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Geotextile….. Reinforces weak soil Facilitates drainages Protects embankments Prevents cracks.

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2 Geotextile….. Reinforces weak soil Facilitates drainages Protects embankments Prevents cracks

3 Leading to….. Better road performance Lower maintenance cost Smoother ride

4 International Usage Source: Geosynthetics – David Cook (2003), Freedonia Group (2009) Global Geosynthetics Consumption ~ 3 Billion Sq. Mtrs CAGR ~ 14.5% 2015 estimate – 4.5 billion sq.met

5 Geotextile Usage prevalent All over the world since 1970s Whenever earth is moved Geosynthetics is used It has reached a stage: India @ 2% of World Consumption

6 Opportunity 1 – Roads STATUS Source: MORTH / FICCI Road transport share in GDP 4.7 % ( 2009-10) India building new highways ( 2011-12)10.39 Km per day. Road Network: 4.69 Million Km

7 Opportunity 1 – Roads Contd… According to estimates, the road sector in India will require investments in the range of US$ 75-90 billion over the next five years. Source: Consolidated FDI Policy, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) thru Huge Gap CAGR 4.2% Road Density per 1000 people Growth of Road Network in India Rs 250 Cr worth Geotextiles required at 10% penetration

8 STATUS Track length 1.08 Lac Km Broad Gauge constitutes 79.5% of network 11000 trains running every day (7000 passenger trains) 13 Million passengers travelling daily New Track Construction: Dedicated Freight Corridor Eastern Corridor 1839 Km Western Corridor 1483 Km Existing Track Maintenance Track Stabilization Mud pumping Embankment Drainage Opportunity 2 – Railways Source: Indian Railways Website Railways to spend Rs. 5 Lac Cr in 12th Five year plan (2012-17)

9 STATUS Coastal line ~ 7500 Km 24% Coastline impacted by erosion* Area lost or seriously impacted by erosion ~ 450 Ha per year Business potential Rs 300 Crs. Opportunity 3 – Coastal Protection * ADB Consultant Report

10 Major Ports 13 Minor Ports187 Port Traffic by 20202500 Million Tonnes (present 800 MnT) The Shipping ministry will invest Rs.73,793.95 crore for development of various projects in the port sector as part of the 12th Five Year Plan. Opportunity 4 – Ports Source : 12 th Plan draft document

11 Assam erosion since 1954 Total Area eroded425900 Ha Rate of erosion8500 Ha/yr No of Villages lost to erosion4521 Population affected9 lac Important town / sites / heritage location affected18 Opportunity 5 – River Bank Protection Source : ADB Consultant Report Many tenders released worth of several crores for geobags.

12 No. of Airports 136 Domestic Passenger traffic by 2020180 Million (100 Million) Upgrading 35 non-metro airports at estimated cost of around US$ 1 billion Opportunity 6 – Airports Source : Airport Authority

13 Government supports… Textile Ministry Development of Centre of excellence for Geotextiles, BTRA / ATIRA Support for drafting Indian Standards Awareness creation (FICCI, CII, CoE) Incentive for Manufacturers under TUFS / TMTT Ministry of Roads Code for Geotextile MORTH Section700 IRC code 59 - Guidelines on geotextile usage State PWDs Specified in Schedule of Rates – 12 states BIS Standards – urgently required

14 Forging partnership…. Govt. Depts. ITTA (Geotextile Suppliers) Nodal Agency Consultants Contractors Creation of common Geotextile platform

15 Thank You

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