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EMEA Chip & Pin Terminal Training Videos & Instructions

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1 EMEA Chip & Pin Terminal Training Videos & Instructions

2 Terminal Layout: Printer Display Magnetic Strip Keypad
Function Keys: (left to right) F1, F2, F3, F4 Magnetic Strip Keypad Enter / Power On Button Menu Button Back Space/Printer Feed Button Cancel Button Chip & Pin Slot

3 Getting Started: In this pack you should have:- GPRS Terminal
Mains charging lead (fits into the base station) Base station for terminal Spare till roll(s) (inside terminal)

4 How to replace the till rolls:
Open the paper housing cover by pulling the catch upwards. Do not be too forceful as this may damage the terminal. Remove the remaining roll or the inner tube. Un-stick the paper at the start of the new roll and insert. Close the paper housing cover by pressing the cover closed to engage the two catches. Press and hold the yellow button when the terminal is powered up. This will feed the roll through. 1 2 4

5 Switching the Terminal ON and OFF
Hold down the green button 2. Switching the terminal off Press and hold the yellow button and the button with 3 dots on simultaneously.

6 How to process a sale transaction:
Insert the Customer Card with the chip facing up and towards the keypad. Key in the amount in pence (i.e for £15.45) then press OK. The screen will now display the amount entered for the customer to confirm and enter their PIN. Using the keypad ask the customer to enter their 4 digit PIN, then press OK The first receipt printed is the merchant copy, tear this off and then press OK to print the customer copy. Reminder: DO NOT take SHIP orders on the Chip & Pin Terminal DO NOT use the Chip & Pin Terminal to take Amex/Maestro transactions

7 This video clip will demonstrate how to process a Chip & PIN sale transaction, simply click on the image below:

8 How to process a refund transaction:
On the Ready screen Press the Menu button once and select F2 for Refunds. Enter the 4 digit password for the terminal and press OK (green button) Insert the customers card (chip facing up) Key in the refund amount and press ok (green button) Once the refund has been accepted the customer will need to sign the receipt (Merchant copy) Does the signature match the customers card, Yes press F4 or No press F1

9 This video clip will demonstrate how to process a Chip & PIN refund transaction, simply click on the image below:

10 How to process an End of Day Banking Report:
Press the Menu button twice to bring up the menu on the screen. You will now be prompted to input the password for the terminal. Press F1 for the End of Day Report, once completed it will print the reconciliation report Banking Reports should be completed at the end of each working day. This is to ensure that all transactions taken are confirmed at your acquiring bank.

11 How to Clear a Bad Mac: If the Chip & Pin Terminal keeps declining card transactions, follow the steps below: Press the menu button twice Press F3 for Supervisor You will be prompted for the password Press F2 for Password Press F2 for Mac Reset Then select F4 – Single acquirers Press Enter Please then contact Technical support, as they will need to reset the terminal line with the bank.

12 Troubleshooting: Terminal is unable to communicate.
Try turning off the terminal and rebooting and try to establish a network connection. If the GPRS status shows No Sim, turn off terminal and remove the Sim and wipe with a clean cloth. Reinsert the Sim card and switch the terminal back on. The selected operation is not allowed for the card presented, or the card is faulty. A referral has occurred. Call the Authorisation Centre on the number displayed or printed by the terminal for voice authorisation of this transaction. The card issuer has declined to authorise the transaction, ask the customer to pay by another means.

13 Contact Numbers: Customer Services Technical Support* Telephone:
(press 2) Outside the UK: 0044 (0) Fax: Opening Hours: Mon-Fri:- 9am- 5:30pm Mon-Sat:- 8am- 11pm Sun & Public Hol:- 10am- 5pm

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