, Immediate Past President and Director of Community Service/Projects Vaughan Hudson, Public Relations Director Lana Herman, Membership Director Linda Kantor, Youth Director Shirley Kellnor, Vocation Director Rodney Mazinter, Foundation Director Craig Meltzer, Club Director Committees and Members

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