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2014 Sedley Rate Payer’s Meeting Thursday, May 8th, 2014 Sedley Gym Hall.

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1 2014 Sedley Rate Payer’s Meeting Thursday, May 8th, 2014 Sedley Gym Hall

2 Agenda 5:30 Cocktails 6:00Supper by D&J Catering 7:15Welcoming Remarks Mayoral Address Functional Area Reports Library Needs Assessment Report Strategic Planning Update

3 Ground Rules  We will take any questions you have during and after the Strategic Planning Update.  We have DOOR PRIZES!!! You must be present to win.

4 Your Village Council  Mayor - Bryan Leier  Deputy Mayor – Gerard Parent  Councillors -Shawn Forbes Mervyn Klein Alan Currie and introducing…

5 New Councillor – Donald Baker  Donald (Donnie) was born and raised in Sedley.  While operating the family farm and living in Regina, Donnie worked various jobs operating heavy equipment.  In 2012 Donnie moved back to Sedley to spend more quality time with his wife Bobbi and his 2 girls, Brooklynn (8) and Brielle (5).  He currently operates his own business D&B Trucking.  Donnie is a member of the Rink Board, coached the Junior Novice Rebels hockey team 2013/2014 season and is organizing quad town baseball for the 2014 season.

6 Graham Anderson  Graham Anderson resigned from Council in 2013 as he and his wife, Lennie decided to move to their cabin.  He served on council from November 2009 until his resignation in August  We thank him for his service to the community and wish him and Lennie all the best in their new endeavors.

7 Functional Areas  We will be following the functional areas as indicated on the financial statements.  The financial statements pictured in this presentation are the final documents and will be available on our web site.  Function areas are as follows:  510 – General Government  520 – Police Services  530 – Transportation Services  540 – Environmental Health Services  560 – Planning & Development  570 – Recreation & Culture  580 - Utilities

8 510 – General Government  Effective July 1 st, Office hours will change to summer hours  Monday & Tuesday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Wednesday – 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM  Reminder that the Office does accept online payments for water/sewer & taxes.

9 510 – General Government  Two tools we use to ensure things get done on schedule and in a timely manner are our Action Log and Action Plan.  The Action Log items are typically day-to-day tasks and items identified at a Council meeting.  The Action Plan contains items that need to be completed by a certain date and are done on a regular basis.  This is a snap shot of our Action Plan

10 510 – General Government  A snap shot of our Action Plan:

11 510 – General Government  In 2013, there were 90 action items opened on our action log…all of which have now been closed except for 9.  This ensures things are not forgotten and that we are held accountable for discussions at each meeting.

12 510 – General Government  Property Tax Update  There will be an incremental property tax increase in 2014.  Mill rate is set at 4.35 mills  Base Tax is $675. A base tax ensures that every property pays the same amount for services it uses, snow removal, garbage pick-up, etc.  Minimum tax is $125, this applies to vacant lots

13 New Village Sign  We are in the final construction stages of the new village sign in the highway corridor.  We hope to unveil the new sign by the end of June.

14 Projects Completed in 2013  Tennis court re-surfaced  Trees planted in new subdivision  Ditch sculpting initiative  Web site re-design  2013 was a revaluation year where we saw an increase in assessed value for our homes  Negotiated a 5 year contract with Samantha  Completed conceptual drawings for the new subdivision  Designed a new logo and designed the highway corridor sign based on this new logo  Developed OH&S policies for the Village

15 Projects Completed in 2013 cont’d  Major repairs were completed on the Versatile tractor  Completed the move from the old shop to the new shop  Repairs to the water treatment plant  Helped fund playground improvements  Helped fund the purchase of flowers for planters  Began offering Notary Public services  Mud-jacked sidewalks  Approximately 20 tonnes of scrap metal was removed from landfill  Lobbied unsuccessfully to get provincial funding for dust control for municipal access road East of Sedley

16 520 – Protective Services  In 2012 a new policy was implemented that changed the way the Fire Department was funded by the Village.  An annual grant of $7,000 is allocated to the Fire Department to assist with operations and training costs.  In 2013 the Village also spent approximately $7,200 on other operating costs such as power, heat, insurance and miscellaneous repairs.  The Fire Department currently has $8,445.33 in it’s operating account

17 520- Protective Services  Dion Baker resigned as fire chief last year and we welcomed Len Parker as our new Fire Chief. Thank you to Dion for his service.  The Fire Team is always looking for new members. If you are interested in being a volunteer fire fighter, contact Len Parker or Samantha Gillies.  With the loss of our previous Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Coordinator, Andre Lapointe, we recruited a new a new EMO coordinator, Jacques Poissant.  We also reviewed and updated our EMO Plan.

18 520 – Protective Services  Sedley 1 st Responders is another critical volunteer organization in our community.  1 st Responders are trained for all types of medical and trauma emergencies.  Made up of a group of volunteers, so we cannot guarantee response to every 911 call.  Members of your 1 st Responder team are Shawn Forbes, Shauna Forbes, Dion Baker, Sue Parker, Sabrina Gulka, Donovan Haus  Contact Shawn Forbes or Samantha for more info on becoming a member

19 530 – Transportation Services  We are very happy to announce that Al Irvine, Village Foreman has completed his Class 1 Water & Wastewater System courses and is now certified Operator # 2359 for Small Systems through the Operator Certification Board – Congrats Al!  Al also completed his Power Mobile Equipment training which is an OH&S requirement for equipment operators.  As a result of his certification we were able to eliminate the need for a Regional Contractor Operator to supervise Al. We thank Garth Brown and Ken Sauer for assisting us while Al became certified.  Al also attended many training workshops during the course of the year. On-going training is a requirement for all operators.

20 530 – Transportation Services  A Village truck was purchased, branded with our logo and is now in service.  We will once again be hiring 2 students to work with Al this summer.  If you know of a student looking for summer employment, have them submit a resume. Applicants should have a valid driver’s license and must be returning to school in September.

21 540 – Environmental Health Services  We currently have the only landfill in the RM of Francis that accepts all household garbage and other permitted refuse. We are inspected quarterly by the Ministry of Environment and am pleased to say we passed the surprise inspection conducted on May 2 nd.  Landfill hours are as follows:  Open Saturday May 10 th from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM  Beginning May 21 st the landfill is open Wednesday’s from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM and every Saturday from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM  No change in the cost associated with taking loads to the landfill  We will once again have our Annual Clean Up Day on May 24 th. Due to a shortage in volunteers, we won’t be picking garbage up at the curb, you must haul your trash to the landfill but there will be no charge THAT DAY ONLY.

22 540 – Environmental Health Services  We launched single stream curbside recycling in August 2013 and we are so pleased with the results.  Prior to August, we were hauling 16 tonnes of garbage to the landfill PER WEEK!!! With this recycling initiative we have reduced that to 8 tonnes per week. We were also able to reduce garbage pick up to once a week, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.  By partnering with the Villages of Vibank, Odessa and McLean we were able to negotiate an excellent rate with Loraas Disposal and with a small subsidy from the Village the cost to residents is only $4/month.

23 560 – Planning & Development  The former Letnes property has been split into 2 lots which are now for sale.  These lots are for sale for $40,000 each.

24 560 – Planning & Development  120 Broadway Street (A.K.A. the swimming pool) has been sold to a private developer.  We are waiting for the development permit application from the purchaser, preliminary plans show a nice little home that will be built on the property.  Future development plans will be addressed later in this presentation.

25 560 – Planning & Development  There were 3 new houses built last year.  We’ve had 6 new families move into Sedley  And we have 9 homes currently for sale in our community.

26 570 – Recreation & Culture  Sedley Rink  Once again public skating was very popular!  Over the past 3 years we’ve completed very significant projects  New dressing room  Arch repair  We received a grant to install Plexi-glass around the ice surface  Sedley Gym Hall  We have some new members on the Board and it has undertaken new fundraising activities  Bingo has been held for the last couple months and if we have continued success, Bingos will be held monthly.

27 570 – Recreation & Culture  Sedley Library  We welcomed a new librarian – Marnie Pope  Sedley Library offers many fun activities for people of all ages  Mom & Tots Group – Monday’s at 11:00 AM  Kids Christmas Shopping – December each year  Library Hours are Monday’s 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM; Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

28 570 – Recreation & Culture  Sedley New Horizon’s Community Centre  Also known as the senior’s centre, but it’s not just for senior’s  Host brunches regularly as well as crib tournaments (2 nd & 4 th Tuesday of the month) and many other events – watch the Events Calendar on our web site for events and details.  Repairs were completed on the roof.  New signage was created and will be revealed in the coming weeks.  Also part of the SSAY Green Committee and leads this initiative to improve green spaces in our community as well as caring for the flower planters that beautify our community.

29 580 - Utilities  Council has passed a bylaw to increase water rates and sewer rates by $10/quarter.  Average water / sewer charges will be $162 / quarter ($648/year) – which includes $10 landfill fee and $12 recycling charges  This bylaw must be sent to Saskatchewan Municipal Board for approval. Rate increase will not take affect until approval has been received.  We continue to offer the Toilet Rebate Program to residents. We will grant a $25 rebate for every approved low-flush toilet installed. Contact the Office for additional details.

30 Financial Update


32 New Format for Meeting  Instead of waiting for questions at the end of the meeting, there is an opportunity to provide your input, ideas, suggestions to strategic initiatives identified by Council  The only rule – keep it constructive! If you are too shy to speak up here, please feel free to submit your comments in writing to the Village Office.

33 Strategic Planning  April 23 rd we held a strategic planning meeting and all of council participated  Each councillor was asked to identify at least 3 projects to be undertaken for each of the next 5 years. The handout provided with your invitation is the list that was compiled.  Many of the initiatives identified for Year 1 are either underway or a plan is in place, but a few require a plan

34 Governance  Governance is the process of decision making and the process which decisions are implemented (or not implemented).  We have adopted good governance practices to assist in:  Decision making  Future planning  Bylaw enforcement and implementation  Budget process and financial accountability

35 Strategic Planning Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5 Drainage (street sculpting initiative, Martin Cres river) New Subdivision Business DevelopmentNew Subdivision * Communication Plan ? Day CareDrainage Water / Sewer Upgrades * Lagoon / Sewer Upgrades Lagoon LED Street Lights * STC bus service / commuter service Sedley Wi-fi * More Community InvolvementDrainage Water / Sewer Upgrades New Office Dilapidated / Unsightly Property Clean Up LED Street Lights Clean up of Parcel C (ball diamonds) * RM / Village Partnership Small Business Initiatives Demolition of Old Village Shop ? Day Care * Broadway Street drainage Business Development New Village sign completed Succession Planning * New subdivision Demolition of dilapidated building at New Village shop * Marketing Village owned lots (not new subdivision) Manhole improvements Installation of additional speed bumps * Broadway Street drainage Installation of street lights on Railway Ave

36 Drainage  Last year we implemented a 5 year plan to improve drainage throughout the Village by sculpting ditches and, where necessary installing new culverts. Those properties that were sculpted last year will be finished off with spray grass this spring. Sculpting is based on the elevations of the entire Village and the entire scope of the project must include all areas to get water from Point A to Point B.  The second phase of this project will proceed mid-May – June with the sculpting of Martin Street from Railway Avenue (A.K.A. the Service Road) to Prairie Avenue and all of Francis Street.  As we investigate possible solutions for drainage on Broadway Street we are requesting everyone ensure they park diagonally in front of the library, credit union and post office.  Also, please remove your vehicles including trailers from the street as these can impede water flow.

37 Communications  Currently we only have 2 main methods to communicate to residents  Website –  Direct mail  We realize we need different, more effective communication to residents.  Direct mail isn’t always effective – doesn’t get read or it’s filed and forgotten.

38 Communications  You can take steps to be better informed:  Add our web site to your favorites list  Read mail and newsletters from the Village  Send us an e-mail  When you have a question, ask at the Village Office or a member of Council, it’s more accurate than what you’ll hear at the coffee shop Be positive and promote our community to residents and non-residents alike – negativity is detrimental to progress.

39 Communications – Website

40 Communications – Future Plans  How would YOU prefer for us to deliver messages to the public?  One of the components of the communication plan we are currently reviewing is social media (Facebook, Twitter)  What’s the best way to communicate disruptions in water service or other ‘emergency situations’?

41 Lagoon Update  Last year we advised we would get the lagoon trenched to add capacity. Due to weather challenges, this did not occur in fall as planned.  Can sustain our needs with the growth that has occurred to date; however, it will not sustain the needs of the entire subdivision. As a result, the lagoon trenching project is on hold as we research options available.

42 Sewer System Update  We are planning a new sewer line from the lift station on Martin Street & Regina Avenue  Current location runs diagonally through the planned new subdivision  This line will be capped at Regina Avenue and re-routed around the new subdivision

43 Community Involvement  We have an awesome group of volunteers who work tirelessly to provide value-added services and programs to our community. Some of these volunteers are on several boards.  We will be communicating with all the volunteer organizations, clubs, etc. submit any events they are organizing to the office to be added to the events page of our web site (meetings, church services, bingos, library events, etc.)  How do we get more people involved? The more we get involved, the more ideas will be brought forward and increase usage of our facilities.  How do we engage the newer residents to become involved?

44 Dilapidated / Unsightly Properties  Once again we will be spraying for weeds this spring.  With our increased focus on growth and attracting new residents to our community, we identified increased focus on cleaning up dilapidated / unsightly properties as a strategic initiative.  As this process is legislated, we are limited to how, when and what we can do to improve the appearance of these properties.  A robust plan is in place and will be an area of focus in 2014 and beyond. This plan includes continuing to work with property owners to keep their property looking neat and tidy.

45 RM / Village Partnership  We met with Clayton Schmidt, Reeve of the RM of Francis to discuss opportunities for partnering with the RM and the other communities in the RM to work more cohesively as a regional group. It was an excellent 1 st meeting and we are looking forward to working with the RM cooperatively in the future.  Topics of discussion at this meeting were:  Dust control  Fire Department  Joint use Landfill  Partnering on projects that are of mutual benefit to everyone

46 Day Care  We’ve had a bit of a baby boom in and around Sedley and adequate day care is an issue.  We are continuing to work with Prairie Valley School Division and are hopeful an agreement will be made soon.  We had a plan in place and were waiting for government acceptance to move forward. Unfortunately we recently received notice that our project was declined for government funding. Next steps are to determined.

47 New Subdivision  Our subdivision plan has been submitted to Community Planning for approval.  Here’s a snap shot of the proposed layout  Since inception we have had a plan to fund the lagoon development with funds from the sale of properties in Stage 1 of the development  The new lagoon line is budgeted to move forward.

48 Lots for Sale  The Village currently has 2 lots on the corner of Prairie Avenue and Martin Crescent for sale.  Current asking price is $40,000 for each lot. Each lot is 75’ frontage (wide) by 120’ flankage (long).  We’ve had some interest in the lots.

49 Other Year 1 Initiatives  New Village sign will be completed this spring. The landscape design is in the works and this project is slated for completion June 30 th, 2014  Demolition of dilapidated building at the Village Shop (on Railway Avenue F.K.A. the old Coop building) will occur this summer.  Additional speed bumps will be installed in an effort to slow drivers down. We will focus on Prairie Avenue by the school, end of Broadway Street as you enter Sedley from the South.  We have asked for an increased RCMP presence to assist with traffic infractions such as speeding and failing to wear a seat belt. Watch out – you might get a ticket!  We will be contacting SaskPower to begin the process to install street lights at Railway Avenue and Broadway Street. We feel this will give Sedley an increased highway presence at night.

50 2015 and Beyond  Many initiatives we identified will take more than one year to complete or we need time to ensure funding is in place for the projects.  One that we hope will occur sooner rather than later is a partnership with SaskPower to install LED street lights in Sedley. We are working towards being involved in a pilot project to see this happen.  Others include:  Small business initiatives  Succession planning  Water / sewer upgrades  Clean up of Parcel C (ball diamonds)  Business development  STC bus service / commuter service  Sedley Wi-Fi  New Office

51 Potash Update  Recently we met with Kent Carter (Rio Tinto) and David Waugh (North Atlantic Potash) and they provided an update on potash activity near Sedley.  The permits for exploration / mining of the potash is owned by a currently unnamed joint venture between these two companies.  There is a possibility of drilling here again this fall.  It is anticipated that construction may begin in 2016 after all the feasibility studies have been completed with production beginning in 2020.  At this time the sanctions against Russia are not affecting the joint venture or the project.  Contrary to coffee shop talk, the mine will not be built in town – the Village is NOT for sale!

52 Potash Update

53 Volunteers  On behalf of Village Council and all residents I’d like to thank all our volunteers without your time and dedication we would not have the variety recreation and culture available in our community.  Thank you!

54 In Closing  Thank you all for attending our meeting – it’s great to see everyone here tonight.  We like to thank those who contributed to making this meeting a success:  D&J Catering for the wonderful meal  Sedley Country Convenience  Bennett Dunlop Ford  Affinity Credit Union – Sedley Branch

55 Questions?

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