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Apply knowledge. The entrepreneurial University of Potsdam. Prof. Dr. Dieter Wagner.

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1 Apply knowledge. The entrepreneurial University of Potsdam. Prof. Dr. Dieter Wagner

2 Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow Competence Center: Integration of Knowledge and Technology Transfer Startup Center: Startup Service, Entrepreneurship Education, Research about Innovation and Entrepreneurship Interdisciplinary consultation for interested founders Training and Awareness BIEM CEIP POTSDAM TRANSFER 2002200420062010 Training Firms Site Manager Entrepreneurial University Potsdam 2011 BIEM e.V. pearls EXIST III GO:INcubator GmbH EXIST- Entrepreneurial University 1992 19941998 Foundation „UP Transfer Cooperation for Knowledge and Technology Transfer “ as a central subsidiary company of University Potsdam UP Transfer GmbH Foundation Technology Transfer Office of University Potsdam Technology Transfer Office First projects started to support the technology transfer

3 Knowledge and technology transfer at the University of Potsdam Knowledge and technology utilization  Startup Services  Transfer Services  Entrepreneurship Education  Alumni  Career Service Public, university services Market-driven, market-preparatory Services Market Services  Life Science  Technique  HR Development  Conference & IP Services  Projekt Services  Business Management  Public Policy & Management  Recruitment  Assuring skilled labor  Network Management  Site Management  Senior Consulting  Seminars & Workshops  Technology Center Shared pool of Junior and Senior Experts

4 Potsdam Transfer - Overview Potsdam Transfer Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Knowledge- and Technology-Transfer at the University of Potsdam Board of directors Professor Dr. Uta Herbst (Chair of Marketing) Professor Dr. Katharina Hölzle (Chair of Innovationmanagement and Entrepreneurship) Scientific advisory board Professor Dr. Dieter Wagner (CEO UP Transfer GmbH)

5 Potsdam Transfer – The Four Columns  Business start-up advice  Entrepreneur- ship qualifications  All services for undergraduate and postgraduate students, scientists, alumni and professors from all faculties and cooperating institutes  Bachelor and Master courses in innovation and entrepreneurship  Executive Education in MBA-programs  Research Projects  Studies  Joint Projects  Scholarships  Dissertations Potsdam Transfer  Project Development & Management  Intellectual Property Management  Technology- Scouting  Trade Fairs & Presentations  Event and Congress Management Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Startup Service Entrepreneurship Education Transfer Service

6 Entrepreneurship Education EDUCATION Entrepreneurship Academy The Entrepreneurship Academy has the goal to convey entrepreneurial thinking.  students from all faculties learn to develop and implement founding ideas  multidisciplinary offers from various professorships  Strengthening of individual skills and talents  Training of leadership and needed team skills  Convey of knowledge in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management  Identification of potential founders

7 Potsdam Transfer – Startup Service Startup Consultants BIEM Start-Up Navigator BIEM Start-Up Navigator International Berlin-Brandenburg Business Plan Competition for people starting up in business EXIST-Scholarships Senior Coaching Service Competition Entrepreneurship laboratory Entrepreneurial Postgraduate Education GO:INcubator

8 Entrepreneurial Knowledge STARTUP  Site Management (orientational advice for entrepreneurs)  BIEM Startup Navigator (+ international) (entrepreneurship workshops und coachings)  EXIST Business Start-up Grant [EXIST- Gründerstipendium] (funding to support innovative startup projects)  EXIST Transfer of Research [EXIST- Forschungstransfer] (funding to support application-oriented research projects)  Senior Coaching Service (competition with prizes and 1-year coaching by business executives)

9 Apply Knowledge  Technology-Scouting (analysis of utilization potential in the research area)  Project Development and Management (initiation of research and development projects)  Intellectual Property Service (protection of research results)  Trade Fairs and Congress Management (commercialization of research results) TRANSFER

10 Apply Knowledge TRANSFER Technology-Scouting  Systematic research  (technology map)  Interdisciplinary approach (screening of complementary technologies, applications and customers and markets)  Potential analysis and evaluation (technology description and technology radar)

11 New Endeauvours - exPo4value EXIST IV - Entrepreneurial Value Chains within pearls Technology-Scouting, Entrepreneurship-Academy, Establishing Entrepreneurial Culture Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Faculty of Human Sciences Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty of Arts Law Faculty New Materials / Nanotechnology / Chemistry Economy / Society IT-Systems Engineering Optics / Physics / Information Technology Climate / Environment Agriculture / Energy / Life-Sciences 9 UP-Profilbereiche

12 Science Map AG Löhmannsröben AG Laschewsky AG Hölzle AG Rasche Chemistry Polymer Chemistry Physics InnoFSPec Human Sciences Economics IT-Systems Engineering AG Wagner

13 Potsdam Transfer – Startup Service Entrepreneurship involves a high degree of uncertainty; there is only a small probability of predicting future individual success The volume of idea input is therefore crucial to raising the number of future companies 547 Ideas 340 Projects 2010 2013 42 spin-offs/start-ups

14 Potsdam Transfer – Startup Service Pre-Founding Founding Post-Founding Contact Volume  MBA  EFRE  EPE  BPW  Start-up Navigator  GO:INcubator  SCS  Scouting StageProjects

15 Potsdam Transfer – Strategic Network Partners BIEM - Brandenburg Institute for Entrepreneurship and SME - is the joint entrepreneurship institute of all nine universities in the Federal State of Brandenburg (founded in 2006) Further member of BIEM is Brandenburg’s agency for business and regional development, ZAB

16 Patent Commercialization Agency BRAINSHELL BRAINSHELL is an independent agency specialized in: evaluation protection and commercialization of inventions created at the university. The evaluation considers patentability and commercialization opportunities. After this, the university gets a recommendation by BRAINSHELL to use or release the invention.

17 Startup Support at the University of Potdam Paper for commercialization of industrial property rights at the University of Potsdam (16.06.2005)... The University of Potsdam supports spin-offs from the university, created inventions ​​at the University are used specifically for founding a business... The University grants the inventors usually an option for these rights...

18 Prof. Dr. Dieter Wagner President and CEO UP TRANSFER GmbH of University Potsdam POTSDAM TRANSFER Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Knowledge- and Technology- Transfer at the University of Potsdam August-Bebel-Straße 89, Haus7 14482 Potsdam Tel.: +49 (0)331 - 977 - 40 37 Fax: +49 (0)331 - 977 - 38 72 Email:

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