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FINANCE CLAIMS DISBURSEMENTS. 2 PaySpan Health Getting Started is Easy!  The process starts with an invitation from a payer that includes a registration.

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2 2 PaySpan Health Getting Started is Easy!  The process starts with an invitation from a payer that includes a registration code.  Armed with this code, you can pursue an online enrollment process that will only take 5-10 minutes to complete.  During this enrollment process, you will set up a profile of your practice, specify bank accounts (multiple accounts if you desire), and specify other preferences for management of checks, EFTs, ERAs, or online presentment of claim payment information.

3 3 PaySpan provider site has an online security subsystem that allows you to control each user’s access to specific customer applications, individual reports and web site features. PaySpan provider site’s security control includes controlling access to the following functions: Managing accountsReconciling payments Viewing payments onlineViewing account configuration Administering user rightsAccessing individual rights PaySpan provider site logs all user activity on the PaySpan provider site. PaySpan provider site provides Online Help on every screen. General Features

4 4  PaySpan provider site supports Internet Explorer 5.0 and above.  Providers will receive a Registration Enrollment Letter explaining the registration process. The letter provides the required Registration Code. Providers will need their Provider Identification Number (PIN) – this is your ValueOptions of Kansas Pay to Vendor Number, Tax Identification Number (TIN), bank routing and account information found on a check to start the Provider Registration and access into the PaySpan system. NOTE: Do not pull this information from a deposit slip as your bank routing information is different than what is reported on the check. General Features Continued

5 5 DEMO HEALTHCARE PARTNERS 4439 EASY ST ANYTOWN, PA 12345 your unique registration code: xxxxxxxx pay to vendor number for eft registration only: 1234567 your unique registration code: xxxxxxxx pay to vendor number for eft registration only: 1234567 To Our Providers: Value Behavioral Health now offers Providers PaySpan Health - a solution that delivers Electronic Payments (EFTs), Remittance Advices (ERAs), and much more. FREE to (insert Payer Name here) Providers, the solution enables online presentment of remittances, and straightforward reconciliation of payments to empower our Providers to reduce costs, speed secondary billings, and improve cash flow. Convenient Payments PaySpan Health gives you the option to receive payments according to preference: electronically direct to a bank account, or by traditional paper check. You are also able to choose the method in which you receive remittance information:  Electronic remittance advices presented online and printed on location.  HIPAA 835 electronic remittance files for download directly to a HIPAA-compliant Practice Management or Patient Accounting System. Provider Benefits As a Provider, you can gain immediate benefits by signing up for PaySpan Health:  Reduce accounting expenses – Electronic remittance advices can be imported directly into Practice Management or Patient Accounting Systems, eliminating the need for manual re-keying.  Match payments to advices quickly – You can associate electronic payments with electronic remittance advices quickly and easily.  Improve cash flow – Electronic payments can mean faster payments, leading to improvements in cash flow.  Maintain control over remittance formats – You can choose from a large library of formats for remittance advices you will receive.  Maintain control over bank accounts – You keep TOTAL control over the destination of claim payment funds. Multiple practices and accounts are supported.  Manage multiple Payers – Reuse enrollment information to connect with multiple Payers. Assign different Payers to different bank accounts, as desired.

6 6 How to register for PaySpan Health Go to Select the orange Secure Registration button. The Registration Code screen will appear. Enter your Registration Code. Select the OK button.

7 7 Welcome to PaySpan Health – Log in Screen Welcome to PaySpan Health screen On the next screen, enter your Provider Identification Number (PIN) This would be your Kansas Pay to Vendor Number and Tax Identification Number (TIN). Select the Begin button to continue with registration

8 8 Registration Information Step 1 of 4 Complete the required Registration Information questions. The Email address entered during registration is the user name. Click Next to continue.

9 9 Registration Information Step 2 of 4  Create Password - Create a password using the following requirements: at least 8 characters long, containing at least one capital letter, one lower case letter and one number.  Select a challenge question from the drop-down menu and enter your answer in the box provided. Click Next to continue.

10 10 Registration Information Step 3 of 4  Account Information Step 3 of 4  Enter an Account Name to identify the receiving account.  Enter the routing number and account number in the specified fields. We recommend you use an actual check, not a deposit slip to enter this information. Click Next to continue.

11 11 Registration Information Step 4 of 4  Terms & Conditions Step 4 of 4  Review the Registration Information.  Select the Edit button to make any corrections.  Read the Services Agreement then check the terms and conditions box if in agreement.  Select the Confirm button. This will complete the registration process.

12 12 Registration Success  If you registered for electronic payments, you will receive a small deposit of less than one dollar within a few business days. Contact your financial institution to obtain the amount deposited by Payformance. Log into your PaySpan Health account and enter the amount deposited on your Home Screen to activate your account. The deposit does not need to be returned to Payformance. If the amounts match, the account will activate. Providers have up to three attempts to enter the correct amount. More than three attempts to enter correct amount will result in a locked account.  For assistance please call 1-877-331-7154 or email Our Provider Services Team is available Monday through Friday, 7am to 9pm, Eastern Time.

13 13 Accessing and Using PaySpan Health  Log onto:  Select Secure Login

14 14 Sign-In Screen  This is the screen that will display upon signing in after successful registration.  Enter the user name and password.  The user name should be the user’s email address.  User passwords are case-sensitive.  Select the Ok button.  The Home Page will appear.

15 15 General Information  Test deposit must be confirmed before you can starting receiving EFT.  If you receive a new Kansas vendor number you must register that vendor number in order to receive EFT payments.  PaySpan Customer Service Support is free to the provider. 1-877-331-7154

16 16 Questions and Answers

17 Thank you!

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