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NPQH Induction Day Cohort 1. QTL Quality Through Leadership Overview of Day The big picture of NPQH – how the components fit together Personalising your.

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1 NPQH Induction Day Cohort 1

2 QTL Quality Through Leadership Overview of Day The big picture of NPQH – how the components fit together Personalising your journey through NPQH Importance of a good coach Introduction to Learning Tasks in Placement School and Home School How Masters Accreditation works Begin Module One - vision

3 QTL Quality Through Leadership Ice-breaker QTL Quality Through Leadership

4 NPQH – Overview QTL Quality Through Leadership

5 Your responsibility and our responsibility QTL Quality Through Leadership



8 Key features – Development Phase In order to present for final assessment trainee heads will need to have completed the following: 3 essential modules 2 elective modules 9 -10 day placement Home-school learning In addition, licensees may offer additional activities such as coaching.

9 QTL Quality Through Leadership Each module is 50 hours of study: 12-15 hours face to face facilitation 15-18 hours reading, structured reflection and online learning 20 hour work based learning QTL Quality Through Leadership

10 Accessing the modules online – blended learning QTL Quality Through Leadership

11 Key features – Home school learning A trainee headteacher will undertake home school learning alongside the placement and the modular curriculum learning Purpose of home school learning: undertake school based work linked to the modules and the school’s priorities learn alongside the home school headteacher and reflect upon how to improve their own leadership capability

12 Key features – Placement Placement schools must have an Ofsted rating of Good or Outstanding, except in special circumstances. Purpose of the placement: Enable the THT to experience a school in a different context. Work with a good or outstanding leader Undertake a whole school strategic task that will impact on the lives of young people. Analyse the differences between their home school and placement school 9 days, with at least 4 days on the whole school strategic task

13 Final assessment (tasks 1 and 2) -reports (x 2) to panel in advance, including school documentation -written submission by headteachers -strategy, accountability, evaluation, impact, application of learning, next steps for school School improvement priority 1 own school 2 terms minimum School improvement priority 2 placement school 4 days out of 9

14 QTL Quality Through Leadership Final assessment (3) Case study assessment: -leading school financial management -leading teacher appraisal Presentation/interview 1 hour Paperwork in advance, including headteacher’s verification 15 minute presentation followed by questions knowledge, experience, progress, national priorities, impact, reflection, credibility

15 QTL Quality Through Leadership Personalising your journey Gateway assessment 360 outcomes – health warning Approaching and selecting a Placement School (mechanism to be announced in new year) Selection of elective modules QTL Quality Through Leadership

16 Level 3 Modules EssentialLeading and improving teaching Leading an effective school Succeeding in headship ElectiveCurriculum development Leading inclusion: achievement for all Closing the gap Using data and evidence to improve performance Leading staff and effective teams Leading change for improvement Leadership in diverse contexts including Free school leadership x 2 modules School improvement through effective partnerships

17 QTL Quality Through Leadership What we learn about ourselves, for ourselves, is more powerful, relevant and acceptable than what we are told by others……

18 QTL Quality Through Leadership Where does coaching come from? Origins in sports psychology ‘The inner game of tennis’ Gallwey Coaching includes a wide variety of disciplines from life coaching to executive coaching

19 QTL Quality Through Leadership What is (non-directive) Coaching? “Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and the development of another” Myles Downey The process of coaching is non-directive allowing the client to explore their own issues in a positive, supportive relationship with their coach A means of helping people to uncover and bring out the best in themselves and the members of their team.

20 QTL Quality Through Leadership What is Coaching? Coaching is a process that unlocks a person’s potential in order to maximize performance It is helping them to learn rather than instructing them Coaching focuses on future possibilities not past mistakes It is a generic process that can be used at a variety of levels in an organisation (colleagues, pupils, parents)

21 QTL Quality Through Leadership How does coaching work? The process is non-directive The coachee chooses the agenda The coaching session is goal centred and leads to action Coaching focuses on the present and future Coaching helps people take responsibility for action and is an investment in their growth

22 The Inner Game “The opponent within one’s own head is more daunting than the one on the other side of the net.” Timothy Gallwey

23 The diminishing of full potential Full minus interferences equals diminished potential performance Gallwey

24 QTL Quality Through Leadership Traffic Jam Analogy

25 QTL Quality Through Leadership What is the relationship between: Coaching Mentoring Counselling?

26 QTL Quality Through Leadership 80% of coaching is about opportunities only 20% is about problems

27 QTL Quality Through Leadership Coaching is not a panacea! Sometimes it is better just to tell Only coach if you think the person has the ability to solve the issue

28 COACHING “Coaching is not merely a technique to be wheeled out and rigidly applied in prescribed circumstances. It is a way of managing, a way of treating people, a way of thinking, a way of doing. John Whitmore: Coaching for performance

29 QTL Quality Through Leadership The coaching process model (GROW) Goal WFO Reality Analysis Options Direction setting Will Do Action planning What do you want? Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

30 QTL Quality Through Leadership Key Coaching Skills Listening – activity Reflecting Clarifying/summarising Questioning

31 QTL Quality Through Leadership How to listen effectively Being there Following the coachee’s agenda Trusting silence Hear what the coachee is saying without projecting your experience on to the story Be patient, attentive and objective Point out the elephants in the room Turn off the conversation in your head

32 QTL Quality Through Leadership Impatient Listening I see your problem and I know the solution I’m now composing my reply I came with something on my mind I really want to get on with my work What you said reminded me of something I need to do Not that issue again!

33 QTL Quality Through Leadership AIRTIME In a coaching session a coachee should get about 80 % of the airtime

34 QTL Quality Through Leadership Reflecting Holding a mirror up to raise the coachee’s awareness of the reality they have just described Using the coachee’s words is very powerful where possible Checking that what you have reflected back is accurate

35 QTL Quality Through Leadership Clarifying/Summarising Regularly focusing the conversation and reminding coach and coachee where they are. ‘So let me just check I’ve understood what you’ve told me...’ ‘So far you have mentioned 3 goals....’

36 QTL Quality Through Leadership I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious’ Albert Einstein This is true of the best coaches too.

37 QTL Quality Through Leadership Questioning Keep them simple Link questions to the coachee’s flow What, why, when, how, where and who What if questions (ideal world with no constraints) – outside the box! Sensory questions (reveal feelings/ raise awareness) Columbo questions e.g. How does that work? What else? Keep asking if you think there’s more gold in the mine!

38 QTL Quality Through Leadership Silence is golden The best and most helpful questions invoke the biggest silences

39 QTL Quality Through Leadership One of the biggest challenges for new coaches is to learn to ask questions rather than give advice

40 QTL Quality Through Leadership Introduction to Learning Tasks Placement School Home School QTL Quality Through Leadership

41 Masters Accreditation Winchester University QTL Quality Through Leadership

42 Questions and Reflections

43 QTL Quality Through Leadership Group Protocols QTL Quality Through Leadership

44 Overview of Leading and Improving Teaching: Day 1 pm – importance of vision for developing high quality teaching and learning Day 2 - recognising and defining outstanding teaching and learning Day 3 -leadership and management structures that enhance and improve the quality of teaching and learning QTL Quality Through Leadership

45 What is a vision? Write your own definition of vision Look at the range of quotes Which ones resonate with you and which ones do you disagree with Refine your definition of vision QTL Quality Through Leadership

46 Martin Young Thinkpiece Construct your own vision for the school you will lead as headteacher QTL Quality Through Leadership

47 Building a Vision Analysis of current situation Understanding of the concept of vision Examining own position, values and attitudes Building the vision and making it explicit Living the vision QTL Quality Through Leadership

48 Roger Pope Thinkpiece QTL Quality Through Leadership

49 A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. Lao Tzu

50 QTL Quality Through Leadership Intersessional Tasks Read and reflect on sections 2, 3 and 8 of the module Research and read the Ofsted criteria for good and outstanding teaching and learning Ensure your profile is upto date including pictures Contribute to the online discussion QTL Quality Through Leadership

51 Preview of Day 2 What are the most important features of outstanding teaching and learning? What are the non-negotiables? How do we lead high standards of pupil behaviour? How do you create a positive learning culture? QTL Quality Through Leadership

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