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Welcome Volunteer Luncheon May 2, 2014. Thank You Morgan Volunteers.

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1 Welcome Volunteer Luncheon May 2, 2014

2 Thank You Morgan Volunteers

3 THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!!! For the student vs. staff basketball game

4 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all you have done! You’ve helped Morgan and clemmons become a better place by raising funds at this event! Thank you To OUR score keeper/ dj! Thank you Mrs.Marzano for helping with the cash register!

5 Book Fair The book fair was a huge success thanks to the volunteers. There are lots of books, posters, and other really fun things - like shaped erasers! The volunteers count up the money that we spend so we know how much was made. – Thank you so much!!!

6 Boosterthon Lots of volunteers helped out with the Boosterthon. They brought water and things for the Boosterthon Fun Run. The Boosterthon Fun Run is a race where you earn money for each lap you run. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!

7 Field Trips! Because of our Morgan volunteers, we can do many things - especially field trips. They help chaperone and lead our groups during the day. They eat and even sleep with the students. They’re so busy - they have their jobs and still have time for us. They are completely “Busy as Bees”!!! They couldn’t be more of a help! Thank you Parents and Morgan Volunteers! THANK YOU!

8 THE BOOK FAIR Because of Morgan’s volunteers, we have the book-tastic book fair! This event attracts readers of all ages and levels. They also supply us with our very own cashiers! We get wonderful books that are enjoyable. The volunteers make everything possible! We thank Morgan’s volunteers for all they do. Though we won’t be here at Morgan next year, we hope that the rest of the school can profit from all these WONDERFUL books!


10 Thank you for the class parties. Thanks for providing the food, drinks and fun for the Christmas parties, Halloween parties and Valentines parties. Thanks for all the fun stuff that we have done this year. You guys rock! Class Parties Thank you for the class parties. Thanks for providing the food, drinks and fun for the Christmas parties, Halloween parties, and Valentines parties. Thanks for all the fun stuff that we have done this year. You guys rock!

11 Science Festival All the students had a great time during the 2014 ‘’Creepy Crawly’’ Science Fair! It was really thoughtful of the PTA members to help teach us about all of those cool bugs! We thought that the Science Fair was very colorful and creative this year! Thanks to the generosity of the PTA, the Science Fair couldn’t have been better! We love you PTA and volunteers! Thank you!!

12 Social Events Thank you volunteers for helping us make possible the Daddy- Daughter dance, All Pro Dads, Mom-Prom and student vs. teacher basketball game. You really helped out or we couldn’t have done it without you. For the Daddy-Daughter dance and the Mom-Prom you really spruced it up. For the student basketball game you donated shirts from the “YMCA”. You guys made the All Pro Dads a great time - helping us set up, serve food and drinks. You are also kind for arranging the canned food drive for people who need it. Thank you all and YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!

13 Morgan’s Wonderful Tutors Because you volunteered at Morgan Elementary, kids have learned to succeed in their following years of education. We want to thank you for all of your support at Morgan and all the effort you give to make kids have a better future. Morgan’s Wonderful Tutors

14 Washington, D.C.

15 Because of Morgan’s volunteers… The fifth graders at Morgan will go to Washington D.C. Thank you for helping us raise money by selling candy grams,(they were delicious ) Thank you for also raising money for us by selling corsages at the Sweetheart Dance and the soon to come Mom-Prom. Thank you also for chaperoning the upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. Your hard work and dedication means so much to Morgan. We know that we will have a great time in Washington, D.C. Thanks to all of Morgan’s “busy bees”. Washington, D.C.


17 Washington D.C. Dear Volunteers, Thank you for chaperoning our D.C. trip. Without you guys the D.C. trip wouldn’t happen, and we wouldn’t be able to do fun things. # THANK YOU!!!!!

18 Washington D.C. Trip Thank you Volunteers Busy Bees

19 Thoughts of a student Q: What are your thoughts about the Boosterthon and how it helped our school? A:I think the Boosterthon was awesome because, it keeps me active while having fun. The money helped improved our school and our playground. I LOVED Boosterthon. We couldn’t have done it without our awesome volunteers!

20 Boosterthon Volunteers If it weren't for our awesome volunteers,we wouldn’t have the great boosterthon that we had. It keeps us active while having fun. It was also great because it helped raise money for our school. Also we got awesome prizes, yay!

21 You certainly have been “busy bees”!! Thank You!!! You Rock, Volunteers!!

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