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Indian Railways Update 10 th IHHA Conference 2013 New Delhi.

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1 Indian Railways Update 10 th IHHA Conference 2013 New Delhi

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3 IR – Network and Resources 64,600 Route Km 56,000 km (87%) Broad Gauge (1676mm) 19,368km (35 % of BG) Double/Multiple Lines 31% of total Route Km Electrified (20,275 Km) Over passenger trains and 4000 freight trains per day 9500 Locomotives(Electric – 4300, Diesel- 5200) 2,50,000 wagons 2 Locomotive Manufacturing Units, 2 Wheel and Axle Plants and 1 Locomotive Rebuilding Plant 1.33 Million Employees

4 IR – Features Operations Intense Freight-Passenger traffic on common infrastructure Freight Traffic - predominantly block rake movement Train Km Basis: 64% Passenger, 36% Freight High Density Corridor (Golden Quadrilateral + Diagonals) 16% of route Km carries 52% of passenger & 58 % of freight Electrified Routes (31%) carry 64% GTKM

5 IR – Role IR carries one third of the total freight traffic (tonne kilometers) of the country It carries… 70% of all Coal 81% of all Fertilizer 56% of all Iron Ore 46% of all Cement 22% of all Petroleum 20 % of all Container 18% of all Foodgrain

6 Transportation Statistics & Projections –Freight Operations 969 million Tons freight loading billion NTKM Projections for –1405 MT –927 billion NTKM Freight Trains per day –Passenger Operations 8224 million Originating Passengers 1047 billion PKM Projections for –11,711 million passengers –1760 billion PKM 10,000+ passenger trains per day

7 Freight Traffic Details CommodityTonnes OriginatingNet Tonne Kms In Million%ageIn Billion%age Coal Cement Iron ore Fertilizers Foodgrains POL Container Iron & Steel Others Total

8 The Next 5 years … Network Augmentation –Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridors (3300 km) –New Lines – 4000 km –Doubling – 7653 km –Gauge Conversion – 5500 km –Electrification – 6500 km –Upgrade speeds on existing lines –Develop High speed Passenger Corridors

9 Rolling Stock Addition –Wagons -1,05,000 –Coaches - 24,000 –Electric locomotives –Diesel locomotives – 2000 –High horsepower locomotives –New locomotive factories for Diesel and Electric –Development of High capacity wagons Investment proposed - US$ 100 billion The Next 5 years …

10 Axle load increased progressively from 20.82T to 22.82T – 8 tonne per wagon and –500T per train (15% increase in payload) 6 iron ore routes upgraded to 25T axle load. –59 wagons train of 6000T km identified for upgradation to 25T by long haul (1+1) trains per day being run (upto 10800T) Double Stack Container trains are being run from ports of Pipavav, Mundra (2x9½) to Gurgaon (Delhi). Periodicity of train examination increased to 35 days (Closed Circuit Rakes) and 15 days (premium) for optimum utilisation of rolling stock. Towards Heavier and Longer Freight Trains

11 Planned Developments in Rolling Stock for Heavy Haul Track friendly bogies for 25/32.5T axle load wagons Wagons - 25T & 32.5T axle load with improved pay load to tare ratio High horsepower locomotives – 6000 HP (Diesel), 9000HP, 12000HP (Electric) Distributed Power Control System for locomotives

12 Dedicated Freight Corridor Western Corridor (1499 km) Eastern Corridor (1839 km) 12

13 Double Line Electrified (2x25kV) Fit for Speeds upto 100 Kmph Capable for initially 25- tonne axle load upgradable to 32.5 tonne axle load (Bridges & formation fit for 32.5 tonne) Double Stack Container running on Western DFC ton trains on Eastern DFC Long haul trains metre loops Station spacing - 40 km Improved Technical Features of DFCs

14 Ruling gradient 1 in 200 (compensated) High Horsepower(upto HP) locomotives High Capacity wagons Automatic Block with Multi-aspect color light Signaling GSMR-based communication Improved Technical Features of DFCs

15 Future Dedicated Freight Corridors East-West (Kolkata- Mumbai) North-South (Delhi- Chennai) East Coast Corridor (Kharagpur- Vijayawada) Southern Corridor (Chennai-Goa) 15

16 Thank you

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