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Ministry of Textiles Government of India Geotextiles Sector Presentation (2013)

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1 Ministry of Textiles Government of India Geotextiles Sector Presentation (2013)

2 Page 2 Contents 1. Geotextiles in India – An Introduction 2. Incentives offered under TMTT 3. Centre of Excellence for Geotextiles 4. Standardisation in Geotextiles 5. Key Players in the Industry 6. Key Contact Points

3 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 3 1. Geotextiles in India – An Introduction Product Categories GeotextilesGeogridsGeonetsGeomembranes Geocomposit es Geocells Others  Geosynthetics are planar products manufactured from polymeric or natural materials used with soil, rock, or other geotechnical-related material as part of a project or system. Products manufactured using a combination of two or more geosynthetics Continuous sheets of impermeable plastic and are not textiles. Impermeable fabric acts as a barrier. Extruded polymer ribs set in net like fashion with small apertures. Continuous sheets of woven, nonwoven, knitted or stitch- bonded fibres or yarns. The sheets are flexible and permeable and generally have the appearance of a fabric. Plastic filaments and tapes etc. formed into a very open, grid like configuration having larger apertures. Relatively thick, three- dimensional networks made of strips of polymeric sheet. The strips are joined together to form conjoint cells. Geomats Geo-clayliners Geofoam Geobags Geotubes Geopipes Erosion Control Blankets(ECB) Turf Reinforcement Mats(TRM)

4 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 4 Domestic Geosynthetics Consumption Estimation (Wazir Analysis)

5 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 5 Geosynthetics Breakup

6 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 6 Supply Chain Overview Indian Manufacturers Sub- Contractor International Manufacturers Contractor Sales Representative or Importer Infrastructure Authorities/ Developers

7 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 7 Key Players Indian manufacturers / suppliers Major ContractorsInfrastructure related authorities and bodies International Suppliers in India Strata Geosystems Maccaferri India Terram Skaps Techfab India Garware Wall Ropes Kusumgar Shri Ambica Polymer Shri Jagdamba Polymers Supreme Nonwoven Charminar Nonwoven Neo Corp International Pacific Harish Industries Climax Synthetics L & T DLF Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd. Reliance Infrastructure Hindustan Construction Company Afcons Infrastructure Ltd. Simplex Infrastructure Era Infra Unitech Punj Lloyd Nagarjuna Construction National Highway Authority of India Border Road Organization Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Central Public Works Department Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region Ministry of Railways Airport Authority of India Central Road Research Institute GSE NAUE Solmax TenCate Propex Bonar TF

8 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 8 Geotextiles Suppliers in India ► Major Suppliers in India ► * Company is majorly importing its supplies ► ^ Company is majorly exporting its production ► Other Suppliers Pacific Harish Industries Shri Ambica Polymers Kusumgar Neo Corp International Supreme Nonwoven Shri Jagdamba Polymers Techno Fabrics GSE* NAUE* Solmax* Propex* Bonar TF* Terram^, etc. CompanyTurnover (Rs. Crores) Strata Geosystems~35-40 Techfab India~70-75 Skaps^~20-30 Maccaferri*~30 Garware Wall Ropes *~100 Tencate*~30 Total~300

9 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 9 Growth Drivers 1. Higher infrastructure expenditure ► Government has indicated a budget of ~Rs. 40,00,000 Crores for infrastructure expenditure in the 12 th five-year plan. With a high planned expenditure and increasing awareness, the market of Geosynthetic products is expected to witness a robust growth. 2. Incremental granting in PPP Mode ► Incremental granting of the infrastructure projects in PPP mode will increase the importance of sustainability of the project and thus, promote the usage of geotextiles. 3. Increased number of foreign manufacturers ► Increased number of foreign manufacturers of geotextiles are coming to India gradually, thereby increasing the competition in the market and hence the quality and prices of the products are becoming competitive.

10 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 10 Growth Drivers 4. Government initiatives ► Technology Mission on Technical Textiles(TMTT) established by Government of India aims to create an environment to sensitize the technical textiles consumption in India. The components of TMTT like creating awareness, identifying the standards & regulations required and giving necessary technical and financial support to the manufacturers and exporters will help in development of Geosynthetics market in India. ► Government has also allocated a budget of Rs. 500 Crores for next five-year period to support usage of geotextiles for usage in roads, river banks & slope embankments in the North Eastern region of India. 5. Catching up with international norms ► E.g.- Till date even the specifications of geosynthetics are not very well laid down by any government authority. The “Specifications for Road & Bridge works” which is the standard guide to be followed for road and highway projects has a relatively low coverage of geosynthetics. However, the new revision which is expected to be released by year end has covered geotextiles, geogrids, geocells and geomats in detail in line with international standards and regulations. This will help increase the visibilty and acceptance of geosynthetics among project designer and consultant fraternity

11 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 11 2. Incentives offered under TMTT ►Launched in December 2010, Technology Mission on Technical Textiles encourages domestic & export market development of technical textiles including industrial textiles. ►Business start-up assistance  Handholding support to new entrepreneurs through empanelled consultants  Empanelled consultant will help MSME in product selection, market selection, technology selection & sourcing and preparation of project report  Financial Assistance – 2% - 3% of the project cost with an upper ceiling at Rs. 5 lakhs – Rs. 6 lakhs ►Contract research assistance  Encourages contract research in development of product, process and technology in technical textiles including industrial textiles.  Financial Assistance – 60% of the research cost upto Rs. 20 lakhs ►Market development assistance for export sales  Encourages participation in exhibition, trade fairs, etc. in foreign countries  Financial assistance – 50% of the cost upto Rs. 5 lakh per visit. ►For further details, please visit –

12 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 12 3. Centre of Excellence for Composites ►Ministry of Textile has sponsored a Centre of Excellence for Composites at Ahmedabad Textile Industry Research Association (ATIRA), Ahmedabad

13 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 13 4. Key Contact Points ► Office of Textile Commissioner Email: Ph: 91-22-22001050 ► Project Management and Monitoring Consultant (PMMC) to TMTT Email: or Ph: +91-9999987174 (Hemant) or +91-9769825350 (Vikas) ► Centre of Excellence in Geotextiles Email:, Phone : (022) 2500 3651/2652/2117/1119/1135/7891/7892/2458 ► Indian Technical Textile Association Email: Ph: 91-22-24945372 / 24949983

14 Geosyntheitcs in India Page 14 Thank You

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