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Golden Empire Council, Boy Scouts of America

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1 Golden Empire Council, Boy Scouts of America
Online Rechartering

2 Online Rechartering Each unit recharters itself
Units provide more and better information Units enter and confirm their own data Effectively eliminates defective charters Validates BSA rules at input Submits charter only when it is correct

3 Online Rechartering Easy to Use Saves You Time Saves Council Money
Tutorial available with on-screen instructions Available from any internet connection with MS Internet Explorer, user controls input Saves You Time Finished charter is error-free, registrar only confirms signatures and payment Saves Council Money Eliminates data entry by the registrar

4 Online Rechartering The unit can:
Compare roster to unit management software Packmaster, Troopmaster, others Update individuals’ information Update “Boys’ Life” subscriptions Validate all information before submitting Calculated fees All BSA membership rules are enforced

5 Checklist for Recharter
Gather all information needed Completed applications for new people Lists of youth and adults remaining List of youth and adults to remove List of youth and adults wanting Boy’s Life Complete recharter process online Click Submit and print Minimum 2 copies ( one unit, one council)

6 Checklist cont. Gather all required signatures
Applications and recharter Collect fees that are due Bring or mail completed recharter Packet, fees, new applications Due at council office on or before Dec 31 If brought to office… Sign the Log-In binder at the front desk

7 Recharter tips Use legal names only; no nicknames
Do not change names online Handwrite corrections on printout only If deleting be sure it is correct person If deleted by accident enter on printout only Do not re-enter online No one should be marked as a transfer No transfers at recharter time

8 Recharter Tips cont. There has to be at least 2 paying youth
Check and confirm all multiples Be sure to mark Boy’s Life if wanted Only new members need applications A list is printed on front page of printout Make sure all applications are complete Signatures, birthdates, Social Security # Return with recharter packet

9 More Tips Complete last step of online recharter
Submitting and printing the recharter Submit all paperwork together Printed recharter Signatures (Executive Officer & Unit Leader) All new applications (completed) Fees for recharter (invoice on recharter) Update for Unit account (if applies) Be the first to return your packet

10 More Tips Cont. Make sure all youth that should be registered are registered. Youth are not removed after the fact unless transferred They will remain on your roster until next recharter year.

11 Multiple Registrations
Only the Charter Representative in unit May also be chairman or committee member All others can only serve one position in unit No restriction for multiple in other units Youth may multiple in other units as Boy Scout and Varsity team or Venture crew Varsity and crew, ship, or troop Troop member may not multiple in another Fees paid only for primary position

12 Multiples cont. If registering as multiple
Indicate on application write MULTIPLE Receives certificate only for primary pos. Youth cannot multiple as adult Adult cannot multiple as youth

13 The Timeline G. E. C. All Districts October: Training at Roundtable
November 1: Window opens for Recharter November RTs: Follow up training at Roundtable or Recharter events ? December: Commissioners follow up with late units December 1: Last day for On Time Recharters December 2: Units are late and ineligible to be a Quality Unit All of December: Commissioners follow up with late units December 31: The unit is dropped and no longer exists

14 The Six Step Process Get your unit access code (new every year)
Go to the council Web site and select Online Rechartering Complete the rechartering process Print the recharter application (min. 3 copies) Get necessary signatures on application (IH and CM, SM, TC, CA Bring or mail in the recharter application, new member applications, and payment check The unit receives an access code from the council (you might pass out the access codes at this meeting). Go to the council’s Web site, and click on the Tutorial link. You must use Microsoft Online Explorer browser. You can access the Online with AOL, but you must open Online Explorer browser to view the Web page correctly. Log on with the unit’s access code and explain that the unit processor can continue using the access code until the charter is submitted. The system will populate the form with the current information from ScoutNET. When the unit completes the process, it submits the file. This submittal process creates the charter renewal batch for the unit within PAS and places it on hold. Information is updated at the council. The unit prints the recharter papers and acquires the appropriate signatures. The signature gives national the authority to conduct background checks, for a youth to participate in the program, and for adult leaders to be approved. Forward the papers and money to the council office.

15 Enter your unique access code and unit information
Enter your unique access code and unit information. The council provides the access code in your recharter packet, and it will be available from your District Commissioner.

16 Everyone must agree to a confidentiality statement.

17 The first time you log on, you will complete the requested information including setting a password. Once this profile has been created, no one else can use the access code. If you win the Lottery and leave for Fiji the Council CAN change the Recharter Specialist, but it’s a difficult process so make that FOS contribution a BIG ONE!

18 You receive your data from one of two sources
You receive your data from one of two sources. Unit-management software, such as TroopMaster, can provide a file that can be uploaded. Most units will choose to populate their data from ScoutNET (Load Council Information).

19 The information for the chartered organization is then available to update.

20 On this screen, you decide who is returning and who is not
On this screen, you decide who is returning and who is not. Those returning should have a check by their name.

21 Then a list confirming your selections is presented.

22 Next, you can add new adults and youth
Next, you can add new adults and youth. Our first example will register a new adult.

23 Name and position must be entered next
Name and position must be entered next. If the individual is fulfilling more than one position, add each position.

24 The next step is to complete the needed information about the individual. Anytime there is a magnifying glass, you can make your selection from a list.

25 Our next example is a new youth.

26 As with the adult, page 2 is available to add more information.

27 You must select if the parent is or isn’t a current member of the unit.

28 If the parent is a member of the unit, you must select the proper relationship and individual. Once the individual is selected, the parent’s record will automatically be completed.

29 If the parent is not a member of the unit, the information must be completed.

30 Again, additional information must be filled in.

31 A roster of the selections is presented so you can then update information on any of the returning adults or youth. Again, you may remove individuals from the roster.

32 A listing of adults filling required positions is presented with a recap of the minimum and maximum requirements and the current status. If the current number of people for that position does not fall within the minimum and maximum levels, you will not be able to proceed any further.

33 Each individual is checked to ensure that he meets the requirements for registration. Warnings and errors may appear. Errors must be corrected, while warnings should be checked.

34 A final roster with fees will allow you to go back and make adjustments, such as adding Boys’ Life subscriptions.

35 A printed copy of the charter renewal application will allow you to obtain the required signatures.
The signed copy of the application is forwarded to the council with the necessary member applications and fees. It should be reviewed before submitting the information to the council.

36 When everything is in order, the information is submitted to the council.

37 The tutorial will allow you to walk through the system as if you are actually rechartering a unit. It is available from any step of the process. Each screen requests that you perform a specific action. You can jump past a screen by clicking on the tabs at the top and selecting the specific process you want to review.

38 Help is available at any time. It works just like Windows help
Help is available at any time. It works just like Windows help. Anything that is underlined is a link to additional information. You can navigate using a table of contents, index, or search.

39 Resources Online Help is available while you are doing the Recharter
Practice on the Tutorial Your District Commissioner has access codes for all district units

40 Questions?

41 Let’s Get Rechartered By November 30

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