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1. The installations of grinder pumps and lines from residences on private property to M.D. collection lines is the final link in finishing a project.

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2 The installations of grinder pumps and lines from residences on private property to M.D. collection lines is the final link in finishing a project commenced in 2004. This is the final stage of a $21.3 million project to bring rural sewage collection and treatment to the Southshore communities of Canyon Creek, Widewater, Wagner and Nine Mile Point 2

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4 The Municipal District is in the final stages of completing the collector lines and service connections (CCs) to hamlet lots. This work will be completed by July. The Municipal District has tendered to secure a contractor to do the private property installations for homeowners and plans to award the tender by June 15, 2010. The Municipal District is currently reviewing the tenders received. 4

5 The project is anticipated to start on July 5 th with completion by September 2011. Minimum expectations were identified in the tender with respect to completing the services in Widewater/Wagner/Nine Mile Point so works are finished by September 2011 5

6 25 installations by August 15, 2010 in western Widewater 90 installations by November 15, 2010 in central Widewater to 2 nd Street. 135 installations by September 2011 from 2 nd Street in Widewater, through Wagner, to Nine Mile Point (and beyond) Upon award, the contractor may give the M.D. a revised schedule that may result in work being completed sooner. 6

7 Upon tender award, specific property cost estimates can be prepared. We will provide you with this estimate once known. However, a projection might look like this. 7

8 Estimated Average Homeowner Cost 8

9 9

10 How Does the System Work Anyway? Wastewater from your residence flows by gravity into the installed tank. At a certain capacity in the tank, the grinder pump sends your wastewater to the M.D. collector line. The wastewater moves under low pressure to the lift station by the Widewater Fire Hall. The lift station then pushes this wastewater at a higher pressure to the Canyon Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility for treatment and return to the environment. 10

11 Like the residents in Canyon Creek who installed services on their property previously, the Municipal District, through its financier, the Alberta Capital Finance Authority will provide Widewater/Wagner/Nine Mile Point residents with favorable, set rate financing over twenty years. Currently these rates are 4.586% but the rates in effect are those when the M.D. secures the money. 11

12 Not Using the Endorsed Contractor To be consistent with the financing offered to those previously, if you choose to use a contractor other than the endorsed contractor of the M.D., the installation cost is ineligible for financing. One exception to this is for additional electrical costs by your own electrician – if you choose to use your own electrician. 12

13 I Don’t Want This System If your property is serviceable by this wastewater system, you are required to hook-up to it under M.D. legislation (Bylaw 2003-08). 13

14 There are two exceptions to hook-up that have been historically honoured during this project: Properties that do not have municipal water service (though they are permitted to hook-up) Properties with new, nonfailing, systems with approved Building Codes Permits – have been allowed to operate for 5 years from the date of installation approval. 14

15 The Municipal District has the means to address, in strict confidence, cases where a citizen may simply not be able to afford the cost of the system, even with financing. Public health and the environment is the priority. 15

16 The M.D. will award the private installations contract by June 15, 2010 Eligible residents will be sent a letter that: Provides an initial estimate based on contracted costs of the M.D. endorsed contractor Asks if they want to use the M.D. endorsed contractor or their own contractor/self Asks if they want to take advantage of financing offered by the Municipal District 16

17 Then What? Assuming you want the endorsed contractor, a final estimate will be prepared as their may be some adjustments you want addressed with respect to your property (different siting than proposed). Note: The costs associated with your installation are your costs. Modifications may increase your costs. Upon installation completion, M.D. staff will verify the installation and commission it in service. 17

18 Payment & Repayment Agreements Assuming you want to take advantage of M.D. financing: An agreement will be prepared based on the final estimate subject to adjustment to actual costs. The agreement shall be executed prior to any construction taking place by the contractor. If you are not using a repayment agreement, but using the endorsed contractor, you will have to pay the cost upfront. 18

19 Warranty, Parts, & Repairs The warranty is one year from the date your system is commissioned. Currently the M.D. has parts in stock but it is working with local vendors/plumbers to service the market. One local company has been qualified to service the grinder pumps and it is suspected others will follow suit. 19

20 What About My Old Septic System? It can be decommissioned if you wish as you won’t have a need for it. It can remain as there is an option in the contract to install a valve to change from your existing system to your new system. You may want to do a final pump out of your existing tank. 20

21 M.D. Council, staff and representative(s) from the M.D.’s project engineering firm are here to answer your questions. 21

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