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By Stephen Poole Christopher Madison. The STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation.

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1 By Stephen Poole Christopher Madison

2 The STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation

3 The simulation Suite

4 Located at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT 20,000sqft facility 5 Patient Simulation rooms Labor and Delivery Resuscitation ICU ED/Trauma OR Skills Lab Surgical Simulation Airway Task Training Ultrasound Task Training Robotics Lab DaVinci Robot Simulation

5 Description Operations within a simulation center are trending to more technology use. Learn how to make technology work for you with simple easy principles for set up and troubleshooting.

6 Learning Objectives 1.Define basic audio visual technology and terminology 1.Identify basic cabling diagrams for Simulators and Audio Visual products

7 Remove Technology as a Barrier Creating a superior LEARNING experience

8 Set the stage for success The Simulation Specialist will set the stage and remove technology as a barrier. They will: Provide the right course equipment Troubleshoot the readiness of appropriate equipment Manage all A/V controls Operate and program the patient simulator Start and stop video capture for debriefing

9 Focus on teaching The curriculum expert is focused on teaching and learning and not troubleshooting technical difficulties: Benefits include: Simplicity & Ease of use No setup or breakdown for instructors Consistent and reliable simulation cases More appropriate usage of their time Gaining confidence in simulation as a teaching tool


11 Manikin Control Instructor can control manikin functions Instructor Microphone Instructor can talk to students Audio & Video Capture Instructor can hear and see students Classroom Observation/Playback Observers can see and hear classmates

12 Audio / Video Sources Manikin Patient Monitor Instructor Monitor Video Monitor Speakers Microphone Observers Network

13 Manikin Patient Monitor Instructor Monitor

14 Speakers Microphone

15 Audio / Video Sources Video Monitor

16 Audio / Video Sources Observers Network

17 Typical Simulation layout

18 The HPS Room Overhead video camera SimMan Video Camera Simulation laptop computer Patient Monitor Audio Cable SVGA Cable 9 Pin Serial Cable Microphone Link Box Manikan Cable

19 Control Room Switching Hub Desktop Computer Audio Cable Coax Cables

20 Observation Client Video Client Computer

21 Extending your classroom Using the AVS you can live stream your recording’s anywhere on your LAN This gives you the ability to broadcast your HPS room to any pc or LCD projector in your facility via the network. Larger audiences, expand a small space to any or multiple locations. Broadcast in-situ mock codes from anywhere


23 VGA Analog Video DVI Digital & Analog Video HDMI Digital Video & Audio DisplayPort Digital Video, Locking Connector

24 Component Analog Video Composite Analog HD Video SVideo Analog Video HDMI Digital HD Video & Audio Ethernet (IP Cameras) Digital HD Video Network

25 Common Cables

26 Cables And Signals Unscrambled Ultrasound video Camera video Composite w/ Audio


28 30 Frames per second progressive is the standard for camera speed

29 Upto 4 cameras may be connected to these inputs

30 Attach Video instruments into additional VID Inputs

31 The cables and connections for US Connect your male S-Video cable output Into the back of the US machine And connect the female connector of the BNC adapter to any VID input on your AVS A/V adapter

32 CASE Ultrasound guided right IJ Central Line Placement

33 HPS Camera 1

34 HPS Tripod Mounted Camera 2

35 HPS Camera 3

36 S-Video Output

37 Debrief viewer with Ultra Sound

38 Quality Audio is Important Mixing board to control multiple inputs and outputs Merge multiple microphones for large rooms Control volume levels and control feedback issues Audio processor for consistency and simplicity Echo cancelling and feedback eliminated No buttons or knobs No unsightly wire and plugs Rack mountable and network accessible

39 Better Communication Audio Lapel mic’s to participants and key players & event leaders Distribute Walkie Talkie’s and headsets so confederates to communicate freely without detection


41 Benefits High Reliability Low Cost High Quality Signal Challenges Low Flexibility Maximum Length Limitations Recommended Environments In-Situ/Mobile Simulation Simulation Rooms with no Control Room A B

42 Benefits High Flexibility Long Range Fairly Reliable Multi-Connector Consolidation Utilizes Existing Network Ports Challenges Medium Video Quality Strict Labeling Requirements Recommended Environment Stationary Simulation Room with dedicated Control Room A B Extender


44 Extending the range and placement of your Elo patient Monitor Solution: Extend the signal of your patient monitor up to 150ft. USB CAT5 Extender

45 VGA & DVI over Ethernet Extend up to 330ft over CAT5 Ethernet cabling for flexible installations &

46 Benefits High Flexibility Unlimited Range Multiple Receivers Possible Multi-Connector Consolidation Utilizes Existing Network Ports Challenges Varying Video Quality High Network Load Reliability: Susceptible to Network Outages Recommended Environment Stationary Simulation Rooms with centralized Control Room A Extender B C Network


48 Getting the most out of your budget

49 Mobile Simulation Carts

50 Mobile simulation continued 1. Sony wide angle remote controlled color PTZ camera (main video capture source) 2. Patient vitals as 2nd video capture source (side by side with main camera PIP) 3. Shotgun microphone capturing verbal communications of scenario 4. Attached forward facing speakers for playback for debrief video 5. 26" LCD display for display of patient vitals during the scenario and debrief for playback for review and teaching purposes

51 Mobile simulation continued 6. Dedicated client PC (laptop) with applications for simulators: 3G, SimMan, NewBie & SimBaby 7. Area for holding one gas tank and associated gas regulator for mannequin ventilations (SimMan), SimBaby, Newbie 8. UPS upto 2 hours of power to the system 9. AVS Advanced Video Server for up to 4 video streams of time event stamped event logging. With one audio capture and broadcast and archive capabilities 10. A 19” LCD Monitor for AVS capture verification during recording

52 Global Learning how?

53 Videoconferencing USB web cameras $30 - $100 (HD resolution) SKYPE, GoTo meeting (free or low cost) Archive your sessions Recordable HDD with DVD burn capabilities Share your simulations anywhere in the world Beyond your LAN infrastructure Collaborate internationally with point to point VTC simulations Host simulations,courses and instruction via teleconferencing

54 Video conferencing continued Polls and surveys Audience response system Before,during and after session “tests or quizzes” Reminder emails-ticklers and follow-ups Invitation and registration features Online course catalogs & course descriptions Charge for training now available Scalable to manage 0 to 1,000 participants


56 SimMan 3G Wifi Increase both the distance and reliability of your SimMan 3G by adding a WiFi range Extender in between the 2 connecting devices simman laptop and manikin ++

57 Microsoft Visual Studio Free Versions Available Easiest IDE to Learn Extremely Versatile Supports Many Languages C# VB C++ Well Documented Resources Endless Software Possibilities

58 Capture attendance and survey data Quick and easy animated process RFID Badge Reader Capable Integrated scheduling database Centrally located schedule display Online schedule viewing

59 Arduino Cheap ($32) Easy to Learn Scales Easily Many Different Extenders Ethernet WiFi GPS Accelerometers And Many More Endless Hardware Possibilities

60 Compact CPR feedback module Compression depth & rate Ventilation volume & rate Evaluates and grades performance Imports data into SimPad log

61 Work in progress Small wireless module that interfaces with SimMan 3G power button Doesn’t require changing batteries Can be synced to scheduling database Could also start SimMan software on schedule One step closer to fabled “One-Touch” system


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