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Cavendish Group is the leading BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) business to business publisher and meetings / events organiser with a particular focus.

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2 Cavendish Group is the leading BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) business to business publisher and meetings / events organiser with a particular focus on China, the worlds fastest growing economy. At Cavendish, we provide businesses with information about leading international technology, expertise and best practice from the West. Through our series of dedicated publications which are printed bilingually in association with local government ministries and relevant trade associations and distributed quarterly; we are able to give maximum exposure and market representation to any company wishing to influence senior decision makers in key growth markets, including the Renewable Energy sector. Furthermore, with a network of regional representatives and business development teams who are in constant dialogue with our readers and partners, Cavendish Group is the ideal partner to bring buyers and sellers together. With a print and electronic media vehicle guaranteed to reach the people who count, an after-sales team coordinating 1-2-1 meetings and events, we are the people who deliver on expectations. China's Renewable Energy Sector Growth China will play a key role in solving the global climate challenge. China's Government wants to use and develop Renewable Energy sources, such as Solar / Wind power, to reduce the thick air pollution generated by expensive traditional sources such as oil and coal. The 2005 China Renewable Energy Law provides incentives such as fixed rate tariffs and carbon credits to Renewable Energy companies. China is already the leading Renewable Energy producer in the world in terms of installed generating capacity with plans to double the proportion of Renewable Energy to 15% by 2020. China has seen investment of $12bn in Renewable Energy – second only to Germany. China has become the largest supplier of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) credits in the world, now funding billions of dollars worth of carbon reductions. www.renewable-energy-technology.netOVERVIEW 可再生能源技术 RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY

3 Renewable Energy Technology showcases the latest technologies and innovations that are continuing to change the Renewable Energy industry. Our exclusive and comprehensive coverage is maintained each quarter by in-depth articles and case studies focussing on the following core areas: Core Editorial topics: Editorial / Advertising content helps readers to optimise and understand: -New technology implementation from overseas -Energy conservation -> environmental protection -> Sustainability -Best practice and new trends in Engineering, Manufacturing and R & D -Building capacity and Renewable Energy project development SOLAR PV (e.g Crystalline, Thin Film, BIPV etc) BIO ENERGY ( e.g.Biomass, Bio Fuels) SOLAR Thermal CSP HYDRO Energy ( e.g Small Hydro, Pumped Storage, Wave and Tidal) WIND (e.g. Wind Turbine Manufacturing/ Project Development/ Assessment) Energy Efficiency ( e.g. Cleantech, Energy Conversion and Waste Management) CONTENT 可再生能源技术 RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY

4 Readers include CEOs, MDs, chief engineers, management, technical professionals and key decision makers from: - Solar Farm Planners, Owners and Project Developers - Solar Module, Cell and Wafer manufacturers (Crystalline and Thin Film) - Government Procurement Offices- Solar Energy R&D institutes - Renewable Energy Authorities- Solar Heating / Cooling manufacturers - Environmental Consultants- System Integrators - Contractors / Sub Contractors- Solar Tracker and Collector manufacturers - Utilities / State Grid / Power Bureaus- EPC’S ; IPP’s; Examples of CSP / Solar Thermal subscribers: Himin Solar, Penglai Electric, Linuo Solar, Sunrain Solar Energy Co, Tsinghua Solar, Bright Solar Energy Examples of Solar Photovoltaic subscribers: Suntech, Yingli Green Energy, Trina, ENN Solar, Best Solar, China Sunergy, Trony, Baoding Tianwei, Renesola, LDK Solar, Canadian Solar, Talesun OVERVIEW SOLAR 可再生能源技术 RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Solar Photovoltaics With 2.5GW Solar PV capacity installed in 2011, China was 3rd place behind Italy and Germany. Free-standing installations underwent the greatest growth, with around 80 % of installed capacity, followed by commercial roof installations (17%) and off-grid systems(3%). The National Energy Administration has revised their aims on the expansion of PV installations upwards, as part of the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015). The Chinese government aims to install PV plants with a capacity of 15 GW in 2015 and plans to have extended this capacity to 50 GW by 2020. The NEA has already approved projects with a capacity of 3 GW to be implemented this year. Successful incentive programs, such as the Golden Sun Program, are set to be continued, with further national and provincial incentive schemes planned. CSP and Solar Thermal CSP and Solar thermal power was given a priority among renewables, in China’s 12th Five- Year Plan recently announced by the NDRC. Targeted installed capacity of solar thermal power by 2015 is 1 million KW, with 3 million KW planned by 2020. According to the plan, in the next 5 years, regions with good light condition, wide land areas and adequate water resources will serve as pilot areas of solar thermal power projects to promote industry development. Some industry experts believe that by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China’s installed capacity of CSP / solar thermal power is expected to exceed that of photovoltaic generation.

5 The Chinese wind power sector Recent years have been important for Chinese wind turbine manufacturers, as four companies, including Sinovel, Goldwind, UnitedPower and Dongfang Electric, are part of the world's top ten largest wind turbine manufacturers, and are beginning to expand into overseas markets. Driven by global development trends, Chinese firms, including Sinovel, Goldwind, XEMC, Shanghai Electric Group and Mingyang, have entered the competition to manufacture wind turbines of 5 MW or more. China’s wind power generation market is mainly shared among the ’Big Five’ power producers and several other major state-owned enterprises. These firms account for more than 80% of the total wind power market. The largest wind power operators, Guodian (Longyuan Electric Group), Datang and Huaneng expanded their capacity by 1-2 GW each during the year, while Huadian, Guohua and China Guangdong Nuclear Power are following close behind. Most of the local state- owned non-energy enterprises, as well as foreign owned and private enterprises have retreated from the market. Access to finance is generally not a problem for wind power projects. Readers include CEO’s, MD’s chief engineers, management, technical professionals and key decision makers from: - Renewable Energy Authorities- Government Procurement Offices - Municipalities / Urban Planning- Research & Development Institutes - Design Institutes- Contractors / Sub Contractors - Environmental Consultants- Transportation Companies - Utilities / State Grid / Power Bureaus- Wind Turbine Manufacturers - Tier 1,2,3 Manufacturers- Wind Farm Project Planners - Wind Farm owners / Developers- R&D institutes Examples of Wind subscribers: Goldwind, Sinovel, Shanghai Electric, XEMC, Windey, China Datang Corporation, Datang Chifeng Wind Power Co Ltd, State Grid Xinyuan Company Ltd, China Longyuan Electric Power Group, Beijing Beineng Wind Power-Tech Co., Ltd, CECIC Wind-Power Investment Co Ltd, China Datang Corporation, Agricultural Bank of China. OVERVIEW WIND 可再生能源技术 RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY

6 Readers include CEO’s, MD’s chief engineers, management, technical professionals and key decision makers from: - Hydro Power Project Developers- Biofuel, Biomass and Biogas Project Developers - Engineering, Procurement and Consulting Firms (EPCs) - Biofuel, Biomass and Biogas Plant / Refinery Owners and Operators - Hydro OEMs and Component Manufacturers- Biofuel and Feedstock Producers - Contractors / Sub Contractors- Electric Utilities - Hydro Power Plant Designers and Operators- Research and Development Institutes OVERVIEW HYDRO / BIO ENERGY 可再生能源技术 RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Hydro Power China has witnessed huge growth in the hydropower sector over the years, principally because of the abundant water resources. It is expected that cumulative hydro installed capacity will grow at a CAGR of 6.92% during the period 2009-13 to reach the figure of 434,388 MW by the end of 2013. Three Gorges dam, the world’s largest hydropower dam is under construction in the country. In addition to the Three Gorges dam, there are other small hydro power plants which also contribute to the hydropower capacity of the nation. The main location for hydropower exploitation is South-West China where certain recent statistics show that hydropower plants will be built over several rivers: Nujiang, Lancang, Jinsha, Dadu, Yalong and Minjiang. The Dadu river area has especially large potential Bio Energy China is the world's fastest growing market for Bio energy technologies. By 2020, China aims to expand this production to 30GW, requiring major investments in advanced foreign technologies.China's fuel ethanol production capacity will increase rapidly, thanks to several fuel ethanol projects to be put into operation, developing non-grain ethanol has become an inevitable trend. China has sufficient raw materials resources for production of biomass. China's bio-energy power generation has developed rapidly and the total installed capacity has reached 2.2 million kW, of which 1.7 million KW was from Bagasse co-generation and 500,000 KW was powered by agriculture and forestry wastes, methane, direct-burning of rubbish and landfill gas. China's bio energy sector has a huge potential for future development, supported by the Chinese government. Examples of Hydro subscribers: China Yangtze Three Gorges Project Corporation, Ertan Hydropower Development Company, Huanghe Hydropower Development Co, Wuling Electric Examples of Bio-energy subscribers: Henan Xinghuo Bio-Energy Co, Dragon Power Clean Tech, AMG Bio Energy Resources Group, Henan Tianguan Group, Anhui BBCA Biochemical, Jilin Ethanolo

7 Readers include: - CEO/GM/President/ VPs - Procurement - Operations directors- Government Personnel - Project managers- Chief Engineers - Heads of R&D- Design and Engineering managers Renewable Energy Technology, is distributed on a quarterly subscription basis to named and job titled, senior decision makers and technical personal driving and implementing change in the Chinese Renewable Energy industry. As a result of our findings, Renewable Energy Technology will be reaching a projected readership of over 40,000, per quarter from key Buyers, Project Developers, Consultants, Chief Engineers and associated professionals involved in high-tech and developing Renewable Energy projects throughout China. We will be producing both printed publications as well as sending E- copies to our database of “opt-in” subscribers. In addition, we will distribute at all major tradeshows, conferences and seminars. www.renewable-energy-technology.netCIRCULATION 可再生能源技术 RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY - Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association - Chinese Renewable Energy Society - Energy Research Institute of NDRC - Shanghai New Energy Industry association - China Ministry of Science and Technology - China Wind Energy Association - Asian Photovoltaic Industry Alliance RET China is supported by :

8 www.renewable-energy-technology.netFEATURES 可再生能源技术 RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY SPRING 2013SUMMER 2013 Special Report : Concentrated Power: Major designs and developments in CSP plants and technology to reduce cost and improve solar efficiency Technological Developments : Innovations in energy storage systems for PV and wind power distribution Installation and Maintenance : Deploying and maintaining the latest foundations for the next generation of offshore wind farms Materials : PV cell developments to cut costs and increase solar panel efficiency and durability Design and Construction : Designs and developments in biomass plants to speed up bioenergy power generation Special Report : Mega machines: Offshore wind innovations to move beyond the 6 MW turbine increasing wind power out to sea Technological Developments : Innovations in microgrids to improve power distribution Installation and Maintenance : Technologies to speed up deployment and operation of tidal power technologies Materials : Advanced blade materials to improve the strength and capabilities of wind turbines Design and Construction : Designs and developments in large scale PV farms to improve solar power production AUTUMN 2013WINTER 2013 Special Report : The Smart Approach: Innovations in smart grid technology to improve power transmission and distribution Technological Developments : Developments in gear technology for on and offshore wind turbines Installation and Maintenance : Technology and techniques to improve development and operation of solar farms Materials : Advanced materials in biomass boosting biofuel and bioenergy development Design and Construction : Cost effective plant designs to increase hydropower production and improve operation Special Report : Storing Power : Developments in energy storage technologies to improve efficiency in renewable power distribution Technological Developments : Innovations in wave energy devices to boost marine power production Installation and Maintenance : Techniques and technologies to speed up onshore wind farm deployment and development Materials : Developments to advance CSP and reduce costs for solar power production Design and Construction : Plant designs and developments to increase geothermal power production

9 Our Competitive Package includes:  Full colour presentation in the relevant editorial section  Direct access to a targeted audience with a respected and high profile platform  Formidable exposure to decision makers and specifies in one of the world’s fastest growing energy markets  Bonus distribution at all major Chinese Renewable Energy events, conferences, trade shows and seminars Key Contacts: Simon Wright - Publisher Tel: +44 203 077 8733 Email: Beatrice Boldini - Wind Projects Tel: +44 203 077 8750 Email: Sammi Abdulla - Hydro Projects Tel : +44 203 077 8775 Email: Ines Janssen - Bio Projects Tel: +44 203 077 8751 Email: Cavendish Group International Ltd Commonwealth House 1-19 New Oxford Street London WC1A 1NU United Kingdom If you have a new technology or innovation you feel could interest our readers, please contact our editor Heath Reidy on : Rates : Internal PageGBP 5,650 Half PageGBP 3,650 Back CoverGBP 11,950 Inner Front/ Back GBP 8,950 Double PageGBP 8,950 Discounts are available for serial bookings at the following rates: 2 issues 10% 3 issues 12.5% 4 issues 15% Euro & Dollar Rates available upon request

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