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Sustainability and RIT’s Climate Commitment Making Sustainable Tracks.

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1 Sustainability and RIT’s Climate Commitment Making Sustainable Tracks

2 “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” - Brundtland Commission, “Our Common Future”

3 Earth Image: NASA Population chart: SUSPS

4 Source:

5 Source: Capacity Evolution Blog

6 Academics Degree programs and concentrations Golisano Institute for Sustainability Institute for Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainable University IdeaLab P3 Working Group Journal of Environmental Sustainability

7 Outreach Clinton Global Initiative Commitment NYSP2I Community/University Partnership Future Stewards Program International Campuses Rochester City Scholars Program Clean Energy Incubator

8 Operations Climate Commitment Waste Reduction Local Foods Active Transportation Initiatives Green Cleaning FSC Certified Print Shop Metrics within Procurement LEED Buildings


10 From: US Green Building Council, 2008




14 The Golisano Institute for Sustainability will be designed to maximize its energy performance and environmental goals to achieve a LEED- Platinum rating. The building will serve as a teaching tool for the greater community, displaying its systems and processes and serving to attract worldwide talent to RIT. Sustainability Maximize Energy Efficiency / Minimize CO2 ▫ Daylighting ▫ Habitat Regeneration ▫ Promote Occupant Health ▫ Controllability of Systems ▫ Local Resources/Material ▫ Promote Alternative Transportation ▫ Indoor Air Quality ▫ Limit Light Pollution ▫ Performance M&V ▫ Thermal Comfort ▫ Recharge Local Aquifer ▫ Rainwater Management Teaching Opportunity ▫ Integrated with Natural Environment ▫ Beyond LEED Platinum ▫ Renewable Resource Use ▫ Celebrate Integrated Recycling Process ▫ Source: SWBR Architects

15 Goals LEED-NC 2009 Credit Goals SS Sites23/26 WE Water10/10 EA Energy30/35 MR Materials7/14 EQ Indoors10/15 ID Innovation6/6 Re Regional4/4 90/110 LEED Certification Levels points Golisano Institute for Sustainability Rochester, NY Gross Area: 83, 670 SF Source: SWBR Architects

16 Campus Size (ft 2 )

17 Campus Utilities compared to Size

18 RIT GHG INVENTORY MT eCO2 Scope 1 On-Campus Stationary Fleet Refrigerants and Chemicals Agriculture Scope 2 Purchased Electricity Scope 3 Faculty/Staff Commuting 7115 Student Commuting Air Travel Solid Waste T&D Losses (from Scope 2) Offsets RECs Totals Scope Scope Scope All Scopes Net Emissions


20 Emissions Trends

21 Source:

22 “If you want to change government, change business…If you want to change business, change the consumer.” -Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia

23 " We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein Enid L. Cardinal, LEED AP Senior Sustainability Advisor to the President Rochester Institute of Technology

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