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Shelter Rock Elementary School SCA Thank you to volunteers 2009-2010 Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010.

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1 Shelter Rock Elementary School SCA Thank you to volunteers 2009-2010 Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

2 Thank you to all of our volunteers! THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED AS GRADE LEVEL CHAIRS Elizabeth Owen Robin Held Mary Beth Accurso Katie Lane Rebeca Johnston Rita Rienzi Connie Wysota Bianca DeGaudenzi Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

3 A great big SHELTER ROCK SCA THANK YOU to … Sari Kulka, our amazing Vice President, who organizes the volunteers, and picks up the slack when things aren’t going as they should be; Susan Powers, our detailed and efficient finance chair, who makes sure that the monies collected by the SCA are properly deposited, spent and documented; Diane Kraft, our reliable website coordinator, who each week, like clockwork, updates the Shelter Rock SCA website and creates the SR Highlights. These three women are the backbone of our organization. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

4 The Staff Appreciation Luncheon … Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010 … was orchestrated by Ruth Geismar and Deanna Durso, along with the generosity of the many families who donated money, beautiful desserts, and their time to make this a very special day for our teachers and staff.

5 Paula Gaccione and Melinda Smotkin co-chaired a very fun Halloween Party and created the scariest haunted maze EVER! Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

6 Heroes Week was single handedly run by Mary Felman. The children LOVED being welcomed to school by heroes! Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

7 SCA at the Holidays … a big thank you to … Elene Farrell and Kathleen Barry had the monumental task of soliciting, organizing, collecting and delivering gifts to families who otherwise would not have a Holiday. Raquel George and Kathy Pappas hosted a lovely luncheon for the support staff at the Holidays. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

8 A tremendous thank you to … Katie Lane and Janice Rohlfing, the chairs of the Annual Fall Luncheon, who took on the luncheon with only six weeks to plan, and ended up with the largest profit in our history. Way to go, ladies! Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

9 More incredible volunteers …. Photo Day was co-chaired by Marilena Katopodis, Michelle Deosaran and Nancy Schlaefer. They coordinated class visits, managed the volunteers, and facilitated the distribution of the photos. Shelter Rock pictures were in the Manhasset Press so often thanks to Lisa Currie and Androula Xenophontos, who attended many events and took great pictures of our children. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

10 Many thanks to our Bookfair Chairs Elaine Lotruglio and Nancy Schlaefer, and to their committee of volunteers. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

11 SCA appreciates the hard work of.. Zari Ginsburg and Simone Klein, who co chaired a major fundraiser, and an incredible school spirit program, “Spiritwear”. Carmen Cohen and Rebeca Johnston, who coordinated our lunchroom volunteers The Lunchroom volunteers, who distributed the cutlery, straws and napkins, and sanitized the hands of our children. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

12 Thank you to…… Our liaison to PASE is Debbie Bowman, and our liaison to SEPTA is Ann Marie Moschitta. Thank you, Debbie and Ann Marie, for all that you do for the special needs children at Shelter Rock. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

13 Planet Manhasset was co-chaired by Liz Miller and Linda Clarke. Thank you for helping us to GO GREEN! Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

14 Many thanks for hours of labor … Christine Monterosso, Marirose Merola and the new chair of the Community Education Committee, Ed Garofolo (aka the Balloon Guy), worked diligently to educate our community about the budget process and vote. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

15 Thank you to >>>> Carmen Cohen and her crew of Bulletin Board people have made the hallways of Shelter Rock beautiful by hanging the children’s artwork and a description of the art. Maria Brunetti, the coordinator of the School Supply Sale, supports a local business, Raindew, along with the SCA. The Room Representatives from each classroom, who communicated with the teachers and parents to make this year run so smoothly. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

16 Thanks for making it happen …. Many have a hand in creating the Student Directory, but none as much as the co-chairs Renee Press and Christine Zummo. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

17 Muchas gracias to >>> Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010 Annie Vetrone and her committee brought the Enrichment Programs to school, bringing guest authors, dance performances Science Museum presentations and more to our school. Family Theatre was co-chaired by Randi Berger, and had near sell-out crowds this year for their live performances of A Christmas Carol and Charlotte’s Web. Anja D’Angelo, our secretary who takes notes at all of our meetings.

18 Thanks to Leslie Fleck and Danielle Zammit for chairing Guess Who’s Coming to Read. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

19 Many thanks to … Zari Ginsburg and Katie DeRasse were our representatives on the Health and Wellness Committee, and they coordinated Fitness Week for our children. For the past two years Melanie Kaye has provided us with Hospitality at our Parent Council Meetings by arriving a little early and setting up the food for our gathering. Kristin Mulholland has coordinated and delivered packets and binders to families for the past two years, providing us with important Shelter Rock information. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

20 A job well done …. Membership in the SCA was facilitated by the Executive chair, Randi Checchini and by the Shelter Rock chairs Janice Rohlfing and Justine Lennon. Mary Kay Connors was the co-chair of the Nominating Committee. Our semi-annual newsletter was designed and laid-out by Robin Camera, and edited by Alexandra Colombos. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

21 Corina Gerontis, Anita Gauld and Claire Sheehan literally brought characters to life during National Library Week. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

22 Thank you, thank you, thank you. Joanne Giardinelli and Erica Kinloch helped to educate our children about good decision making through Red Ribbon Week. Saturday Series was chaired for the past three years by Karen Corcoran. Hundreds of children enjoyed this eight week program each year. Ellen Albrechtsen, Laurie Spampinato, Maria Yiachos and Renee Press were the parent representatives on the Shared Decision Making team. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

23 6 th Grade Programs Sixth Grade Activities was co chaired by Simone Klein, Kristin Mulholland and Janet Rupp. The Sixth Grade Promotional Party is co-chaired by Androula Xenophontos and Dana Klainberg Sixth Grade T-Shirts are coordinated by Theresa Amato. The Sixth Grade Yearbook was created by Dawn McCormick and Terry MacGown. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

24 Many thanks to …. Our Box Tops for Education Chairs, Dawn Vitale and Kristin Mitaritona, who have counted 5300 boxtops this month alone. We are proud to announce that the Kindergarten won the icepop party. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

25 Merci! Pam Perulli and Kim Fuchs organized the fifth and sixth grade BBQ, providing the children with a great memory of field day. Special thanks to the Perulli family for donating all of the food for the Barbeque. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

26 Thanks to our Room Representatives: Liz Oliveri, Helen Petras, Carlyn Casey, Debbie Sweeney, Corina Gerontis (Stratakis), Dawn Vitale, Anja D'Angelo, Leslie Fleck, Tara and Anthony LaSalle, Kristin Mulholland, Tami Pirone, Anna Theodosopoulos, Joanna Carlson, Hilary Robson, Randi Berger, Shari Papadakos, Chris Allen, Jason Craven, Robin Lytle, Corinne Ritterband, Whitney Godfrey, Laura Zaffiro, Elaine Lotruglio, Stacey Apodiacos, Linda Kane, Christine Hogan, Trish Hallett, Toni Bakshandeh, Christine Arella,Peggy Attanasio, Vicki Balacek, Jennifer Hanley, Elaine Goodwin, Carol DiAndrea, Nancy Schlaefer, Janice Rohlfing, Kim Fuchs, Kathy Tiliakos, Patrice Leone, Marilena Katopodis, Jill Ridini, Jackie Pracher, Carmen Cohen, Donna Harragan, Seval LaRocca, Josephine Mason, Michael Mason, Bethanne DeMatteis, Ruth Brown, Jennifer Butchma, Rosalia Yarrington, Patricia Spinall, Diane Curd, Bessie Ziozis, Latha Desikan, AnnMarie Moschitta, Maria Sbuttoni, Ellen Frangoulis, Renee Press, Kim DeVito, Angela Baydar, Alexandra Kapetanos, Pam Perulli, Susan Thompson, Edward Garofolo, Doris Murray, Carol Gross, Marirose Merola, Lisa Lynch, Theresa Discolo, Elyse Cherry, Ruth Geismar, Connie Feiner, Colette Stack Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

27 Thank you, Mr. Geczik and Mrs. Williams, for creating a warm and nurturing learning environment for our children, and for your support of the SCA. Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

28 To all of you who, in ways big and small, contributed to making this year special for our children at Shelter Rock School, and who made it such a pleasure and privilege to serve as president of this wonderful organization, I thank you. Enjoy the summer! Fondly, Mary Jane Reilly, President, Shelter Rock SCA Shelter Rock School - SCA 2009-2010

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