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Kit Carson District U nit Re-charter 2014 1 14 October 2014.

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1 Kit Carson District U nit Re-charter October 2014

2 Outline Packet Contents Re-charter Overview Related Links How To Re-charter Online Process Reports Important Notes 2 14 October 2014

3 Packet Contents Authorization Code Memorandum Re-charter Checklist (info covered elsewhere) Program Specific Forms –Unit Registration Requirements –Journey To Excellence –National Summertime Pack Award Application * * Packs only 3 14 October 2014

4 Packet Contents (cont’d) Applications –Adult and Youth Applications –Note Background Check page in adult application –Training requirements on back of adult application –ALL registered adults MUST complete YPT 4 14 October 2014

5 Re-charter Overview Internet-based application connected to council’s membership data Highly secure link (https) Requirements –Internet Explorer 9.0 or earlier (Has notes for IE 10 or later) –JavaScript enabled –Screen resolution 800 x October 2014

6 Re-charter Overview (cont’d) Can upload from Packmaster/Troopmaster Can be worked on in piecemeal Changes can be made any time until SUBMIT Problems detected along the way are flagged Can’t print final report if data incomplete 6 14 October 2014

7 Related Links 7 14 October 2014 Available at or

8 How To Re-charter Get access code for your unit Select someone to perform re-charter Complete online re-charter Obtain ALL necessary signatures 8 14 October 2014

9 Online Process 9 14 October 2014

10 Online Process (cont’d) October 2014

11 Online Process (cont’d) October 2014

12 Online Process (cont’d) October 2014

13 Online Process (cont’d) October 2014

14 Online Process (cont’d) October 2014

15 Online Process (cont’d) October 2014

16 Online Process (cont’d) October 2014

17 Online Process (cont’d) October 2014

18 Online Process (cont’d) Return materials – At Roundtable on November 11 (6:30 – 8:00) –Verify that ALL forms have proper signatures –Renewal application –2014 Journey to Excellence form –Applications for new youth and adults YPT certificates must accompany adult applications –Proper payment * * Does not pertain to LDS units October 2014

19 Reports Reports should be printed and given to your Unit Commissioner –Renewal application –Journey to Excellence worksheet October 2014

20 Important Notes Get new applications into council ASAP –Could make re-charter easier Add $1.00 per person for accident insurance * –This is NOT automatically calculated Questions – or * Does not pertain to LDS units October 2014

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