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Chapter 17 Building Software to Support an Agile Organization.

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1 Chapter 17 Building Software to Support an Agile Organization

2 Learning Objectives Identify business benefits associated with successful software development Describe the phases of the SDLC Characterize Agile methodology – Team Assignment 1: use video Summarize different software development methodologies – Team Assignment 2: use textbook

3 Concepts SDLC Prototype Methodology – Agile – Waterfall – Scrum – Extreme programming – Rational unified process (RUP) – Rapid application development (RAD)

4 THE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE (SDLC) Other cycles include: 1.Current State analysis 2.Requirements Definition 3.Design 4.Build or Buy 5.Testing/Maintenance

5 Waterfall Methodology An activity-based process in which each phase in the SDLC is performed sequentially from planning through implementation and maintenance

6 Implementing Agile Methodologies The Agile Alliance Manifesto – Early and continuous delivery of valuable software will satisfy the customer – Changing requirements are welcome – Business people and developers work together – Projects need motivated individuals – Use self-organizing teams – Reflect on how to become more effective

7 Characteristics … an exercise! AgWSXPRUPRAD CSyyyyyyyyy Iteryy yyyyy useryyyy yy protoy y yyyyy comyyyyy stake yyy smyy yyy y gateyyyy yyy stand yyy minyyy

8 Why Software Projects Fail 1.Unclear or missing business requirements 2.Skipping SDLC phases 3.Failure to manage project scope Scope creep – occurs when the scope increases Feature creep – occurs when extra features are added 4.Failure to manage project plan 5.Changing technology

9 How To Not Let Projects Fail Primary principles for successful agile software development include: – Slash the budget – If it doesn’t work, kill it – Keep requirements to a minimum – Test and deliver frequently – Assign non-IT executives to software projects 17-9

10 In What Phase Should You Fix Software Problems

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