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Waste Prevention Strategy 2007 of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV) Environmental expert M.Sc. Sari Kemppainen YTV Waste Management, FINLAND.

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1 Waste Prevention Strategy 2007 of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV) Environmental expert M.Sc. Sari Kemppainen YTV Waste Management, FINLAND

2 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen2 What is YTV? - Municipal co-operation organisation - Waste management - Public regional transport - Measuring of air quality - Co-operation in land-use in the region

3 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen3 YTV Waste Management Among other things is in charge of landfill treatment composts bio-waste recovers and utilizes landfill gas plans waste collection activities is responsible for waste guidance prepares waste management regulations STRATEGIC WASTE MANAGEMENT ISSUES FOR 2005 – 2014 Waste prevention and increased utilization. Production of customer-friendly and good-quality waste management services. Processing municipal waste in plants and a safe final disposal. Long-term development of waste management..

4 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen4 YTV Waste Prevention Strategy 2007 The Target Situation of the Strategy Regional and national advice and guidance have motivated  the residents,  companies and  the public sector to avoid waste production so well that less waste is produced in 2007 per resident and per workplace than in 2000. EU Life Project 2005-2007 Waste Prevention Kit for Enterprises, Education and Households (WastePrevKit)

5 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen5 Tasks of the Strategy on Waste Prevention 1.Waste benchmarking for enterprises 2.Smart ways of action for enterprises and public administration 3.Waste minimization in general education and in vocational education 4.Development of the Web Portal 5.Dissemination of the deliverables

6 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen6 Waste Benchmarking for Enterprises  An electric Waste Benchmarking system called Petra, on YTV’s website (  The system helps enterprises to monitor their amount of waste  The enterprises registered in the system get eight different reports of their waste amounts  The system is free of charge for enterprises  Annually YTV rewards the best enterprise on waste minimization: The Year’s Natural Resource Saver  The system covers approximately 500 enterprises

7 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen7

8 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen8 Smart Ways of Action (SMAC) for Enterprises and Public Administration Best Practice models to reduce waste in enterprises and public administration Active PDF-files with links, sector-specific guidelines, check-lists For Wholesale and retail trade (2003, updated 2006) Offices (2004, updated 2006) Educational institutions (2004) Housing sector (2005) Building one’s own house (2006) Day care centres (2006)

9 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen9 SMAC for Housing Sector Completed 2005 Prepared in co-operation with professionals of the sector 4 sections with separate check- lists  Project planning  Planning & Design  Sitework  Maintenance and repair

10 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen10 Waste Prevention in Construction: Planning and Design Do we need a new building after all? Long life span Building elements, systems and materials  durable, easy to maintain/repair/replace Building adaptability and convertibility Size matters! Quality of work

11 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen11 Best Practise Model for Commercial Sector Checking list for commercial sector to minimise waste “If you need to recall usable food supplies, check first if you can donate it to food aid deliverers” Use washable boxes

12 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen12 Recommendations for recalled food supplies Prevention Recycling Disposal Bread Fruits and vegetables Meat and fish Milk products S=recommended HandoutSaleBiowasteTo animals Mixed waste Sewer

13 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen13 Best Practise Model for Offices Print and copy always in both sides Use dataprojector in meetings instead of transparency Cancel unnecessary customer magazines Use washable hand towels instead of disposable ones

14 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen14 Waste Minimization in Education General and preschool education The purpose is to spread information on waste prevention through different form of co-operation and networking. The target is that every schoolchild gets information on waste prevention once in pre/primary school, in elementary school and in senior high school. The material is ready for all the school levels from pre/primary school to senior high school.

15 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen15 Example of an exercise in English lesson for senior high school Reading exercise: Waste prevention 1. Read through the enclosed text and answer the following questions:  Why should waste production be prevented?  How does waste prevention differ from recycling?  What does the ecological rucksack tell you about the product?  Why is the ecological rucksack of orange juice higher than that of home made apple juice?  Why is the MIPS value of disposable plastic bag higher than that of a cotton bag? 2. What can YOU do to prevent waste?

16 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen16 Vocational Institutes The purpose of the project is to build a network of contact persons to forward regular updated information on waste prevention and material efficiency in different vocational sectors to develop teaching materials and methods for the teachers The teaching material is ready for the vocational education of technology food industry social and health care (end of 2006)

17 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen17 Awareness campaigns for households Christmas Campaign 2006 “Give time, quality and being together as a present“ The marketing takes place in local newspapers, in bus stations and in undergrounds The message is to give a service as a present like manicure, tickets to opera or to movies etc. YTV also markets the web site containing info and tips about waste prevention and sustainable gifts

18 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen18 Pilot project for households in Viikki area in Helsinki About 10 000 residents YTV gives information, give out leaflets and arranges courses in the area Courses like: how to repair your bike how to consume wisely how to use washable diapers etc. Pre and post investigations about the attitudes and waste amounts The spoon, about 5 kg If you weigh with natural recourses the plastic bag weighs over one kg and telephone over 300 kg. So it is not at all the same how we consume.

19 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen19 Development of the Web Portal The materials and tools are available in the web for free So far in Finnish only, the website will be available in English in the end of 2006

20 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen20 Reducing waste on your free time, at home, at school and at work Test whether you are a smart consumer Read and give tips about waste prevention Current affairs Game for school- children

21 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen21 The influence of the strategy / Willingness to do versus action

22 7.12.06Sari Kemppainen22 Waste Prevention - the most sustainable way to control waste Thank You for Your Attention More information:

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