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Building Software to Support an Agile Organization

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1 Building Software to Support an Agile Organization
Chapter 17 Building Software to Support an Agile Organization CLASSROOM OPENER GREAT BUSINESS DECISIONS – Johnson & Johnson Decides to Pull Tylenol from Store Shelves In 1982, Johnson & Johnson exemplified ethics in its decision to pull Tylenol from store shelves across the United States because a psychopath put cyanide into some of the Tylenol capsules. Eight people died. In response, Johnson & Johnson quickly pulled all Tylenol products from store shelves; a total of 31 million bottles were returned to J&J costing the company over $100 million. The company’s ability to act quickly to the threat by changing its processes and develop new more secure products allowed the company to remain as one of the best-selling over-the-counter drug producers.

2 Building Software to Support an Agile Organization
Learning Objectives Identify business benefits associated with successful software development Describe the phases of the SDLC Characterize Agile methodology Team Assignment 1: use video Summarize different software development methodologies Team Assignment 2: use textbook Discuss the famous Nike SCM failure Organizations must learn how to build and implement disruptive technologies, such as software for wireless devices, to remain competitive Software that is built correctly can support agile organizations and can transform as the organization and its business transforms Software that effectively meets employee needs will help an organization become more productive and enhance decision making Software that does not meet employee needs may have a damaging effect on productivity and can even cause a business to fail

3 Concepts SDLC Prototype Methodology Agile Waterfall Scrum
Extreme programming Rational unified process (RUP) Rapid application development (RAD)

Other cycles include: Current State analysis Requirements Definition Design Build or Buy Testing/Maintenance CLASSROOM EXERCISE Around SDLC Break your students into groups and have them correlate the SDLC to building a house. This activity helps students understand the different types of activities that occur during each phase of the systems development life cycle Have your students present their answers to the entire class CLASSROOM VIDEO Windows Errors This is a short video clip spoofing Windows Error Reporting - scroll down on the website to view the video clip! It's old but funny!

5 Waterfall Methodology
An activity-based process in which each phase in the SDLC is performed sequentially from planning through implementation and maintenance The waterfall methodology is one of the oldest software development methods and has been around for over 30 years The success rate for software development projects that follow this approach is only about 10 percent, or 1 in 10 The biggest problem with the waterfall methodology is that it assumes users can specify all business requirements in advance Ask your students to define another issue with the waterfall methodology Ans: It also assumes that business requirements do not change over time Stress to your students that if they ever find themselves on a software development project that is using the waterfall methodology they should do everything they can to change the methodology CLASSROOM VIDEO Testing – or perhaps not! I love to show this clip prior to the SDLC class. Makes you wonder how much testing the manufacturer did on this vehicle.

6 Implementing Agile Methodologies
The Agile Alliance Manifesto Early and continuous delivery of valuable software will satisfy the customer Changing requirements are welcome Business people and developers work together Projects need motivated individuals Use self-organizing teams Reflect on how to become more effective If organizations choose to adopt agile methodologies, it is important to educate those involved. For an agile process to work, it must be simple and quick. The Agile Alliance is a group of software developers whose mission is to improve software development processes; the group’s manifesto is highlighted above CLASSROOM DEBATE Open-Source on Company Time This article offers an interesting dilemma - how do you handle employees that want to develop open-source code to help with a business problem, and then post it back to the community?  The Enterprise Committer: When Your Employee Develops Open-Source Code on the Company Payroll

7 Characteristics … an exercise!
Ag W S XP RUP RAD CS yy y yyy Iter user proto com stake sm gate stand min

8 Why Software Projects Fail
Unclear or missing business requirements Skipping SDLC phases Failure to manage project scope Scope creep – occurs when the scope increases Feature creep – occurs when extra features are added Failure to manage project plan Changing technology Provide an example of scope creep We added a new type of discount to our marketing plan Provide an example of feature creep We would like a new logo placed on the top corner of every screen and it should play a song when clicked

9 How To Not Let Projects Fail
Primary principles for successful agile software development include: Slash the budget If it doesn’t work, kill it Keep requirements to a minimum Test and deliver frequently Assign non-IT executives to software projects Slash the budget – Small budgets force developers and users to focus on the essentials If it doesn’t work, kill it – Bring all key stakeholders together to evaluate and assess the software Keep requirements to a minimum – Start each project with what the software must absolutely do Test and deliver frequently – As often as once a week, and not less than once a month, complete a part of the project or a piece of software Assign non-IT executives to software projects – Non-IT executives should coordinate with the technical project manager, test iterations to make sure they are meeting user needs, and act as liaisons between executives and IT 17-9

10 In What Phase Should You Fix Software Problems

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