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Intro To YPC Media: YPC Media is the parent company of What started as a “total online solution” for advertisers in the year 2000.

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2 Intro To YPC Media: YPC Media is the parent company of What started as a “total online solution” for advertisers in the year 2000 has evolved into a full blown marketing, sales, and advertising organization. We serve our own YPC customers as well as Accredited Businesses and BBB Partners across the country. BUSINESS | MARKETING | INFORMATION

3 About YPC Media A “Top 100” company 5 years in a row! Source: Rochester Business Alliance, based on year to year revenue growth of privately held companies

4 YPC Media is an Accredited Business

5 Non-Dues Revenue Since we started with our first BBB Partnership in 2008, we have generated $13,340,998 in sales and $2,497,085 in non-dues revenue

6 Our Legacy Products Our Online Directory Full Color Display Ads Mobile Friendly Websites Enhanced Listings Business Listing Management & Social Networking Synchronize your business listing across the Internet! Hundreds of Network Sites Included

7 Current BBB Partners Upstate, New York Cleveland, Ohio Central Indiana Central Virginia Roanoke Virginia Spokane, Washington San Jose, California Fresno, California LA-Silicon Valley, California

8 Joe Schwartz, VP – Central Virginia “As a former sales rep and manager of a large phone sales operation, I totally appreciate the team at YPC. They operate as true professionals and as partners in our success, not just as vendors. I have and will continue to recommend YPC to other BBBs…they know their business and they care about ours.” Blair Looney, CEO – Central California “Since turning over the management of our directory product to YPC Media, they have done everything that they said they would do. The transition, service, and execution have all been flawless since the start-up of our program. What YPC claimed they could do for our BBB, including projected revenue…they have done.” Warren Clark, President – Upstate NY “We have an excellent sales track record since starting with YPC in 2008. Their customer service is terrific and we have almost 100% retention rate for ABs using YPC programs.” Testimonials

9 How Can We Serve You? Business Development Tools for Shared Screen Environments Epom/EPiServer Management Content Writing (Newsletters & Blogs) Accredited Business Center Portal Social Media Management PR & Media Services Website Creation Video Production Layout & Creative Design We’re more than Enhanced Listings and online advertising, we’re your Full Service Marketing Partner!

10 Business Development Tools Sell more accreditations with visual-verbal presentation tools! Customizable Business Development Tools Private Screen Shared Screen With Your Future AB 984583452 You Are Now Sharing Screens!

11 Epom/EPiServer Management Enhance and maintain your most valuable asset..  YPC can sell banner advertising for your BBB to generate more non-dues revenue  We can develop more functional user friendly experiences  Customization capabilities Your BBB Website!

12 Content Writing Published by LA-Silicon Valley BBB Newsletter, July 2014 Written by Jen LaRose (YPC Media) BBB Helps LA District Attorney President’s Corner with Steve McFarland Our office has investigated and closed more than 29,000 complaints in 2014, but it’s not every day that we have the opportunity to help put a bad guy out of business and be recognized for it. Earlier this year, we noticed a growing number of complaints from people who said they paid Discount Gold Brokers for gold coins but never received them. We took our information to the LA County District Attorney’s office, and together our efforts led to the arrest and conviction of Michael Berman, the company owner. Berman plead guilty to 82 felony counts and was ordered to pay 2.39 million in restitution to the victims, many of them seniors. Last month, our joint effort was recognized at the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2014 Non- Profit and Corporate Citizenship Awards in the project collaboration of the year category. BBB’s mission is to foster a bond of trust between businesses and consumers. When widespread abuses occur, it’s a privilege and honor to help local law enforcement deliver justice to the accused and satisfaction to the victims. Steve McFarland President/CEO BBB Serving LA-Silicon Valley “YPC Media is an integral part of our communications and marketing plan. With only so many hours in the day, we trust them to “fill in the gaps” of what we might not have the time or expertise to do in-house.”

13 Accredited Business Center Portal Increase Your AB Retention! Mobile FriendlyABs can access services and easily view stats!

14 Layout & Creative Design Count on YPC Media for your print needs! BBB Postcards BBB Charity Review Brochure

15 WE ARE CREATIVE Video Production

16 What Is YPC Concierge Services? Social Media Creative Design AB Services PR & Media Relations Whether you currently employ a marketing/communications professional or not, you may need to leverage yourself or your BBB to get the job done! Here’s how we can help… Epom & EPiServerWebsite Management

17 Social Media Management

18 So… What are your needs? A LittleA Lot

19 Contact Us Today Image Jennifer LaRose 585-410-6627 280 Kenneth Drive, Suite 300 Rochester NY, 14623

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