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A Revolutionary Machine For The Industry ENERTECH ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD.

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1 A Revolutionary Machine For The Industry ENERTECH ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD.

2 I Wish, the life of these Products / tools can be increased to Reduce my purchase Bill !!!

3 How can I have a Decisive, competitive edge over my competitors regarding the quality of my Products / tools ?? I can do Both !!!

4 What are you? How do you work? I am Hi – Life.

5 ENERTECH HI - LIFE Hi – Life is an equipment which uses specific Electromagnetic Waves to strengthen the molecular structure of the product so that subsequently it reduces the effects of wear and tear. Hence improving Product / Tool service life. Superior Products improves the system in which they are used, giving significant Competitive and technical advantage to it. Press N to continue…. Specially useful for products like sprockets, Chains, gear hobs,material handling equipment and cutting tools. Useful for Most metallic products and composites

6 Hi – Life Is Useful For Following Products Press N to continue…. SprocketsChainsGears Hobs Cutting ToolsMaterial Handling EquipmentsGear Shaving Cutter And Virtually all metallic & composite products.

7 ENERTECH HI - LIFE  Hi-Life is a revolutionary product being introduced for the first time in India.  It is use for making the quality of end product superior.  It is an equipment for increasing the life of Tool / Product.  The development of Hi-Life has taken over a year of stringent tests and trials.  We believe that Hi-Life would prove to be indispensable.  A life increase of a minimum of 30% upto 300% or even more has been consistently observed. Press N to continue….

8 Why should I Purchase you ? These are my Advantages

9 The Major Reason For Tool / Product Failure Are Residual Stresses Edge Residual Stress Line Chipping Cracking Fracturing Blunting High concentration of Residual Stresses Near the Edge Press N to continue….

10 THE PRINCIPLE OF HI - LIFE Hi-Life works on electromagnetic principles. Specifically generated electromagnetic waves using high frequency switching power source penetrate the Tool / Product placed in the Tool / Product chamber causing molecular vibrations.  The molecular vibrations on the skin of the Tool / Product are more than the vibrations at the core. This results in an unequilibrium state which leads to the generation of shear forces.  Also, the molecules in the distorted microstructure get aligned to the magnetic field. Press N to continue….

11 THE PRINCIPLE OF HI - LIFE  The above process is repeated many times in a single second which will result into permanent changes in the micro structure. The changes include the reorientation of the magnetic domains. Thus, the residual stresses get relieved. This Means The Micro structure becomes more homogenous Which Implies Residual Stresses get relieved Resulting into reduced Chipping, Cracking, Fracturing & Blunting. Press N to continue….


13 HI-LIFE Inventory Tool / Product Cost Machine Downtime Labour Cost SUPERIOR QUALITY PRODUCT + HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY Press N to continue….

14 TEST & TRIALS  Stringent tests and trials have been successfully carried out on Hi-Life. Hi-Life has been taken to the premises of the most prominent Indian Engineering conglomerates and trials have been carried out right there.  The companies include : Press N to continue….

15 THE ELITE CLIENTS LIST OF HI - LIFE Few of our impressive customers are listed below. This is the true testimony of the undoubtable value of Hi-Life. - Automotive (Mumbai) - (Pune) - (Kirkee) Indian Tool / Products, NASIK, AURANGABAD - (Daruhera) Press N to continue….

16 THE ELITE CLIENTS LIST OF HI - LIFE Few of our impressive customers are listed below. This is the true testimony of the undoubtable value of Hi-Life. - Tractor (Mumbai) - (Mumbai) Press N to continue….

17 THE UNBEATABLE ADVANTAGES OF HI - LIFE  In – house treatment. No need to send the Tool / Products outside.  One time investment. No consumable.  No maintenance cost.  Only 3 - 4 minute per stress relieving cycle.  Can be as effectively used on Tin coated Tool / Products or any other coating.  Can be used on carbide insert, solid carbide Tool / Products also.  Man hours saved and therefore fatigue reduce. These all a Part of indirect savings. Press N to continue….  Superior technical & competitor quality of products such as sprockets, chains, gears hobs, material handling systems & other allied tools.

18 THE UNBEATABLE ADVANTAGES OF HI - LIFE  Absolutely environmentally friendly. No Gases, chemicals or moving parts. Totally Silent.  No training required.  The instrument has been designed for harsh industrial conditions and can work within an i/p voltage range of 150 to 300VAC, 1 Phase.  Option of Magnetised or Demagnetised Tool / Product.  One year warranty provided.  Free trial offer for complete satisfaction.  Finally, complete and comprehensive after sales support will be provided. Press N to continue….

19 I Think I Should Try This Machine !!

20 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  How many models are available ? Two models are available. We are sure that by now there will be many questions arising. Hence, we are presenting hereunder some of the more commonly asked questions about this revolutionary technology - Press N to continue…. 1] Table Top Model Specification : Power : 220V Size of Chamber : 50mm x 50mm x 270mm Phase : Single Phase Display : LCD Display (128 x 64) Keyboard : Feather Touch

21 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Press N to continue…. 2] Mid Size Model Specification : Size of Chamber : 100mm x 260mm x 300mm Phase : 3 Phase System (Delta Connected) Power : 440V Display : LCD Display (280 x 64) Keyboard : Limit Switch  Is there is any size restriction? No, there is no size restriction, it can be customized upto any size.  What is the expected treatment time ? 2 - 4 minutes.

22 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  When to use Magnetic & Demagnetic Mode? Demagnetic mode is the default mode of operation. The product / tool will not exhibit any magnetic characteristic and can be used with other metallic and composite parts. In cases where, it is acceptable that the product / tools exhibits magnetic behaviour, magnetic mode can be used. This is because treatment in magnetic mode gives a slightly better improvement compare to demagnetic mode most cases. Caution :- Use magnetic mode only if you are absolutely sure that the magnetic behaviour of the Tool / product is acceptable. Press N to continue….  What Would be the Power Consumption ? Table Top Model :- Single Phase 220 Volt Mid Size Models:- Three Phase 440 Volt Star Connector

23 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  Can more than one Tool / Product be treated at the same time ? Yes, you can relieve as many Tool / Products as are possible to fit in the tool chamber in a single cycle. However, for best results try to ensure that the tools being treated inside the tool chamber don’t physically touch each other. Physical contact may slightly reduce the efficiency of treatment.  When should the Tool / Product be treated ? The Tool / Products can be treated in the new condition itself. There are residual stresses present in the new Tool / Product due to the manufacturing process. The Tool / Products must be treated after any coating process to relieve the generated stresses.  What Would be the Power Consumption ? Table Top Model :- Single Phase 220 Volt Mid Size Models:- Three Phase 440 Volt Star Connector Press N to continue….

24 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  Will the Tool / Product be damaged if treated many times ? There is no damage to the Tool / Product. In any case, there is no need to treat the Tool / Product more than once before use.  What Tool / Product life increase can we expect ? The increase in Tool / Product life depends on the state of the microstructure at the time of treatment. This microstructure is dependent on many factors including Tool / Product material quality, quality of heat treatment, quality of regrinding etc. Hence the increase cannot be constant every time. You can expect an increase anywhere from 30% to 50% and many times going upto 300% also.  What happens if a wrong cycle is selected ? There will be no damage to the Tool / Product. The stress relieving cycle will be carried out only partially. After the cycle is over, the correct cycle can be selected. Press N to continue….

25 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  Should the Tools / Products be left in the magnetised or demagnetised condition ? Magnetising a Tools / Products increases the modulus of rigidity of the Tool / Product. Hence it is advisable to magnetise a Tool / Product used for machining non - ferrous material. Otherwise in case of ferrous component machining, it is better to keep the Tool / Products in the demagnetised state to prevent the chips from sticking to the Tool / Products.  Are there any changes in the Tool / Product dimensions? There are no measurable changes in the Tool / Product dimensions. There is also no change in the chemical composition of the material. The only change that take place is the refinement of the micro structure at the molecular level. Press N to continue….

26 E NER T ECH E LECTRONICS PVT. LTD. Tel No. : 91 – 22 – 25660389 / 25611865 Email : Mob. No. : 91 – 9320019904 / 91 - 9321959766

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