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Jeevan Sugam Plan No : 813 Contact to Buy at

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1 Jeevan Sugam Plan No : 813 Contact to Buy at

2  Limited Period –Close ended Plan available for maximum 45 days w.e.f 25.02.2013  Returns –Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured  Single One Time investment with No Upper Limit.  Life Cover  If death within first 5 policy years– 10 times of Premium paid.  If death after five policy years – 10 times of premium paid + loyalty addition  Loyalty Addition, if any, payable on maturity.  Easy Liquidity- Loan/SV available immediately after taking policy.  Plan available for children aged 8 yrs & above.  No foreclosure action if default in loan. LIC’s Jeevan Sugam-813

3 ConditionDescription Age at entry 8 years to 45 years Policy Term10 years Premium ModeSingle PremiumMinimum- Rs 32058/- at age 8 yrs for MSA-60000 Maturity Sum Assured Min -60000 Max- No upper limit. OthersService Tax @ 3.09% on Premium. LIC’s Jeevan Sugam-813

4 LIC’s Jeevan Sugam-813 Benefits Maturity Benefit Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured + Loyalty Additions, if any. Death Benefit Within first 5 policy years – 10 times of Premium Paid After 5 policy years – 10-times Premium paid alongwith loyalty addition Liquidity Loan Facility Available immediately after taking policy – 42% of Premium paid (60% of Surrender Value)

5 LIC’s Jeevan Vriddhi – 808 High Premium Rebate Maturity Sum AssuredIncrease in Maturity Sum Assured Below Rs. 1,50,000Nil Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 3,99,0003.50% Rs. 4,00,000 and above4.50% Surrender of Policy Surrender Value: GSV- First Year : 70% of Single premium excl. extra premiums, if any. GSV- Thereafter : 90% of Single premium excl. extra premiums, if any Higher of Guaranteed Surrender Value or Special Surrender Value (SSV) payable. If policy surrendered in Last Policy Year Loyalty addition also payable. LIC’s Jeevan Sugam-813

6 LIC’s Jeevan Vriddhi – 808 Benefit Illustration Age25years Policy Term10 years ModeSingle Maturity Sum Assured4,00,000 Death Benefit22,23,600 Premium (Including ST)2,29,231 Loyalty Addition @ 10% p.a. return50,000 Total Mty Benefit (4,18,000+50,000)4,68,000 Return on Investment10.42% Maturity Proceeds if invested in FD @ 8.5% 5,18,287 Income Tax @ 20%(On interest earned- 289056) 57,811 Net Returns in FD4,60,476 LIC’s Jeevan Sugam – 813

7 Jeevan Sugam - TAXATION  Income Tax rebate as per rules.  Non taxable income increased from 50,000 in 2001 to 2 Lacs in 2012 which is enhanced 4-times in 10 Yrs.  Selling Jeevan Sugam on the lives of Children is advisable since children initially not liable for taxation.


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