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Pearson Learning Solutions Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Dan Record.

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1 Pearson Learning Solutions Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Dan Record

2 2 Pearson Learning Solutions What is the Myers-Briggs type Indicator? MBTI® is a means to understanding the actions and behaviors of yourself and those you work with. It is not a means to stereo-type or categorize individuals for negative purposes. Rather, by understanding various type preferences, interpersonal communication, team effectiveness, and conflict resolution can be enhanced.

3 3 Pearson Learning Solutions Four preference areas Extroverted vs. Introverted – 70% vs.30% Sensing vs. iNtuition – 70% vs.30% Thinking vs. Feeling – Male/Female Judging vs. Perceiving Preferences are Tendencies of Behavior Strong or weak based on percentage score 16 Potential Types What is the Myers-Briggs type Indicator?

4 4 Pearson Learning Solutions Extraversion/Introversion Where you get your energy Extroverts –Get their energy from people and actions –Tend to talk versus listen –Associate with the words: Lively and Popular Introverts –Get their energy from thoughts and ideas –Tend to listen versus talk –Find it necessary to “recharge” – to be alone with thoughts after spending time with people

5 5 COMMON GROUND Which people in this room have worked on an automotive program or with automotive training? Linda, Joe, Ann, Nicole

6 6 Pearson Learning Solutions Sensors/iNtuitive How you Gather Information Sensors –Quite literal about data gathering –Tend to prefer the practical and realistic –Interested in the experience, the hands-on, tangible, here-and-now –Prefer information to be presented in specific manner iNtuitive –Quite figurative about data gathering –Look for possibilities, meanings, and relationships between collected data –Prefer to look at the grand scheme, the holistic aspects of things and put them in a theoretical framework –Collects information randomly

7 7 Pearson Learning Solutions Thinking/Feeling How you Make Decisions Thinkers –Decision making process should be logical, detached, and analytical; driven by objective values –Tend not to get personally involved in group decisions Feelers –Decision making process is an interpersonal involvement; driven by subjective values –Tendency to identify with and assume others’ emotional pain

8 8 Pearson Learning Solutions Judging/Perceiving How you Orient your Life Judgers –Environment is structured, scheduled, ordered, planned, and controlled –Decisive and deliberate –Able to make decisions with little stress. Perceivers –Environment is flexible, spontaneous, adaptive and responsive –Wait and see attitude toward most things –Making decisions cause stress; do not like to stick to decisions if forced to make one

9 9 COMMON GROUND What two people worked at a Pharmaceutical Company together prior to PLS? Erik, Dawn

10 10 Pearson Learning Solutions Ten Commandments 1.Life tends to support our preferences, making us even more distrustful of our nonpreferences. 2.Your strength maximized becomes your liability. 3.Typewatching is only a theory; it takes real life to validate it. 4.Typewatching is only an explanation; it is never an excuse. 5.The whole is greater then the sum of its parts. 6.Typewatching is only one lens through which to view human personality. 7.To be effective, typewatching must begin with yourself before you apply it to others. 8.Typewatching is easier said (or thought about) then done. 9.Don’t blame everything on your opposite. 10.Typewatching can’t solve everything.

11 11 Pearson Learning Solutions SensorsiNtuitives w/Thinkingw/Feeling w/Thinking IntroversionJudgingISTJ Marly ISFJ Joe INFJ Stacey INTJ John/Dawn Randi/Frank Arthur JudgingIntroversion PerceivingISTPISFP Dan INFP Barb INTPPerceiving ExtroversionPerceivingESTPESFPENFP Erik Dave ENTPPerceivingExtroversion JudgingESTJESFJ Katie ENFJ Carrie Nikki Linda Ann/Alice ENTJ Gabi Bobbi Judging

12 12 Pearson Learning Solutions Brainstorms Strengths and Weaknesses of our Team E/I: 9 extroverts and 11 introverts S/N: 4 sensors and 16 intuitors T/F: 9 thinkers and 11 feelers J/P: 16 judgers and 4 perceivers Pros: Cons:

13 13 Pearson Learning Solutions ISTJISTJ: Guardian: The Inspector Super dependableDown-to-earth ConservativeTraditional Community ServiceCeremonies RitualsResponsible Law-abidingDedicated AdministrationTrustworthiness StabilityCommitment DutyStrict Work Ethic

14 14 Pearson Learning Solutions ISFJISFJ: Guardian: The Protector Safety and SecurityCaretaker ShynessWarm-hearted SincereSerious DiligentThorough FrugalHumble Standard Operating Procedures PreparedDown-to-earth TraditionalHomemakers LoyalDo the right thing

15 15 Pearson Learning Solutions INFJINFJ: Idealist: The Counselor IntensePrivate ReservedMysterious SensitivePsychic PoeticalImaginative CreativePerfectionists Personal DevelopmentHarmonious Romanticloving

16 16 Pearson Learning Solutions INTJINTJ: Rational: The Mastermind PlannerCoordinated PragmatistOpen-minded UsefulSensible Self-confidentFinishers PositiveTunnel-vision EfficientProductive DemandingRational AchieversIndependent CalculatingPassionate LovingDevoted FirmConsistent Individual

17 17 Pearson Learning Solutions ISTPISTP: Artisan: The Crafter ImpulsiveInsubordinate PlayfulFun and Games Escape RoutineRisk Takers ExcitementStimulation Hands onTest their mettle Hands and eyes focused PridefulFraternal FreeAdventurous

18 18 Pearson Learning Solutions ISFPISFP: Artisan: The Composer Fine ArtsFive Senses ActionPulse of Life Non-verbalSeized by the act AbsorbedSympathetic FreedomSpontaneity Self AnchoredGreat friends

19 19 Pearson Learning Solutions INFPINFP: Idealist: The Healer SpiritualWholeness IdealismEthical SelflessFantasy-filled Moral StrugglePossibilities PotentialPoetic AdaptableFeeling Conscience Stricken HarmoniousRomantic ReservedDevoted

20 20 Pearson Learning Solutions INTPINTP: Rational: The Architect Theoretical SystemsStructure AnalysisDesign ModelsPragmatists KnowledgeUsefulness ObsessedIntelligent ArrogantPrecise CoherentHard task-masters LoyalLoving Pre-occupiedRigorous RationalAutonomous

21 21 Pearson Learning Solutions ESTPESTP: Artisan: The Promoter WinnerTheatrical ExcitingSocially sophisticated EngagingIn the moment Trouble shootersNegotiators ManeuversEntrepreneurs ImpatienceBold FlamboyantCharismatic PlayfulEnergetic Fun-loving

22 22 Pearson Learning Solutions ESFPESFP: Artisan: The Performer High spiritedCharming Center of Attention Life of the PartyImpulsive PleasureVariety OptimistGo their own way GenerousKind CommunalExpressive AffectionateClown FriendlyPractical On-StageChild-like

23 23 Pearson Learning Solutions ENFPENFP: Idealist: The Champion ProfoundConviction InspiringEmotionally Intense IndividualisticAuthenticity ProbingPossibilities InterpretationSpontaneous ExuberantEnthusiastic People-to-PeopleVariety FreedomUnconventional Unpredictable

24 24 Pearson Learning Solutions ENTPENTP: Rational: The Inventor IngenuityProbing CuriousKnowledgeable PragmaticProtocol InnovativeEngineering Non-conformistsStave off routine CreativeLively Easy-goingAgile of mind Good humorIntellectually competitive

25 25 Pearson Learning Solutions ESTJESTJ: Guardian: The Supervisor ProceduresBy the Book GroundedPillars of Community MembershipCooperative DutyScheduling DetailingTrust in Authority DedicationDiscipline Hard workingLoyal IndustriousModel student Social ritualsGood mannered ConscientiousWatchful

26 26 Pearson Learning Solutions ESFJESFJ: Guardian: The Provider Social ContributorSocial Service CooperativeDetailed GregariousConversational NostalgicSympathetic AppreciativeSales and Service People-to-peopleLoyalty ConscientiousFamily values FaithfulTraditional SentimentalSupportive Decorum

27 27 Pearson Learning Solutions ENFJENFJ: Idealist: The Teacher EducatorsGroup leaders EnthusiasmCreative StimulatingGrowth Personal ConcernSincere EmpatheticIdealizing Interpersonal talents ArticulateExpressive DramaticIntuitive InsightfulHarmony IdealAffectionate

28 28 Pearson Learning Solutions ENTJENTJ: Rational: The Fieldmarshal LeaderCommand MobilizeStrategic OrderEfficiency Achieve objectives CoordinateLogical order VisualizeReason PragmatistsSingle-minded ControlIn Charge

29 29 Pearson Learning Solutions Resources Type Talk at Work. Kroeger, Thuesen, Rutledge, 2002. Random House Publishing. New York. Printable Reference List of 16 types pages: isfp & infp - isfj & istj - istp & intp - infj & intj - esfj & enfj - estj & entj - estp & esfp - enfp & entp - © 2008

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