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SWADHAN A life cover that is practically FREE!! SBI Life products Protection cum Savings Scholar Savings cum Protection Sudarshan Sanjeevan & Young Sanjeevan.

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2 SWADHAN A life cover that is practically FREE!!

3 SBI Life products Protection cum Savings Scholar Savings cum Protection Sudarshan Sanjeevan & Young Sanjeevan Pension Scheme Lifelong Pensions Protection ?

4 Everyone needs Protection Products  As a social security tool: –Protection of the family  As a safe tool to build up assets: –Collateral for loans BUT… It would be much better if at least you get some benefits at the end of the term, DON’T YOU?

5 You are not comfortable with the idea of paying premiums for 10 years without receiving any benefits at the end! We have created SWADHAN for you! 

6 SWADHAN  Pay premiums to protect your family….  And get back entire/part of the premiums paid at the end of the term!! Upto 100% of basic premiums paid are refunded to YOU!!

7 SWADHAN: Product features

8 SWADHAN  Age: –Minimum: 18 years –Maximum: 55 years  Maximum cover age: – 65 years  Sum Assured: –Minimum: Rs. 3 lakhs (x 10,000) –Maximum: Rs. 1 crore  Term: –5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 or 10 years  Premium mode: –Yearly / Half-Yearly / Quarterly –Standing instruction on bank / Credit Card Account for renewal premium ( First premium always by cheque/draft). Attractive premium rebate for women – 30 days money back guarantee

9 Death benefits  Sum Assured is payable to your nominee EASY TO UNDERSTAND

10 EASY TO REMEMBER Choose the term… Accordingly, YOU will get 5 Years50% Basic Premiums paid 6 years 60% Basic Premiums paid 7 years 70% Basic Premiums paid 8 years 80% Basic Premiums paid 9 years 90% Basic Premiums paid 10 years 100% Basic Premiums Paid Depending on the term chosen… YOU will get at the end

11 Men: Yearly Premium Sum Assured: Rs. 3 lakhs (Yearly premium Net of Rebates) 5 years6 years7 years8 years9 years10 years 20 years1,1251,3601,4721,7892,2733, years1,1781,3161,5321,8582,3603, years1,2111,3691,6151,9852,5514, years1,4181,6351,9602,4343,1455, years1,8572,1652,6153,2654,2327, years2,6143,1033,7854,7406,1129, years3,9944,7495,7627,1308,99913, years5,9557,0298,44310,30212,75518,696 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% of Total Basic Premiums Paid are refunded to you at the end of the policy

12 How much does it effectively cost? (Sum Assured: Rs. 3 lakh - 30 years old man – Yearly premium) Term Amount (Rs.) 5 years6 years7 years8 years9 years10 years Yearly premium 1,2111,3691,6151,9852,5514,295 Total Premium Paid 6,0558,21411,30515,88022,95942,950 You will get at Maturity 3,028 (50%) 4,929 (60%) 7, 914 (70%) 12,704 (80%) 20,663 (90%) 42,950 (100%) Total Insurance real cost 3,028 3,2853,3913,1762,296 NIL Real cost of insurance (p.a.) NIL Effective premium varies from Rs a day to NOTHING !! Total premium paid = Yearly premium / Term Total insurance cost = Total Premium Paid – Maturity Benefits Real cost of insurance per annum = Total insurance cost / Term

13 Woman Yearly Premium Sum Assured Rs. 3 lakhs (Yearly Premium net of rebates) 5 years6 years7 years8 years9 years10 years 20 years1,0521,1801,3811,6822,1413, years1,1021,2331,4391,7482,2243, years1,1341,2841,5181,8682,4064, years1,3301,5361,8452,2952,9694, years1,7472,0392,4663,0834,0016, years2,4662,9293,5774,4835,9859, years3,7754,4915,4536,9518,52513, years5,6366,6557,1979,76112,08917,727 Attractive premium rates for women

14 What about the competitors?


16 Yearly Premium for Sum Assured Rs. 1 lakh, For of 30 or 45 years old man, Term 10 years 1,432 10,157 3,277 10, ,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 SwadhanSudarshan 30 years 45 years Choose what you want and pay accordingly… Cost ProtectionSavings X 7 x 3 Maturity benefit 100% BP refunded Maturity benefit Rs. 1 lac + VB

17 TAX ADVANTAGES Tax Rebate U/s 88 Made Easy  Available for Premium Paid on Life Insurance Policies  Policy can be in the name of Spouse or Children (Major or Minor & Married Daughters)  Ceiling for Life Insurance Premium Paid:Rs.70,000 Tax Rebate Slabs Gross Total Income (GTI)Tax RebateMax Admissible Amount Upto Rs. 1.5 lakhs20%Rs. 14, lakhs – 5 lakhs15%Rs. 10,500 More than Rs. 5 lakhsNIL Gross Salary Income Not exceeding Rs. 1 lakh (should not be less than 90% of GTI) 30%Rs. 21,000

18 TAX ADVANTAGES  Maturity benefits as well as death benefits are tax-free in the hands of the policyholder /nominee u/s 10 (10D) I.T. Act.

19 SWADHAN : LIQUIDITY Cash if you need  After the policy has acquired Surrender Value, loan available at an attractive rate of interest (PLR of SBI + 1%) from any State Bank Group Branch Surrender Value Year 1/2/3No surrender value Year 4 / 5 / 660% Premium Paid – 1 st year Premium Year 7 onwards65% Premium Paid – 1 st year Premium

20 In case of unpaid premium  Grace period: –30 days  If premium is not paid within this period: –During the first 3 years: policy lapses –After the first 3 years: paid-up value Standing Instruction limits unpaid premium

21 Paid up value  An example: –Swadhan:  Rs. 5 lakhs Term: 10 years  1st unpaid premium Year 8 –Paid up value:  New death benefit: –Rs. 5 lakhs x (7/10) = Rs. 3.5 Lakhs.  New maturity benefit: –At the end of the policy, refund of: (7/10) *100 = 70% of Total Premium Paid

22 SWADHAN 30 days Money Back Guarantee If a client is not satisfied with the features of the policy, he can return it within 30 days of the date of policy SBI Life will give him a complete refund

23 Medical Selection

24 Medical selection Entry Age Only medical questionnaire upto Sum Under Consideration 18 to 35Rs. 8 lakhs 36 to 45Rs. 5 lakhs 46 to 55Compulsory Medical Basic medical test, subject to requirement Definition of Sum Under Consideration: Sum Assured for Swadhan + Sum Under Consideration for existing SBI Life individual policies

25 Premium rebates  Due to mode of payment: –Yearly: 2% –Half-Yearly:1% – Quarterly: No rebate  For high Sum Assured: –Rs. 1 SA Rs. 3lakh upto Rs lakhs –R. 1.5 SA Rs. 5 lakhs and above  Special rebate for women –5% Special rebate for women!

26 Premium Calculation Based on:  Gender  Mode of payment Choose the right premium table Depending on:  Age  Term Find the premium rate  Deduct the rebate for high Sum Assured  Add extra premium for Non Standard Age Proof if any  Multiply the result by Sum assured / 1,00,000  You get the premium amount (final premium should be rounded off to the next higher rupee) EASY TO CALCULATE

27 An example Swadhan for 10 years term Sum Assured: Rs. 5,50,000 Woman: 42 years old Yearly mode Premium calculation: 1.Choose Yearly premium table for woman. 2.Find out the rate for Rs. 1 lakh: 10 years for a 42 years of age: 2, Deduct the rebate for high Sum Assured 2, – 150 = 2, Calculate the premium for Sum Assured Rs. 5,50,000 Rs. 2, * 5.5 = Rs. 1 3, Round off to the next higher rupee Rs. 13,  Rs. 13,569 Ready made premium tables inclusive of all rebates

28 Commissions Depending on Sum Assured Rs. 3 lakhs upto Rs. 4.9 lakhs Rs. 5 lakhs and above 1 st year premium 10%20% Renewal premiums 5%

29 Who are the swadhan’s customers?  People who want: – A protection product with maturity benefits. –Tax rebates u/s 88 of I.T. act  People who need an additional collateral for loans: –For personnal loan, educational loan – S.I.B / S.S.I / Trade Advances segment –Loan amount is repaid in case of death –Free collateral in case of survival  10 years term: 100% refund of premium  Women who want to benefit from low premium rate: –Upto 7% rebate EASY TO SELL

30 Swadhan as a collateral?  It doesn’t under any circumstances increase the credit limit / borrowing capacity of the borrowers, as it is not an endowment product.  It prevents the bank against N.P.A. due to death, not N.P.A. due to unpaid EMI. Taking a Swadhan policy is not a guaranty of Getting a loan from the bank

31 REMEMBER…. The game of the ladder and the snake Adequate Insurance = Windfall Non / Under insured = Liability SWADHAN: THE snake antidote

32 Why SWADHAN?  Simple and affordable: –Choice of S.A.  From Rs. 3 lakhs upto Rs. 1 crore –Mode of payment:  Yearly / Half-Yearly / Quarterly  Automatic debit from the account throught standing instruction –Affordable premium rate  One of the lowest of the market  Unique feature for 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 and 9 years: –%tage of basic premium paid is refunded, not full basic premium makes premium rates very attractive.  Special rebate for women –Up to 7% on premium  30 Days Money Back guarantee –SBI Life gives complete refund of money if the customer is not satisfied within 30 days from the receipt of the policy document.


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