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Theme 5: Family Time Author: Pat Cummings Selection 3: Carousel.

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2 Theme 5: Family Time

3 Author: Pat Cummings Selection 3: Carousel

4 Genre: Realistic Fiction Realistic characters and events come to life in a fictional plot

5 Comprehension Strategy: Predict/Infer to use what we have read and what we know (schema) to learn more than the author tells us.

6 Comprehension Skill: Making Judgments We use facts from the story, and our beliefs, to make and confirm opinions about the characters or situations.

7 Comprehension Skill Review: Information & Study Skills: Reference Sources: Electronic Media

8 Spelling Focus: The Final Sound in puppy Basic: puppy baby lucky Happy very lady funny silly many only cookie Review: Challenge: me furry be angry

9 Phonics review: The –le Ending in Two-Syllable Words puddle beetle giggle battle simple riddle little bottle noodle doodle

10 Key Vocabulary: angry- to feel very upset about something fussed- talked in an unhappy way; complained groaned- made a deep moaning sound

11 angry

12 fussed

13 groaned

14 grumbled- talked in an angry way about Something that is not pleasing grumpily- in a grouchy way promised- said he or she would do something Other Vocabulary :

15 grumbled

16 grumpily

17 promised

18 Other Vocabulary: pearly-like a pearl, especially in having a shiny surface definitely- without a doubt; surely Sighed -let out a long, loud breath, usually as a sign of being tired

19 pearly

20 Sighed

21 Other Vocabulary : frills- something added mostly for decoration mumbled- spoke so that the words were not clear enough to be understood

22 frills

23 mumbled

24 tutu- a short skirt worn by a ballerina scurried- moved fast sharply- in an angry way hissed- made a long sound to show dislike delicate- easily broken or harmed Other Vocabulary

25 tutu

26 scurried

27 sharply

28 hissed

29 delicate

30 twisted- turned something around and around wobbly- moving from side to side in a shaky manner deserted- left alone by itself stretching- changing shape by growing larger or longer Other Vocabulary

31 twisted

32 wobbly

33 deserted

34 stretching

35 tiptoed- walked on the ends of the toes mane- long heavy hair growing from the neck or shoulders of an animal trot- to run at a medium- fast pace Other Vocabulary

36 tiptoed

37 mane

38 trot

39 Vocabulary Skills: Homophones (words that sound alike but do not have the same spelling or the same meaning) hair hare tale tail

40 High-Frequency Words: aunt pair million

41 High-Frequency Review: ago believe between even field lion told

42 Grammar Skills: Verbs That Tell About the Past liked opened

43 Writing: An Information Paragraph

44 I Reading Books: 50- 51 Phonics Library: Aunt Lizzie Finds Her Cake My Brother by Patty Moynahan

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